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How to simulate image carousel in Mockplus RP?

Mockplus Team · 1118 · 0 · 3:15 AM    Jan 10, 2023

 There are two methods of simulating image carousel, or other kinds of content carousel in Mockplus RP. Let's further dig into it.

One, Image Carousel  

In Mockplus RP, among the many ready to use components, there is one named "image carousel". With that, one can easily create an image carousel. 

  1. Search for "image carousel" and drag one onto the artboard
  2. Double click it and click the "+" to add more pages if necessary
  3. Double click the image icon to add images
  4. From the right side properites panel, you can check "Autoplay", "Indicator" and "Arrow buttons"

Two, content panel

  1. Search for "content panel" and drag one onto the artbord
  2. Double click the content panel and click the "+" to create a few subartboards according to your needs
  3. Select the main artboard and click "add interaction" from the right side panel
  4. Finish the settings as follows:

Triggers: On load Targets: the content panel Commands: Switch content Content: Next Animation: according to your needs        Check "Loop continuously" Duration: 500ms recommended (adjust to your needs) Delay: 1000ms recommended (adjust to your needs) 

Q: What's the difference between the two? And how to decide which to use when prototyping? 

A: It's easier and quickier to simulate image carousel using "Image Carousel" component. And you can only use it to simulate image carousel, but not any other kind of content. 

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