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New Features > Mockplus mobile app now available to unlock new possibilities!

Mockplus mobile app now available to unlock new possibilities!

Jun 7, 2022

Hello there! It is time to introduce our new features. This time, to simplify your product design workflow, Mockplus team is introducing a new mobile app to help you view, test and share your designs and docs through mobile devices. When exporting an RP prototype, you can also choose to export all or even part of your prototype pages according to your design scenarios. We have also updated many more features with this release! Let's dive into the details right now!

For Mockplus Cloud 

Newly launched mobile app allows for idea validation on mobiles —  anytime, anywhere

Mobile sharing and testing is one of the most essential phases for design teams to create the best UI/UX for their web and mobile app projects. To help teams simplify this process, last week, Mockplus introduced the new mobile app, which enables you to view, test and share your designs, prototypes, PRDs and other design resources directly via your Android and iOS mobile app devices. Let's first see what you can do with this mobile app:

Mockplus mobile app

View and access designs from both Mockplus Cloud and Mockplus RP

When you've installed this mobile app on your mobile phone, tablet and iPad, you can then easily log in with your email account to view and access designs, prototypes and other design resources you've created on the web, no matter whether they belong to Mockplus Cloud or Mockplus RP.

Preview and validate your designs directly on your mobile devices

With this mobile app, you can also directly preview and test your static and interactive prototypes, and see how they look and work on the real mobile devices, effectively validating your design ideas early on. Also, use the following two tips to simplify your previewing:

Tip 1: Pinch in or out of the mobile screen to view every tiny detail

When previewing a website project, because of the much smaller screen of your mobile device, you may not clearly see every detail of your website interface on one screen. At this moment, you can easily pinch in or out of the mobile screen to view every tiny detail as you need.

Tip 2: Click blank areas to show all hotspots on the current page

When you are previewing a project and don't know which part you can click or double click to trigger an interaction, you may click any blank area to show all hotspots on the current page.

Share your designs and resources publicly or privately with just one click

By using this mobile app, you can share your design or prototype projects privately or publicly via a link, just as you do on the web. When viewing design resources that you've uploaded, including your design-related links, documents, images, prototypes, and so on, you can also easily forward it to any social media or work app installed on your mobile devices, like Facebook, Slack and Jira, and share them with just one click.

Overall, this brand new Mockplus mobile app brings mobile devices into your product design workflow, allowing you and your team to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, even without a computer around.

The Storyboard view of Mockplus RP is back now

The Storyboard view of Mockplus RP, which allows you to view all pages of a single project on one screen and shows the jumping logic between pages, is available again.

Add a "@Me" option to quickly filter comments mentioning you

With this release, we also have added an "@Me" option to help you quickly filter all comments that have mentioned you in one click.

For Mockplus RP 

Export only part of your prototype pages as an MRP/HTML demo 

When exporting your RP prototype as an MRP or HTML demo, you can now feel free to set up a page range - selecting only the most important part of your prototype pages for exporting.

Additionally, for the past month, we also worked hard on many improvements and fixes:


  • Improved the strategy to see which design mode you'll be taken to when you are trying to enter the single page view. Your using habit will be considered;
  • Improved the display of the long project name.


  • Fixed the issue where it may take too long to download all design pages at once;
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of the Preview mode;
  • Fixed the issue where you may get an error message when trying to drag and drop an Axure offline package into the Resource mode;

You may also read more release information on our release page.

These are new features. Let's free try them all now:

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