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Blog > UX design > 9 Best Wireframe Tools for Mac UI/UX Designers Have to Know

9 Best Wireframe Tools for Mac UI/UX Designers Have to Know

May 5, 2017

Production: Every morning, you can see people are rushing to their offices by different communications. Some people take a taxi for time-saving, some others take buses for cost-saving, and also some people chose to walk to office for exercising. This scene reminds me of the designers choose wireframe tools for Mac.

In fact, this is the same reason for the designer to choose wireframe tools. Before making a choose, designers always consider the cost, effectiveness, and speed. What is wireframe? It is an indispensable part of job for UI/UX designers. Thus, you should have a careful comparison of these wireframe tools. I learned that most of the designers prefer to design on mac. Here we've selected 9 of the best wireframe tools for Mac to get you started. Enjoy!

1. Axure

When we talk about prototyping tools, we should mention Axure in the first place. Everyone knows that it’s a powerful tool with a variety of functions. Such as wireframe, flow chart, and interaction design. It charges $29-99 per user per month.

2. Mockplus

Mockplus for Mac is a concise and rapid prototype design tool. Mockplus is very easy to use. Even the novice can quickly make a prototype. Its unique sketch style and low fidelity coincide with the features of the wireframe.

Promised New Features in Mockplus version 3.2:

1. UI Flow Design Mode

2. Repeater

3. Demo Projects and Templates

4. Sketch Import

5. Mind Map Design Mode

Know more about Mockplus version 3.2

3. Sketch

As a professional wireframe tool for Mac, Sketch aims to improve the design efficiency for designers. It’s convenient to edit contents. You can achieve the commonly used function by a key. It is suitable for lightweight design, such as drawing wireframe.

4. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a drawing tool that is only suitable for Apple Devices. All kinds of chart is a piece of cake for it. Designers can make a good wireframe with its rich template. This software will cost you around $50.

5. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is one of the wireframe tools for Mac. It not only includes a lot of drag elements but also achieves automatic alignment. It also can export PNG pictures and insert any projects. The whole interface is very simple and clean. However, the price of $79 does not seem cheap. Maybeit’s worth it!

6. InDesign

InDesign is considered as a great wireframe tool. It can add animation and video into wireframes, which can contribute to a vivid presentation effect. It aims to build an interactive wireframe. If you want to make your wireframe stand out, it’s a good choice.

7. Photoshop

In general, the designers have never thought to draw a wireframe by Photoshop. It can combine the different elements and graphicsinto a wireframe. If you are very familiar with Adobe, this tool should be considered. You can draw a wireframe quickly by it. The trial version of Photoshop is free in 30 days.

8. FlairBuilder

Like other wireframe tools for Mac, FlairBuilder can create a wireframe by dragging and clicking. If you are still entangled fidelity problem, FlairBuilder is a good choice. It can upgrade from the low-fidelity sketches to the high-fidelity wireframes. The only downside is that the price is expensive. You have to pay $99 to use it.

9. Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a mobile prototype design tool. Fluid UI owns more than 1700 models of the wireframe and mobile phone UI widgets, and it will often update. It can create an application prototype that applies to a variety of platforms. Such as Windows, Mac, and Android. It’s very suitable for cross-platform designers. This tool also supports free trial before buying.

No matter what’s your choice, you can finally complete the design of the wireframe. Simply speaking, the only differences of these tools are quickness, usability, and price. Now the software companies are keeping in a rapid iteration, the best wireframe tools are also iterated rapidly. What you should do is keeping up with the trends, not only focus on a tool out of date. At last, I hope you find the right wireframe tools for Mac.

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