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Contra: A Free Starter Wireframe Kit

Mockplus Team · 23.9k+ · 13 · Aug 30, 2022 Edit / Save

Introducing Contra, a Free starter wireframe kit, featuring hand-drawn illustrations by Pablo Stanley. The Kit is perfect for quick design and prototyping your idea. It comes with 30 + screens, including:

Screens for a complete login process:

(1) Onboarding

(2) Sign in/ Sign up

(3) Verification

Commonly used screens like:

(1) Home

(2) Blog

(3) Contact us

(4) Note

Screens for useful tools like:

(1) Statistics

(2) Alarms

(3) Clock + Weather

(4) Payments

(5) Music

(6) Playlist

And other screens like:

(1) Feed

(2) Featured

(3) Success

Besides, you are totally free to design anything for personal and even commercial purposes with the help of this UI Kit. Let's try it out.

Project details

Pablo Stanley; Hand-drawn illustrations; illustrations; Wireframe kit;

32 pages

RP File

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