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You Can Now Quickly Copy and Paste Pages across RP Projects!

Apr 14, 2022

Time for Mockplus’ new feature drop again!  From this month, you can now copy and paste pages across RP projects for fast reuse. For Mockplus Cloud, we’ve optimized the commenting function and added the new feature of "Dismiss overlay" to help you easily close a pop-up for the uploaded design pages. Now, let's dive into these new features.

For Online Prototyping (Mockplus RP)

Copy and paste pages across RP projects

 It is common for Product Managers or designers to reuse commonly used components or templates across prototypes. From this month, Mockplus supports copying and pasting of pages across RP projects", saving you a huge amount of time and effort. We’re also constantly adding a large number of templates and components for you, just click here to get them for reuse.

For Collaboration and Handoff (Mockplus Cloud)

Optimized @mentions in comments

With this update, you can search other members by using the first letter or an abbreviation of their name to quickly @them. Then, your notifications will be automatically sent to them, helping you enjoy a real-time collaboration workflow.

Dismiss overlay

Our previously added feature of "Overlay" in Prototype mode can help you quickly make a pop-up. This month, the newly added "Dismiss overlay" can now help you  close your pop-ups in seconds. What's more, if you add a directional animation to your pop-up, the "Dismiss overlay" button will make your pop-up disappear in the opposite direction.  

Other improvements

  • Optimized the interactive action of Axure file being previewed on mobile, providing the function of long press to appear on the page tree
  • Optimized how the new added group for design files on all plugins will be displayed
  • The maximum character limit has been lifted to 40 when naming a new group for design files
  • Add shortcut keys to expand/collapse all nodes in the single page mode
  • Optimized the way long comments will be displayed
  • Optimized how the detailed information of project members can be changed
  • Optimized the way you filter projects
  • Fixed an issue where the save button was covered after inserting a table in online documents
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a reference RP prototype could not redirect to the corresponding prototype
  • Fixed an issue where the number of project members could not be shown correctly
  • Fixed an issue where assets could not be renamed
  • Fixed an issue where lines uploaded from design files could not be selected
  • Fixed an issue where designs marked for export containing out-of-canvas content after being uploaded from Photoshop
  • Fixed an issue where images in .svg format can be downloaded after being uploaded from PS
  • Optimized how lines can be uploaded from Adobe XD

That's all for the new features, just click to give them a try!


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