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Blog > Web design > 12 Web Design Factors Emphasized by HubSpot Website Designers

12 Web Design Factors Emphasized by HubSpot Website Designers


In January of this year, a piece of news about a 16-year-old boy who refused £ 5m to buy his website named created in his bedroom had been shared everywhere. Why his website can be so successful? The truth is that all successful sites share a lot in common such as design and maintenance. HubSpot is one of the pioneers in creating and advertising of content, for its point of view, good websites should not only conform the web design trends but also contain some certain pieces. Here are 12 relevant factors of website design from HubSpot for website designers, they are very valuable.

12 web design factors from HubSpot

1. Web Page Title

3-Seconds Principle: The title of web page is like that of news, they have to attract visitors in an instant and show them strongly and clearly the main idea of website: What kind is this website? O How is this website? Redundancy and grandiloquence PROHIBITED.

2. Subtitle

Characteristics demonstration: The subtitle is the supplement of the main title and is responsible for showing in more detail the difference, the main features and the value of the website to grab the visitors.

3. Advantages

Why do visitors stay? In addition to describing the functions of the website, it is necessary to demonstrate the advantages of website among other similar ones, and to explain clearly to visitors why this site is the best among all.

4. Main Call to Action

Active communication with visitors: Communication with visitors is very important during their stay on site, so there is a need to try to initiate interactions with them, but be careful with the limit that makes efforts into bother.

5. Features

The triumph of differentiation: Show differentiation with your advantages. The advantages are what drives your site better than others, but everyone will have these functions or services, differentiation is the nub of win in the commercial competition.

6. Customers’ Trust

The trust of customers ensures permanent cooperation: The best advertisement on your site are the valuations of your current customers, because people prefer to trust who have the same point of view. You can try placing your clients' positive ratings on the homepage.

web design

7. Success Story

The most powerful exposure: When visitors do not know your site well and are hesitating if they can collaborate with you, if they can see your prizes or celebrity costumers on the homepage, it will impress them and speed up their decision.

8. Navigator

Keeping visitors on your site: A good navigator can effectively direct visitors to the information they want, which can make your site user-friendly and reduce the percentage of the exit; In addition, the well-articulated navigators of each page reveal to visitors the needs they had not realized, in this sense the possibility of cooperation and the image of being professional in the minds of visitors can be reinforced.

9. Promotional Images

We are in the image era: The importance of images in web design is becoming bigger in the propaganda of content, we never see pure propaganda content of texts. A good image can carry more information than a long paragraph of text. Therefore, we must take good advantage of the images with useful information. Attention: avoid twee images or that with disinformation.

10. Contents Demonstration

The content is the foundation: The form of webpage is only the first step of attracting visitors, the content is the basis on which they stay. That is why you must maintain the quality of content while enriching the forms of content presentation.

11. Condensed Resources

To get them back: Most visitors do not make their decisions on their first visit to your site, but if you offer them a route to the resource area, they may return to your site for your resources: the more they return, the higher it will be the probability of their usage of your services.

12. Secondary Call to Action

Multiple-call: The call-to-action should not only appear at the beginning of the visit, when finishing their reading, one more call to action will be very effective. It not only can advance their decision but also expand the influence of the site through visitors’ hands.

website design

But, pay attention to the principles of websites usability, though these 12 factors of HubSpot for website designers are really important for designing good websites, it doesn’t mean that a website with all these factors can be a great one, the usability is also crucial for a successful website.

Apart from that, there are two more points that are absent in the HubSpot’s list but deserve our attention:

1. Your contacts: Leave your contacts in an obvious place so that visitors can come when they need them.

2. Social Networking Icons: If your website focuses on content advertising, it is very important to expand the influence of the content through the visitors, they can bring you extra visits and potential customers.

The prototype tool is also very important in the process. Fast prototyping tools with abundant components and presentation facilitation (Like Mockplus, Axure, two of the leaders in this field) helps designers a lot to realize their ideas and inspiration.

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In the end, in addition to the factors proposed by HubSpot for website designers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an invisible assistant, but it can make your site more obvious to customers in the list of search engines and make it more famous. Under the trend that more and more companies pay close attention to SEO, if you want to increase the reputation of your website, you also have to have a try in SEO.

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