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How To Build A High Performance Lead Generation Website?

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Every company hopes its website generates sales leads, but only a relative handful build their websites explicitly for that purpose. Instead, most companies get caught up in “fun” web design project topics such as design (for design’s sake), branding nuances, and developing content based on requests from internal departments and stakeholders.

But a real lead generation website, one that supports Internet marketing campaigns such as SEO and PPC, and delivers a steadily growing flow of sales leads year after year — that takes laser focus and skill. To assist companies in identifying the key components of a lead generation website, Straight North created the white paper below, How To Build A High Performance Lead Generation Website.

The white paper reviews five areas of the web design project that must be executed to perfection:

1. Usability — Making the site a “no-brainer” for visitors of all types.

2. Mobile Design — Making the site easy to use and persuasive for the rapidly growing number of mobile users.

3. SEO — Building a solid technical foundation for SEO campaigns and to enable Google crawlers to understand and properly rank site pages.

4. Copywriting — Creating relevant, useful, visitor-driven and, above all, persuasive content.

5. Conversion — Adding design, content and navigational elements to the site that enable visitors to flow naturally through various conversion funnels to inquire via form or phone call.

We hope the white paper helps you build a new website, or transform your current one, into a true lead generation machine.

How To Build A High Performance Lead Generation Website by Straight North

Author Bio:

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a B2B SEO, PPC and web design company in Chicago. His articles on marketing and business strategy have been featured on scores of leading online publications including Moz, Entrepreneur and Forbes.



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