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New Features > New UI Style, Components, Annotations and More

New UI Style, Components, Annotations and More

Nov 15, 2022 671073
Hey there! It's been a while! Your experience is our top priority. To provide the best experience, we worked hard over three months to optimize all our products' performance and introduced a series of new features, improvements, and fixes.
For example, in Mockplus RP, you can use new components like Nav/Vertical/Horizontal Menu components, Image Carousel, and App Navbar to simplify your prototyping. When you use Mockplus Cloud, you can enjoy the more intuitive UI and try Annotations to link detailed design intentions to any layers, groups, or even parts of your design files.
Let's first check the key features and improvements:

Mockplus RP:

Mockplus Cloud:

Need help understanding how these new features and improvements work? Let's see them in detail.

Mockplus RP (For online prototyping):

Let's take a look at the new features of Mockplus RP.

New components that help to save not just hours

Mockplus RP adds a lot of new, ready-to-use components that make prototyping web and mobile apps easier and save you a lot of time.

  • Navigation Menu, Vertical Menu, and Horizontal Menu

Building a responsive, interactive navigation bar is an important part of prototyping a website, but it can take a lot of time. To make this easier, new navigation tools like the Navigation Menu, Vertical Menu, and Horizontal Menu have been made available.

They all come with prebuilt interactions, so you can simply hover over them to show the secondary menu. Most importantly, you will never have to create anything from scratch with them.

New menu components

  • App Navbar

Want to quickly create a tab bar with both labels and icons? Use our new feature, the App Navbar. You can create a tab bar or a bottom navigation bar for mobile apps much faster with simple drag-and-drop. It's also simple to change the default icons.

New App Navbar

  • Image Carousel

In this update, we also have another new component, Image Carousel, which allows you to quickly create a swipeable carousel-style gallery for multiple images. You can change the settings to match your design needs, like the indicator, indicator types, arrow buttons, animations, etc.

Image Carousel

Add a tooltip to your component

While changing your component's settings, you can now add a tooltip to it on the right Properties panel, whether it's texts, a button, or another component. Preview it, and the tooltip will display when you hover over it.

Add a tooltip to your component

Add interactions to a single cell of table components

Table components are more powerful in this update. To make interactive prototypes, you can now add interactions to a single cell of a table component.

Add interactions to a single cell of table components

Reassign part of the shortcut keys

During this update, some of the shortcut keys were changed to make the whole experience easier to use.

Reassign part df the shortcut keys

You may check this tutorial to see all shortcut changes. 

Mockplus Cloud (for design collaboration and handoff)

Now let's have a look at the new features of Mockplus Cloud.

Mockplus Cloud UI 2.0 - more intuitive, minimalistic UI style

Mockplus Cloud has a new style of user interface (UI) that gives it a whole new look. Here are some primary changes:

  • Simpler and cleaner interface

We rearranged some visual elements that are not frequently used with accordions. All functionalities are still available, with felemwer visual eents displayed on the main interface.

  • More simplified and modern visual elements

We are using lighter icons with an increased corner radius to make it more modern.

New UI style

  • Dark/light mode supported

You can set your app's appearance to dark or light mode.

Dark/light mode supported

Introducing Annotations- A new way to clarify your designs

A new way to document your design and bring clarity to design intentions. With annotations, you can convey users' behaviors, design requirements and how the design has changed in a clearer and more efficient way, just side by side with the designs.

Design annotations

In the Review section, product managers can either write an annotation for the whole prototype/design or a specific element on the canvas. It supports rich text, including Titles, Italics, Bold and Bulleted lists. There are two ways to write an annotation for a specific element:

  • Method 1: Write a note in the Annotation panel first, then drag the link point to a specific element on the canvas or select the link point and click on a specific element on the canvas.
  • Method 2: Click on an element on the canvas for which you want to add a note, then write the note in the Annotation panel.

After that, you can also drag the list icon to change the order of the annotations.

Add annotations

In the Development section, developers can quickly check designs along with annotations. There is no need to check a separate sheet for design requirements. Save a lot of time and remove uncertainty about design intentions.

View annotations in development mode

Upload images in your task comments

You can now add up to 10 images to a task comment to better explain your ideas or use them as references. It also lets you upload many pictures at once, and all of the pictures you upload will show up in the same order you chose them.

When it comes to adding a screenshot, we have made it even simpler. Save your time by saving and uploading it. Simply press Ctrl + V to copy and paste it into a comment.

add images to task comments

If you would like to know more features and improvements of this release, please check the article New Popup animations, shortcuts and more  or directly read our release notes

Also visit the Mockplus website to free try all these new features!

Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
Get Started for Free
Free prototyping tool for web and mobile app design
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