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Blog > Web design > How to Learn Web Design on Reddit?

How to Learn Web Design on Reddit?


Are you planning to have your own personal website like other ciber-celebrities? It would be much easier with some web design knowledge if you want a personal web site. But when you’re seeking for courses and books, have you ever heard about that you can also learn web design on Reddit?

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When we talk about to learn web development, the first thing that comes to many people will be finding tutorials of 1000 pages to immerse themselves, and there are also people who want to be professional in 3 days searching for fast web design learning. Some of them who knew a little about the web design may go directly to homepages of professional prototyping tools like Mockplus, UXPin to get first-hand resources. But at this moment, don’t forget about the famous Reddit.

Are you still maintaining the idea that Reddit is just an infinite hole stolen your precious time? I will say “No” to this idea! If you know the right way, on this ciberforum that called as the homepage of Internet, you can easily find all you want to learn web development on Reddit! But if you only have experience of learning web design by viewing articles of some top web design blogs and with no idea of how works Reddit, you may get a temporary confusion.

A site with extremely dense and disordered contents may be the first impression for many people, especially when you come with a purpose to find a master who can teach you how to make a website on Reddit in the first hour, you can get frustrated. Reddit has so many content branches that we can’t handle. That’s why many people don’t recommend using Reddit as a spot of resources. Some precise websites would be better. But as the 12th website in US, its’ importance can’t be ignored. What we need now is a little hint.

Before the registration, it’s very important to know some basic rules of Reddit for UX/UI designers if you really want to learn something from it. Of course, you can also find some resources without doing it, but if you know that, you will interact with people here and learn web design on Reddit better, so why don’t we do that?

Then we should escape from the influence from other discussions and start to find discussions we need, where the information waiting for you we call it Subreddit. You can consider them classifications of different discussions, but they are created freely by others (The Subreddit is created freely by users and you can regard it as a different discussion area). So, it means the useful information may be hiding in various Subreddits. For example, there are independent Subreddits for UI design and UX design, for prototyping & wireframing tools like Balsamiq, UXPin, Mockplus and Here we got a small inventory of useful Subreddits.

Normally we can see complete links of a Subreddit like But sometimes we also find some written like /r/X (X is the keyword), we should know that they are names of Subreddit and they are also important for you to learn web design on Reddit.

learn web design

Here we have an inventory of 25 Subreddits that help you to learn web development on Reddit:

1. /r/Frontend

/r/frontend is a subreddit for front end web developers who want to move the web forward or want to learn how.

2. /r/AskComputerScience

Ask CompSci Questions And Get Answers.

3. /r/web_programming

A subreddit for all things web programming, if you’re into the behind the scenes of web or the front end.

4. /r/learnwebdesign/

This subreddit started from the need to have more of a focus on learning web design and thus diverged from /r/web_design.

5. /r/WebDev

Want to know what's new for Web Developers? You're in the right place!

6. /r/DevOps

/r/DevOps is a subreddit dedicated to the DevOps movement where we discuss upcoming technologies, meetups, conferences and everything that brings us together to build the future of IT systems.

7. /r/Servers

A Sub for Servers!

8. /r/Browsers

A reddit for posting news about browsers, browser technology and web standards.

9. /r/Sass

Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more.

10. /r/WordPress

The place for news, articles and discussion regarding WordPress.

11. /r/ReactJS

A community for learning and developing web applications using React by Facebook.

12. /r/Angular2

/r/Angular2 is for news and discussion about Google's Angular open source project. This subreddit is focused on Angular starting with version 2 and including all future versions.

13. /r/Node

News and links for node.js developers.

14. /r/LearnProgramming

As the name suggests, it’s a Subreddit about programming learning, just read the rules and FAQ!

15. /r/ProgrammerHumor

Rules are zero-indexed. If they do not appear zero-indexed you are asked to contact Friend Computer for recalibration.

web development

16. /r/HTML5

[HTML5] evolves HTML and its related APIs to ease the authoring of Web-based applications.

17. /r/WebGL

WebGL (Web Graphics Library): a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics in compatible browsers without the use of plug-ins. WebGL programs consist of code written in JavaScript and shader code executed on a computer's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

18. /r/Python

News about the dynamic, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, extensible programming language Python.

19. /r/PHP

/r/PHP is not a support subreddit. Please visit /r/phphelp for help, or connect to ##php on Freenode IRC (nickserv registration required). You may also join us on at #phpmentoring on Freenode IRC for community and mentoring discussions.

20. /r/BadCode

Post the most terrible code you can find. Copy code to a paste bin first (gist highly preferred). Most of us programmers have laughed quite a bit when we went back to look at our past code because it was rather terrible. This is a subreddit where you can share such terrible code and let other programmers have a nice laugh.

21. /r/LearnJavaScript

This subreddit is a place for people to learn JavaScript together. Everyone should feel comfortable asking any and all JS questions they have here. Questions and posts about HTML, CSS, and web developer tools are also encouraged, but the main focus of most posts should have something to do with learning JavaScript.

22. /r/OpenSource

A subreddit for everything open source related.

23. /r/WebHosting

This is a place to discuss everything related to Webhosting. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, and everything in between.

24. /r/Coding

Interested in programming? Like to read about programming without seeing a constant flow of technology and political news into your proggit? That's what /r/coding is for.

25. /r/CSS

We welcome all CSS discussion here. If you need help with styling your website or your reddit, or want to share a neat trick you cooked up, it's welcome here!

We can tell that this classification of discussions here in Reddit can be very exclusive for some topics. If you’re a newbie who wants to create a personal website that conforms all the web design trends of 2017, it will not be easy to get all you need in just one place, which means you should subscribe to various Subreddits in order to receive more information. But exactly because of this classification, we are in the condition of being able to find more precise Subreddits and friends of the same kind. Otherwise, with all the choices we got, it will be more possible to find the Subreddit that fits us for learning how to make a website on Reddit (even you can establish your own Subreddit.)

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Reddit is also a very open forum, if you don’t want to be distracted by other funny stuff, I strongly recommend you registering accounts for different usage. And it’s indispensable to know the rules inside every Subreddit and the popular discussions to get integrated better! If you have any advice of how to learn web design on Reddit just leave your message! Have fun!

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