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How I can Import old project?

numan · 2430 · 7 · 6:54 AM    Jan 25, 2023

Hi, I built the previous project with an old version of Mockplus on windows, the extension of files was ".mp", now how do I import and open it with a new version of Mockplus?

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3:12 AM    Jan 23, 2024



To import an old project, ensure that you have the necessary files and dependencies. Open your preferred integrated development environment (IDE), such as Visual Studio Code or PyCharm, and create a new project or open an existing one. Once inside the project, incorporate the relevant files and update any dependencies if needed. To illustrate, if you are working on a web scraping project and want to add the link "" as an example, import a web scraping library like BeautifulSoup or Selenium. Integrate the link within your code to showcase how the project can extract information from the specified website. Test the functionality to ensure seamless integration and execution of the old project with the new additions.

7:55 PM    Jan 13, 2024



To import an old project, the method can vary based on the software or platform you're using. Typically, within most applications or software, you'd navigate to the "File" menu, select "Import," and then browse your computer to locate the project file you wish to import. In some cases, there might be specific import options or wizards guiding you through the process. For instance, in Lulubox Pro APK, users might find an "Import Projects" section within the app settings or a designated area to import or load previous game configurations or settings. For more information on importing projects using Lulubox Pro APK, you can visit their official website at to access guides, FAQs, or support resources that may offer step-by-step instructions or tutorials specific to the app's functionality.

2:53 PM    Jan 9, 2024



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It's important to know that Mockplus is made to work with older versions, so you can start projects that were made with older versions. But you should always make copies of your project files and make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Mockplus so you can get the most out of it and use all of its new Bloons Tower Defense features.

9:23 AM    Dec 4, 2023



If you built a project with an old version of Mockplus with the extension ".mp" and you want to suika game open it with a newer version, the process should be straightforward. Here are the general steps:

  1. Install the New Version: Ensure that you have the latest version of Mockplus installed on your Windows system. You can download it from the official Mockplus website.

  2. Open the New Version: Launch the new version of Mockplus on your computer.

  3. Open Project: In the new version, look for an option like "Open Project" or "Import Project." This is usually found in the File menu.

  4. Select the ".mp" File: Navigate to the location where you have saved your old project with the ".mp" extension. Select the file and click "Open" or "Import."

  5. Conversion (if needed): The newer version of Mockplus may automatically convert the old project to a format compatible with the latest version. Follow any on-screen instructions for the conversion process.

  6. Review and Save: Once the project is open, review it to ensure that everything is intact. Make any necessary adjustments if prompted by the conversion process. Save the project in the new version.

If you encounter any specific issues during this process, you may want to refer to the Mockplus documentation or contact Mockplus support for assistance. Additionally, check if there are any release notes or documentation related to version updates, as there might be specific guidance on upgrading projects from older versions.

Remember to backup your old project before attempting to open it with a new version, just in case there are unexpected issues during the conversion process.

4:15 AM    Nov 21, 2023


Mockplus Team

Do you use Mockplus classic before?  If this is the case, you can refer to this tutorial:

If you use Mockplus rp before you can refer to this image. 

Please try this. And let me know if you still have a problem. 

9:07 AM    Jan 26, 2023


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