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Blog > Product design > 3 Common Mistakes New Product Manager Often Makes

3 Common Mistakes New Product Manager Often Makes


When I look back on my own career as a product manager, I’ve come to to realize that plenty of easily overlooked factors actually drove my career. Today I am going to share 3 common mistakes with new product managers and I will provide you with some techniques to avoid them.

1. Starting without direction.

For product managers lacking project experience and professional accumulation, the problem has always be how to start. If you take over a product, my advice is that you should not only read massive amounts of documents but also be proficient using the product. Moreover, it’s ideal if you can get target users using and collect feedback from them to understand the product from every angle. In this phase, you can pinpoint the pain points and the itchy points. It will be very useful to list problems of the first priority such as UX, product logic and promotion strategy. In this way, you can quickly deliver a comprehensive solution that will help forming recognition as a professionalproduct manager.

In terms of new product, my suggestion is to start from prototyping. Actually, prototypingpractice is the best way of self-study. New product managers can gradually acquire a full-scale conception of the product design logic and interaction mode in the course of prototypingpractice.In the process of prototyping, new product managers tend to discover product highlights and defects with full training of their own design aesthetic and product manager thinking integrated with the interaction design of the product. At the same time, the proficiency of prototyping tools is also one of the necessary skills of product managers. a workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. You can choose to start directly with Axure if you are fully prepared for long-term learning.To get started more quickly, you can also choose the prevalent rapid prototyping tool Mockplus, with which you can build an interactive middle-fidelity prototype within just ten minutes.

2. Learning without direction

Learning problems of new product managers can be classified into three categories: skills learning problems, management learning problems, communication learning problems.

Skills learning problems is namely the grasp of basic tools such as Mockplus, Photoshop, Sketch etc. Tools like theses are essential to a professional product manage, so you need to be familiar with them as much as possible. CLICK HERE for more information about these essential tools.

Management learning problems are equivalent to the problems of giving priority to different types of your work. You can do this literally according to the order “important and urgent>urgent but not important>important but not urgent>nor important or urgent”. You should constantly question yourself if your schedule has already run out of the track.

Communication learning problems occur when product managers are deeply involved in team communication. The ability of human resource coordination also qualifies a professional product manager. What is the nature of communication? It is cost. The more inefficient the communication process is in a team, the heavier burden of cost comes. On this issue, it is of great importance to talk to the right person. Who is the project leader? Who is directly responsible for the project? Who is indirectly responsible for the project? Making clear of these questions helps you subtly bypass idle work.

3. No career planning

Many new product managers make mistakes in this respect. Some people are satisfied with waiting for tasks assigned to them, some are willing to bear the burden of all kinds of works big or trivial. Remember, no one can simply become a professional product manager without a detailed career planning. What is your goal? How long will you run for it? How much time is needed? Especially for new product managers, the plan should be as detailed as possible. Do make your responsibility range clear. No matter what, do what’s urgent first.

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