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New Features > New Click-Through Function Helps You Select any Layer Underneath!

New Click-Through Function Helps You Select any Layer Underneath!

May 7, 2022 165498

Hello, everyone! This month, we’ve launched a whole bundle of updates to improve your experience. In Mockplus Cloud, you can click through overlapped layers to select a layer you want. In Mockplus RP, you can right click any image or icon to export it as an image with this update. Now let's dive into these updates. 

For Mockplus Cloud

Click through overlapped layers

For developers, easily selecting a layer to check its data is incredibly important. In this update, a single mouse click in Dev mode can help developers click through overlapped layers to select any layer they want, making your work far more efficient. 

Log in to preview the project

To better protect your project data, we've improved our project sharing. When you share a project via the preview link copied from the browser address bar, you will no longer have to worry that anyone who receives this link can access it with just a single click. Receivers now need to first log in to see whether they have permission to access it.  

If you don't want your receiver of your link to have trouble logging into anything, you may also share it via the preview link in Preview mode. To ensure data security, you can also add a password to protect it before sharing it with others.  

Highlight for new or updated design pages

To help you clearly see and check any new changes, any new or updated pages will be highlighted in blue in the Project Tree. After you click, the highlight will disappear. 

Filter your team activities

In this update, we support filtering your team activities. Team members can filter activities by time, operators and categories to further and better view the project. 

Frame select assets

To help developers easily and quickly download multiple assets, we added the feature of “Frame select assets". By holding down the left mouse button and dragging on the canvas, developers can select the assets they want and download them all with no sweat. 

Measurements between layers ignore borders

In this update, developers can select the newly added feature "Measurements between layers ignore borders" in Dev mode to help them clearly see the spacing between two layers. After selecting this, the border width of layers will not be measured and developers can easily get the right data to start coding as soon as possible. Click to know more about this feature. 

Resort comment labels

Now, Admins and super Admins can manually resort comment labels to better manage the comments to fit their needs. 

For Mockplus RP

Export any image or icon as image

If an image or icon component is used in your prototype, you can simply right click the component to quickly export them as an image and then it can be easily shared with others. 

Copy and paste styles

To further improve your work efficiency, we’ve developed this new feature to help you copy and paste component styles. All you need to do is simply right click on the component and choose "Copy and paste styles", then all of the component’s styles can be quickly copied and reused on any other component you want. 

Copy SVG codes to create an icon layer

Want to use icons from other icon libraries in your prototype? Now, you can directly copy SVG codes from other icon libraries and paste it directly onto your prototype, then an icon layer will be created for you.

Import MP3 file with new audio component

You can now import an MP3 file with our newly added Audio component to your prototype. With our lifelike interactions, you can easily create and design a short animation or other audio prototypes. 

More improvements

  • By clicking "Back" in the Project Tree, you can now choose to go to your most recently viewed projects or other projects in the current folder.
  • You can now see how many projects you have joined on the Team Settings page.
  • The preview link of RP project in Cloud will always be in sync with the newest update.
  • The invited members will automatically jump to the project after joining the team if you invite them within the project.
  • In Document mode, comments will be deleted if what you comment on has been deleted in the document.
  • You can directly drag the canvas when the artboard cannot be fully viewed in the Preview mode.
  • You can click the hand tool and right click to drag the canvas directly in the Dev mode.
  • The next document will be automatically selected if the selected document has been deleted.
  • You can drag the canvas if you preview a project on mobile devices with an embed share link.
  • Optimized the pop-up design of creating new projects.
  • The project list on the project homepage is now compatible with more browsers, like Safari and Firefox.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the RP prototype can not be correctly linked to on the task management page
  • Fixed an issue where pasted tables do not have border lines in documents
  • Fixed some compatibility issues for the preview page
  • Fixed an issue where the background color value of Sketch files cannot be presented after being uploaded
  • Fixed an issue where comments were still displayed after document switching
  • Fixed an issue where the @ list was still displayed after scrolling when commenting on a document
  • Fixed an issue that the camera of iPhone13 devices was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where other tabs were not updated after images were replaced in single page mode
  • Fixed an issue where the artboard and layer data were incorrectly displayed after uploading web2x designs
  • Fixed an issue where the list of documents in the upper left corner disappeared during document editing
  • Fixed 500 error in downloading comment data
  • Fixed an issue where the Table of Contents automatically expands when new content is added after it is folded up during document editing
  • Fixed the issue of no Mode selected after jumping to single page mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Title format could not be read automatically after being pasted in documents
  • Fixed an issue where the size of assets was incorrectly displayed when all assets are being downloaded
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to customize the asset width on the small screens


For Figma

  • Optimized and made the Figma plugin UI consistent with other plugins
  • Fixed an issue where the layer can not be recognized after the Figma design was uploaded to Mockplus

For Photoshop

  • Fixed an issue where some error notices pop up when uploading design pages
  • Fixed an issue of image scaling down after uploading the design

That's all for the new features, just click to give them a try!  

Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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