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multiselect component

Francesco Bertolini · 1417 · 4 · 7:27 AM    Apr 8, 2022

there is a multiselect component in Mockuplus?

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Common user interface elements like buttons, text fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus are frequently included in prototype tools. You should check the official Mockplus documentation, release notes, or get in touch with their support staff for the most up-to-date and precise information on the specifics of whether or not the software includes a multiselect feature. doodle jump

6:55 AM    Jan 9, 2024



Look for a components panel or library within Mockplus. This is typically where you can find and wordle drags components onto your design canvas.

7:46 AM    Dec 7, 2023


Mockplus Team

Hello Francesco, 

Would you please tell us which tool you are using now, our desktop prototyping tool Mockplus Classic or our online one Mockplus RP? How about taking a photo of the tool you are using?

In general, you may multiple select components by using "Shift + select" or directly hold the left button of your mouse and drag to box select all desired components. 

2:23 AM    Apr 11, 2022


Francesco Bertolini

sorry for my bad question.

I'd like to implement in mokupls RP (on line) a scrollbar . But i don't find the scrollbar component .

thank you very much

3:10 PM    Apr 11, 2022

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