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Mockplus New Release: Team and Enterprise Features to Improve Project Management and Teamwork

Mar 15, 2018

This time, Mockplus brings you another big and fantastic update to your collaborative design, with an emphasis on the team management and collaboration part! The bespoke Team and Enterprise Editions have been officially introduced in our 3.3 release, to improve your collaborative project management and teamwork. Achieve effective collaboration with role management, team grouping as well as editing of style/component library within your team or company, helping to get the most out of your teams. See below for the latest update and more exclusive features to this release.

What's included in the Enterprise Edition?

Role management

Team members can be divided into four roles: "Owner", "Admin", "Member", and "Guest”. Different operation rights can be allocated through role division:

  • Owner is in charge of the highest authority.
  • Administrators can be designated by the owner.
  • Members can only view and edit the projects they participate in.
  • Guest can only view projects but cannot edit any projects.

Note that, the owner and administrators can participate in all the projects in the enterprise and manage all the participants of each project.

Role Management

Grouping of team members

Team members can be divided into different groups, so as to achieve unified management and allocate different project permissions.

Grouping of team members

Editing of shared component library
Team members can edit and share component libraries. During the prototyping process, many components tend to be reused frequently. With component libraries shared within the team, the reusability of components can be improved to standardize projects and reduce workload.

Editing of Shared Component Library

Editing of shared style library
Team members can edit and share style libraries. Using styles can save a lot of time and improve design efficiency; sharing style libraries in the team can make the project style uniform, and a consistent style can help define and enhance the visual image of the enterprise brand.

Editing of Shared Style Library

Proprietary design resources
Richer prototype design resources are provided, including 4000+ icon resources and 1000+ auto data fill resources.

Auto Data Fill

Excellent customer support

Mockplus also provides Enterprise Edition users with exclusive services, including the exclusive technical support representatives, and exclusive customer representatives.

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