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Blog > Blog > What Do Startups Look for When Hiring UI Designers?

What Do Startups Look for When Hiring UI Designers?


As various companies begin to pay more attention to user interface designs of their websites and apps, many companies need to hire ui designers. So, doing UI design has become one of the most popular career. I believe that this article would not only provide some valuable suggestions for companies when they recruit ui designers, but also help share some ui designer skills, I believe both of them would benefit a lot after they read this article.

1. Enough knowledge of your products and company

I would like to talk about attitude first, rather than experience. When you’re going to hire ui designer, what things do you prefer to see from him/her? A well-prepared resume? Or clean and neat clothes? Of course, I must admit that they are important, for they would help designers leave great first impression on the ui design interview. However, I think what really matters for you is that whether they have enough knowledge of this work or whether they are ready for doing this job. Workplace is totally different from school, only by taking the initiative can you keep ahead in this company. Similarly, product is the heart of a company, that’s why they do some product requirements documents, so the ui designers’ work must stand for the image of company and attract more users. An ui designer that know nothing about your product and company would bring you more trouble, not benefits. Trust me, no company would invest a lot of time and energy to UI designers like this.

2. Good communication skills

There are always many fundamentals of ui designer, but I think they should grasp good communication skills. They always play important role between the company and users, because what he should do is to balance their ideas, then work out the product that can satisfy both sides. This requires designers to have enough communication skills, especially when it comes to some conflicts between the two sides. Whether designers should compromise or not? How to put forward a valid but not harmful of the interests of them is a test of UI designers. In addition, the completion of a large project must rely on a highly efficient team’s cooperation to achieve, so in the design process, there must be a variety of inspiration spark collision, at this time, the designer must learn to take into account the overall situation and listen to others’ opinion, then seriously analyze and consider about this project, rather than ignore the collective interests for personal interest.


3. Constant Study

Nowadays, we are living in a society where science and technology are developing rapidly. In fact, it is difficult to catch the trend, because people like these things today, while tomorrow they don’t care the things any more. For a designer, if he turns an blind eye to the trend, he would be likely to cause enterprises to be eliminated by the entire industry, no company would hire ui designer like this. In addition, as I just mentioned, technology is also developing, so in recent years , a number of fast prototyping tools like Mockplus has emerged. Different from the complexity of Axure, Mockplus pays more attention on faster and easier prototype design. Tools just like the hands of ui designers, so designers should try to learn different design tools to find out which are best suitable for their own, so that they can use the most efficient way to complete the most satisfactory works of customers.

4. Stick to own style

As mentioned above, designers must pay attention to teamwork and take care of the overall situation, but this does not mean that designers have to abandon their own characteristics and style. These two points are not contradictory. Moreover, designers also aren’t supposed to have only one kind of style. If it is for an illustrator or painter, then I think that there is a single and prominent style is very important, because the customer will be based on designers’ style of work to demand something. However, for a commercial designer, even if in the same company, their different products may have different positioning, so designers should learn different styles to make the right understanding when they meet different solutions.


5. Agree with your enterprise culture and values

Apart from some essential questions for ui designers in the interview. Large companies like Facebook and Google, they will first let employees do some professional character test before ui design interview, then according to the test results, some people will be eliminated. Many people are very puzzled by this, does a test roll can really matters something? In fact, a person's personality characteristics are closely linked to their jobs, and it is also important factors to reflect people’s potential. What’s more, through this test, companies can see whether employees’ characteristics can meet their company’s culture and values to decide if they can hire ui designers. If the answer is no, it would be likely to make them hard to integrate into the company’s atmosphere and difficult to adapt to this work.

6. Sensitive design trend and fashion

As a designer, what should he/her most care? The answer is, of course, the demands of customers. UI design have changed from ancient to present. So, they should concern about the trends in the present and in the future. In addition, what does customers care and need would directly determine the success of the company's products. Inspiration’s burst must be inseparable from the designers’ keen observation of a variety of popular elements in daily life. Accurately grasping the direction of market changes, thinking about how to attract people’s attention are the bases of UI design. If you hire UI designers that cannot satisfy the customer and just insist on their own outdated ideas or design, we can imagine that their design will only make your company lose more and more customers.


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