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Mockplus + Jira, a New Level of Seamless Workflow for More Teams

Oct 22, 2021

Exciting News! Mockplus integrates with Jira, enabling you to attach a project link to Jira issues for instant access. You can access, preview and communicate all in Jira, making design collaboration more efficient than ever before!

Additionally, when creating an RP design, a template example entry was added for quick reuse. Have a look:

For collaboration and handoff (Mockplus Cloud)

Great integration for Jira

Mockplus is now officially integrated with Atlassian's project management tool Jira! Now you do not have to switch between different tools for different team members. Level up your team communication and collaboration! Click here to check the details.

Define component codes for different platforms

The code of each component can be pre-defined in your Mockplus design system, allowing developers to quickly find the right code for the right platform.

Under the "Component code" section,the front end developer can directly copy the code for different platforms(including iOS, Android and Web)  as the base for developing Apps or websites without needing to check the various attributes of the component in "Development mode".

Set roles for new users requested to join a team

In the team settings of Mockplus, if the approval function is enabled, other users must be approved by the "Admin" to join the team.  

With this update, you can now set a role for new users when processing their membership request, allowing them to be set as an"Admin", "Member" or "Collaborator".

For online prototyping (Mockplus RP)

Select free templates to start your own when creating a RP project  

Mockplus provides an ever-growing free template library, including free UI kits, News App templates, Messaging and Social Media App templates and more. With a template entry added in this update, these templates will all be saved directly in your team projects and be used straight away.

Image cropping improved

We are not offering just a normal cropping function. In this update, you can also click Copy or Cut instead to when cropping an image.  "Copy" will help you clone local areas from the image without affecting the original image, and if "Cut" used, the selected area will be erased. 

Try out these new exciting features on Mockplus now!

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