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12 Best Sketch Tutorials From Beginner to Expert in 2019

Jan 10, 2019 1064357

Sketch is a must-have design tool for designers, but it’s not easy for beginners to learn. Sketch 54 Beta bring us more features and updates that designers expected a long ago. Here we listed the best 12 Sketch tutorials and online resource by industry leads.

1. Sketch App Tutorials

Author: LevelUpTuts

Views: 1,281,378

What is about:

This is a very comprehensive Sketch tutorial series, with a total of 25 tutorials, giving you everything you need to get started learning Sketch.


  • Introduction to Sketch 3
  • Learn about the artboard
  • Web page
  • Use Inspector shape
  • Use text style
  • Grid and layout
  • Align and assign
  • Shapes in Sketch 3
  • Create and use symbols
  • iOS design UI tool
  • Foundation 5 UI Kit
  • Bootstrap 3 UI Toolkit
  • Install and use plugins
  • Dynamic button
  • 5 very useful tips and shortcuts
  • Very useful tips and shortcuts 2
  • Plugin management with Sketch Toolbox
  • Extend sketches with free resources
  • How to create an animated GIF in Sketch 3
  • 4 great artboard plugins for Sketch 3
  • New in Sketch 3.4
  • Local share displayed by the device
  • How to easily create a flowchart - Sketch 3

Sketch App Tutorials

2. Intro to Sketch - Beginners Guide to Sketch Basics

Author: Jesse Showalter

Views: 79,832

What is about:

In this video, the author describes all the basics you need to know to use Sketch in your professional design work. After watching the video, you should be able to download, and install, and start using Sketch.

Topics covered:

  • Brief introduction to UI
  • Sketchpad
  • Setting up the grid
  • Work sensitive
  • Page vs artboard
  • Add shape
  • Detail panel
  • Set text style
  • Using symbols
  • Align, measure and adjust tools
  • Plugin
  • Export


3. Sketch App Awesomeness - Top 10 Features

Author: Learn UX

Views: 53,239

What is about:

This tutorial is designed to teach you the best and most widely used features of Sketch.

Topics covered:

  • The main features of Sketch 10


4. Sketch App Course

Author: Learn UX

Views: 1,253,343

What is about:

This series of courses is designed to showcase the full power of Sketch and teach you how to get the most functionality. Some courses are theoretical, such as exporting graphics; some courses are more practical, such as practical UI project examples.


  • Hot key
  • Practical skills
  • Export graphics
  • Vector tools and symbols
  • Color, icon and typography
  • Practical UI project example


5. Sketch Tutorial – Create a web design in Sketch App

Author: Skillthrive

Views: 39,202

What is about:

This tutorial teaches you how to create and design a web project step- by- step in Sketch. It is worth a look.

Topics covered:

  • Use blend mode to fine tune colors
  • Create custom shapes using Boolean operations
  • Create a shadow
  • Make and edit shapes
  • Add and edit text
  • Set and save the palette


6. Design a Website Landing Page in Sketch

Author: Cody Brown

Views: 46,988

What is about:

In this video, the author introduces some of the main features of Sketch using a fictitiousficticious website landing page to guide you through the production process.

Topics covered:

  • Insert artboard
  • Create a grid
  • Build a navigation title
  • Create a navigation link text style
  • Design a Hero slider
  • Use the symbol design content section
  • Add Testimonial


7. Sketch App Tutorial – Build a music app landing page in Sketch

Author: Skillthrive

Views: 16,158

What is about:

Learn how to design a music app login page in the Sketch App.

Topics covered:

  • Use Boolean operations in Sketch
  • Create an alpha mask
  • Build a loop progress bar
  • Make and edit shapes
  • Add and edit text
  • Create transparent text
  • Set and save gradients
  • Create shadows and fill shapes with images


8. 5 Essential Sketch App Tips • Sketch for Mac Design Tutorial • Design, Process, & Workflow

Author: Jesse Showalter

Views: 20,560

What is about:

This tutorial shares some of the Sketch tricks that this author loves and uses every day. Sketch is out of the box and no plug-ins are required..

Topics covered:

  • Inner hatch
  • Reduce file size
  • Drag an image into the fill panel
  • Use the command to find the center between the two points
  • Nested symbol


9. Sketch 3 Tutorial | Interacting with Objects

Author: Joseph from

Views: 13,213 

What is about:

This tutorial focuses on selecting and interacting with objects on the canvas. Although it is very basic, this is a foundational skill set that is too often ignored.

Topics covered:

  • Select and interact with objects on the canvas.

10. Organizing Symbols in Sketch for Mac | Sketch Design Tutorial

Author: Jesse Showalter

Views: 12,640

What is about:

This tutorial focuses on how to organize the Sketch Library.

Topics covered:

  • Learn how Symbols works
  • Naming and classifying Symbols
  • Use plugins to clean up the mess


11. Sketch App UI Design to Android XML Tutorial

Author: Angga Risky

Views: 91,585

What is about:

Use Android Studio to convert a design page to Android XML forto work-up as a mobile app start page.

Topics covered:

  • Convert application design to Android XML


12. Movie App Design - UI/UX Animations Tutorial with Sketch & Principle

Author: Travis Here

Views: 17,300

What is about:

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to use Sketch and Principle to animate a movie app!

Topics covered:

  • Dynamic settings


Other Great Sketch resources:

1. Sketch best plugin

Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc is a powerful product design collaboration tool for designers and engineers.It goes beyond the design workflow and helps teams with the design hand-off. It facilitates the handoff by taking designs from Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD, then exporting them into a format that can easily generate code snippets, specs,assets, style guides, interactive prototypes, and the like.


Content Generator Sketch Plugin

When you do a mock up, you don't have to worry about the placeholder content anymore. It can automatically fill in pictures of male, female, or natural scenery randomly.

Sketch Measure

This helps you add notes on graphic size, distance, color and text attributes to your work. It is, fast and convenient to use with a finished product that is neat and beautiful.

Rename It

Rename it helps you modify the layer name in batches using a, shortcut control + command + R .

Dynamic buttons

This small plug-in can keep the text and button padding fixed inside the tube button.

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