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20 Blogs That Offer Best UX Design Resources (2017)

Mockplus Team 42581 Views

Each of these UX design resources blogs & websites offers useful UX design techniques, tutorials, books and trends, inspirations etc.

We live in an age of sharing information, where one can easily get abundant valuable learning materials through internet as long as you are willing to explore. Me, myself is exactly a “collecting” type: I can’t help buying a book which I think is helpful, even though I’m clear that there is no time to read it. Also, when I hit on some good learning materials like UX design resources on internet I’ll “Add to Favorites” immediately. For this reason, these years I’ve been in the design circle and my browser is full of various bookmarks; the storage of my cloud service has been expanded for many times.

Today I want to share with you 20 blogs on UX design, each of them offers very inspiring UX design resources, including design techniques, tutorials, books, trends, design templates (like persona templates & examples). If you are a veteran in the field, these UX blogs are nice places to get new inspirations. If you are green hand, the 20 blogs will open a door to the new world for you. Just swing by them with me now.

1. UX Mastery

“We help UX professionals get started and get better.”

UX Mastery

Among various UX design resources, UX Mastery isn’t much of a famous one. What’s more, a big part on its homepage is used to promote some designers’ books, which is disturbing. The first time I open the site I thought I strayed into Amazon, so closed the window quickly. However, I gradually found that many of quality articles on UX/UI design are ended with a credit like “the article is first post on UX Mastery”. Therefore, I picked up the website and went through it carefully and found how stupid I am. It’s really a small treasury! There are all kinds of online courses, audio books, e-books and lots of design templates & examples in it. One thing I love most is the articles: unique points with a sense of humor; informative and interesting images, and even video clips. You’ll benefit a lot from them. But if someone of you know the CEO of UX Mastery, please tell him the design of the homepage is a faulty stroke.

2. LukeW

“Digital Product Strategy & Design”

LukeW blog

This is a blog named after its founder. It provides professional resources on web & mobile design. You will also get knowledge on interaction and visual design from it. The style of LukeW is clean and fresh, you may deluded by its design the first time you open it and thought that “there isn’t much content in it”. In fact, the articles are made up by only useful data and cases. They are so valuable that many designers thought they learn more from one article by Luke Wu than ten plain articles.

3. Mockplus Blog

“A selection of the best product design and UX/UI design”

Mockplus Blog

Mockplus is in fact a prototyping tool, but these years the blog of its official site has drawn more and more attention. The content of its blog gradually changed from introducing the wireframe & prototype tools only to all aspects in the design field. The quality of its articles is getting better and better, which, in my opinion, is because the software developer has realized the importance of educating their users. One of its competitors, UXPin, also has a meticulously maintained blog. No wonder the two wireframing tools have so many fans all around the world, even if you are not their users, you will be attracted by their content.

The other 17 UX design resources are also very good information & knowledge providers. Here I don’t introduce them in details. If you are interested, just swing by them and I believe that you will benefit a lot. Also, your opinions on these UX blogs are always welcome.

4. Smashing Magazine - For Professional Web Designers and Developers

5. UX Magazine - Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX)

6. UX Booth - A Publication By and For the UserExperience Community

7. UX Movement - Articles on User ExperienceDesign

8. Usability Geek - Usability & UserExperience (UX) Blog

9. Awwwards - Website Awards - Best WebDesign Trends

10. Creative Bloq - Art and DesignInspiration

11. 52 Weeks of UX – About Simplicity in Design

12. – UserExperience, Usability, Product Design

13. UX Matters - Insights and inspiration further user experience community

14. Boxes and Arrows - Journal dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of the information architecture community.

15. Konigi Blog

16. UX Myths - Collects the most frequent user experience misconceptions and explains why they don't hold true.

17. Speckyboy - Web Design News, Resources &Inspiration

18. Useful Usability

19. The IxD Library - A collection ofmaterials related to Interaction Design

20. UX Training - User Experience Training Courses

If you have better UX design resources which haven't been covered by this article, please feel free to share with me directly on Linkedin. Besides, I also wrote things about UX/UI design on my Zeef Blog, I’m longing to see you there.



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