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Is Mockplus good tool for beginner?

v otchenash lb · 1398 · 1 · 10:21 AM    Jun 19, 2022

Also if you can recommend learning resources, such as list of courses, books, podcasts and etc.

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Mockplus Team


Yes, Mockplus is absolutely a good tool for beginners, since it offers a full set of features to simplify your product design workflow: 

When prototyping your website or mobile app, thousands of ready-to-use components, icons, UI kits and templates help you create key structure or layout in minutes. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone, even a completely new beginner, to quickply visualize their ideas. 

When coming to the design collaboration and hanoff process, import your Axure, Sketch, Figma, PS and Adobe XD files by using our plugins, in just a few clicks, and then you and your team can instantly review and dicuss design details together, and handover all design-related resources to developers via a single link. All design specs, assets and code snippets for all platforms are automatically generated. 

You may read far more details on our tutorial center here:

The video tutorials also help you save hours:

1:40 AM    Jun 20, 2022



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