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Mockplus iDoc is a powerful product design collaboration tool for designers and engineers. It helps connect the entire product design workflow. It facilitates handoff by taking designs from Sketch, Adobe XD, PS and exporting into a format that can generate code snippets, specs, and assets automatically.

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Top 10 Free Sketch UI Kits for iOS, Android and Web Wireframe in 2018

Mockplus Team 60224 Views

A handpicked list of the top 10 Sketch UI kits in 2018. This list covers a wide range of UI kits including Android/iOS, wireframe, and web for Sketch.

Sketch has developed rapidly in recent years with a large number of plugins and free tutorials. More and more loyal Sketch fans are willing to share their Sketch templates for free. This has made it easier for anyone to find free Sketch material online - ranging from complete templates to full-fledged Sketch UI kits.

To help beginners improve their UI design knowledge more quickly, Mockplus has done some legwork and put together the top 10 UI kits for Sketch in 2018. This collection covers four categories: Android UI kits, iOS UI kits, wireframe UI kits, and web UI kits.

Android UI Kit for Sketch

1. Android 8.0 Oreo Kit Sketch Resource

Designer:Steph Kelly

Price: Free

Tags:#Android #material #kit


Based on Google’s Material Design

A full set of App interface design

Material Design color

27 Android screens


On August 22, 2017, Google released the official version of Android 8.0, known as Android Oreo (Oreo). Currently, there are not many design templates for the Oreo system.

This UI kit provides a very detailed experience and reference for most Android interface designers. It retains the classic Google button design, Material Design colors, and the traditional navigation bar design of Android.

Android 8.0 Oreo Kit Sketch Resource

2. Material Design UI Kit Boilerplate Sketch Resource

Designer: Joe Toscano

Price: Free

Tags:#Android #material #kit


Based on Material Design

Design guidelines

Button design

Free Google Fonts


This kit provides designers with the atoms needed for atomic design to create any desired effect. All atoms are turned into symbols, and all you have to do as a beginner is to copy and apply it to your Sketch design.

Material Design UI Kit Boilerplate Sketch Resource

3. Android TV UI Sketch Resource

Designer:Qi Qu

Price: Free

Tags:#Android #UI


Based on Material Design

Grid view

Browse Lane (collapse/expand view)

Large screen experience design


This Android TV UI kit provides user experience template for large-screen applications. By studying this particular UI design, you can understand how a big screen application is presented on the main interface and how an application can help users obtain the needed content quickly.

It’s very important to learn how to improve the user experience of Android TV, but more importantly, to be an Android TV app on Google Play, applications should follow specific TV design guidelines. This resource equips you with the knowledge you need to design for Android TV.

Android TV UI Kit for Sketch

iOS UI Kit for Sketch

1. iOS 11 UI Kit for iPhone X Sketch Resource

Designer:Meng To

Price: Free

Tags:#iOS #iPhone #kit


Apple-based human interaction guide

Flat design

Gradient color

Customizable iOS 11 native components


This iOS 11 UI kit for Sketch was created by Design + Code team. All components, layout, and printing are based on Apple's Human-Machine Interface Design Guidelines.

All elements in this kit can be easily adjusted to any width or height suitable for different screen sizes. Most of the symbols are created on a custom basis, and you can override symbol labels, icons or states at any time. If you are an iOS UI design, this a great kit for reference. Don’t miss it!

 iOS 11 UI Kit for Sketch

2. W1 UI Kit for watch Apps


Price: $51

Tags:#iOS #UI #kit


200+ screen design

Gradient colors

Customizable UI design elements

Lightweight interaction


W1 UI Kit - The largest UI suite for Apple Watch apps contains more than 200 screens to meet any needs you might encounter during the design process. Each screen is fully customizable and easy to use in Sketch. If you are interested in Apple Watch UI design, this kit is the place to start.

W1 UI Kit for watch Apps

Wireframe UI Kit for Sketch

1. Mobile UI Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

Designer:Ray Macari

Price: Free

Tags:#iOS #Android #kit #wireframe


56 mobile wireframe tiles

Basic UI elements

Callout and annotation icons

Gesture icons


A wireframe template is a good medium to improve user experience design workflow and efficiency. You can import Sketch files using prototyping tools such as Mockplus, as well as use the existing gesture icons, annotation elements, and symbols to quickly change styles.

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You simply need to add interactions to complete the design quickly. For beginners, this is a good wireframe UI kit for learning basic page layout, application architecture, content, and user interface flows.

