What is Mockplus Cloud?

Mockplus Cloud is a free design collaboration and handoff tool that simplifies design-to-development workflow into a single link. It turns design files from design tools like Sketch, Figma, Axure, Photoshop, and Adobe XD into a format that automatically generates code snippets, style guides, specs, and assets, freeing designers and developers from tons of delivery files and folders. It offers a virtual center for designers, developers, product managers, and all other design parties to work on the same page and also perform their duties in unison, in just one place.

Key features

Import all Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshops, and Axure files into one place

Discuss file details and leave comments directly on specific elements

Annotate layers, groups, or any part of designs for clear intent delivery

Create, assign, track, and manage design tasks to ensure timely project completion

Write PRD online and insert related designs for a better explanation

Auto-generate all assets, style codes, and specs for Web, iOS, and Android

Create and share a design system across teams and products


Make design file importing speedy and efficient

Tailor workflows to specific scenarios and project requirements

Store all design files, resources, and projects in the Cloud

All design parties can work on the same page in the browser locally or remotely

Deliver design intents with automated specs and custom annotations

Get dev teams the code and everything they need via a single link

Keep all your data safe and secure all the time


Mockplus Cloud has been around since 2018:

Mockplus Cloud was first released in September 2018 as an online collaboration tool for designers, product managers, and developers to collaborate better together in one place.

Mockplus Cloud was improved with a design system manager (Mockplus DS) in March 2020, providing users with the ability to gather design assets, build design systems together and share across teams.

Mockplus Cloud was added with a new ability to create, assign and manage design tasks in a clear dashboard in November 2020.

Mockplus Cloud optimized its projects in January 2021, enabling designers to import and manage all relevant wireframes, prototypes, and design files in just a single project.

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