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Data persistence in Mockplus RP

GDL · 1044 · 3 · 8:06 AM    Sep 16, 2022


I'm currently experimenting with Mockplus RP.

I'm stuck on a specific capability, maybe because I shouldn't just expect it from a prototyping tool.

In my project I'm using Page groups to represent different functionalities/flows (not sure if it's the best approach), namely Group #1 contains pages used to create (C) entities and group #2 pages should serve to modify (M) those entities.

I would like to persist data acquired through C pages so that I can select an entity in M pages and modify it.

I can't find any resource regarding data persistence or integration with external data, just as it seems that Mockplus RP doesn't provide an internal repository for this purpose.

What do you suggest to address the requirement?

Thank you

Kind regards

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Mockplus Team

Hi GCL, thanks a lot for reaching us. Mockplus allows you to move pages into different groups. 

For your requirements to persist data acquired through pages in a group, could you offer us more details? Or in what circumstance do you need that function? 

Looking forward to your reply and have a great day! 

10:47 AM    Sep 19, 2022




That's a general question, there's no particular circumstance: I need a "playable prototype" so that business users can see "real data" moving around pages.

Suppose I have page C with three input fields and a "Save" button: I fill in the fields, hit the button and then data gets persisted "somewhere"; I do this five times so as to create/persist as many entities.

Afterwards, on page M I can search for/get a list of all the five created/persisted entities, pick one of them, modify it and save it back.

Please note that I mentioned Groups just because I'm using them to organize pages in a logical way, so my requirement does not include the "in a group" part, unless it helps.

Thank you

9:14 AM    Sep 20, 2022

Mockplus Team

Hi GDL, thanks for getting back to us. To be honest, we don't support that currently, but only simulate that kind of effect. 

We have submitted your requirements to our product manager, who is working to get first hand feedback from users about our products. Later if any updates of the same, we will create announcement in the community, as well as in our website.

Get back to us at any time when you need anything from us. Enjoy your day! 

5:33 AM    Sep 21, 2022


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