Mobile UI Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

2. WeDot - Wireframe UI Kit

Designer:Marko Jotic

Price: Free

Tags:#wireframe #ui #kit


170+ layouts ready for use

100+ Sketch symbols

100% responsive vector layout

Compatible with Sketch, XD, and other formats


With this UI kit, you can create wireframes for any type of website or application in just 2 minutes, compatible with Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe Xd, and more design tools. All layouts and templates in this design are based on 12 columns of Bootstrap grids and are easily combined together. It is a fully editable and vector-based responsive wireframe UI kit.

WeDot - Wireframe UI Kit

Web UI Kit for Sketch

1. Simple Portfolio Template PSD-Sketch

Designer:Mehmet Zinnur Öcal

Price: Free

Tags:#portfolio #web #sketch


Free Android font


Support PSD Sketch&HTML Download


A web design portfolio is a very important channel for designers who want to promote themselves. To learn how to design a web design portfolio, you should not miss this template which provides the elements needed for webpage design such as fonts, text, and pictures. All compatible with Sketch and PSD.

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Simple Portfolio Template PSD-Sketch

2. 4ocal Web UI Kit for Sketch


Price: Free

Tags:#web #ui #kit



Fully customizable

Vector shape

Google Fonts

10+ Landing Page Design


4ocal is a professional web UI kit that can be used for business presentations and promotions. Each template in this suite is fully customizable, easy to use, and full Sketch file. The pictures inside are completely replaceable. For more interactions, you can import the Sketch file into Mockplus to add interaction hotspot.

4ocal Web UI Kit for Sketch

3. Portland UI Kit


Price: Free

Tag:#UI #kit


Free Google Fonts

A large number of basic design elements

Perfect layer organization



This is a perfect, elegant and bright web UI kit. It combines aesthetics and usability and is definitely a template worthy of learning for beginners. It has free fonts and a large number of design elements to meet your various web design needs. Vector-based components are fully compatible and editable.

Portland UI Kit

All the Sketch templates mentioned above can be imported in Mockplus using the Sketch plugin. You can easily use these as references and customize your own applications. With the top 10 Sketch UI design kits in 2018 for beginners I’ve shared, I hope you’ll be inspired to create more and better designs.

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Sketch Mockplus plugin

More UI kits for Sketch resources:

1. Sketchappsource

2. Envato

3. Dribbble

4. Behance

5. UI8

6. Themeforest

7. Uipixels

Best design tools to use with Sketch

Mockplus iDoc


After finishing your designs in Sketch, how to handoff them to your team? Here is a good plugin for you.

Mockplus iDoc is a powerful product design collaboration tool for designers and engineers. It goes beyond the design workflow and helps teams with the design hand-off. It greatly facilitates the handoff by taking designs from Sketch, PS, Adobe XD and exporting them into a format thatcan easily generate code snippets, specs, assets, style guides, interactive prototypes, etc. In Mockplus iDoc, designers can:

  • Export designs in one click from Sketch, Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop
  • Handoff designs with accurate specs, assets, code snippets automatically
  • Get notified of up-to-date comments and feedback promptly, import and update your existing design again if there are any changes
  • Collect and organize style guides automatically to build your team's design repository



You can use Finto to create small interactions, and animations, all the way through to building comprehensive flows for multi-screen apps. It follows a similar aesthetic to Sketch, and even offers up similar tools to what you can find in the aforementioned tool. Heck it even has some of the same keyboard shortcuts. It’s as though they were cast from the same mould, and that’s always a bonus.

Auto Layout

Auto Layout

Group Resizing is a native Sketch feature that enables you to change the way objects react when your artboards or parent groups are resized. Auto Layout, built by AnimaApp, takes this functionality a little further.

Where Group Resizing lets you create fluid elements and pin objects to a corner (think: :fixed positioning in CSS), Auto Layout also lets you offset elements by a certain number of pixels, define minimum and maximum dimensions for elements (think: min-: and max-: in CSS) and do everything that Group Resizing allows you to do but with a much less confusing UI.



While Sketch offers its own solution for optimising SVG files, there is no range of options for compressing JPG and PNG images. Since ImageOptim has been offering a solid service for a number of years, it makes sense that it would bring this functionality to Sketch.

Any designer who cares about loading times and image optimisation (which should be all designers) should add ImageOptim to their toolbox. Note that as well as the plugin, you'll need the core ImageOptim app (free) installed on your macOS system, and you still need to mark layers as exportable in Sketch (navigate to ‘Export and Optimise All Assets’ to begin).



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