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Prototype everything at lightspeed

Design web and mobile apps at a speed that you can never imagine

Design far more than low-fi and hi-fi prototypes

Create from sketches, flow diagrams, image sliders, low-fi wireframes, mockups and static UI designs to fully functional interactive prototypes with simple drag-and-drop. All level of visual designs are created in one tool to share ideas with stakeholders, clients, and other peers, perfectly achieving your design goals at different phases.

Create both web and mobile app prototypes that feel real

A complete set of popular web and mobile app artboard and frame options, even custom ones, matches all your needs, allowing you to quickly preview and test your UI/UX visions like the real deal on your mobile, laptop and tablet.

Turn static designs into interactive prototypes

As a non-coding prototyping tool, Mockplus RP brings life to your prototypes without writing any code

Vector tools to liberate your creativity

To personalize your prototypes down to the last tiny detail, use our vector tools like Pen and Pencil tool to draw and combine vector shapes to create any new shape, component, logo or other graphics. You're never limited by what's available. The only limit is your imagination.

Map out your flowcharts with simple drag and drop

Use premade shapes, symbols and other elements to quickly diagram any UI/UX flowcharts, smoothly finalizing your own onboarding, login, buying and user flows with simple drag-and-drop.
Have a bird's eye view of your project artboards in one screen, and drag wires to connect them to show user flows and jumping logic clearly.

Preview and test on real devices

As a web-based prototyping tool, Mockplus RP offers the quickest way to validate your UI/UX solutions and changes directly on real devices - easily accessing and exploring your web and app prototypes right from your web and mobile devices, with a link.

Design together, wherever you are

More advanced features that turn users to superfans

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