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Tips on Finding Design Inspiration - Interviews with Three Design Experts by Megan Wilson

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Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel, working also as the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe.com. With vast number of followers on Facebook and LinkedIn, Megan prefers to compose UX related articles in the form of interview, instead of writing from a personal benchmark. This sort of articles provide a real environment and much readable for most audiences. Now, let's take a look at those UX inspiration interviews conducted by Megan Wilson in below.

#1. Interview with Rita Feldman

Post: Rules of Human Design in the Digital World by Rita Feldman

URL: http://ux.walkme.com/rules-human-design-digital-world-rita-feldman/

I am happy to present yet another fantastic professional as part of our expert-interview series!

This week, we feature talented User Experience Designer Rita Feldman. Rita is a skilled UX Architect focused on Web and Visual Design, and Front End Web Development. With experience in freelance design, Rita’s passion for creativity and detail s

Where (or who) do you look to for inspiration? For innovative and revolutionary ideas?

"I subscribe and browse through a few dozen design blogs and visit design conferences as much as time and finances allow. I appreciate all the knowledgeable individuals sharing their experiences, mishaps and success stories, they’ve been enormously inspiring. One of my latest hobbies is exploring new mobile applications and evaluating each one’s design and usability. Tons of tips and tricks and trend insights, the key is not to get lost in your device for too long.

I’m inspired by finding similarities between the world of fashion and digital design, where following the latest trends and undergoing constant transformations are a must. Websites like chanel.com, prada.com and dior.com provide a solid example of how design can stand a traditional ground through the years, being very selective about the use of latest trends."

#2. Interview with Song Lau

Post: Essential UX Design Tips from Mockplus’s CEO Song Lau

URL: http://ux.walkme.com/essential-ux-design-tips-mockpluss-ceo-song-lau/

In UX design there are a handful of talents and abilities critical to the success of a designer’s work. I had the pleasure of discussing some of these key concepts within UX design with Mockplus’s CEO and Product Designer, Song Lau.

I was curious to find out just how this prototyping design expert has used his various skills and knowledge to help increase the success of his company. Mockplus is a startup that develops prototyping tools for user experience and user interface designers, developers and project managers. Their goal is to simplify the complex within UX design at a low cost. According to Song Lau,


One of my favorite things is to hear from other designers and creatives where and how they derive inspiration. As a UX designer, creativity is very abstract and unique, as it is for every individual. It interests me to hear about different perspectives on the whole concept of inspiration, as it differs for everyone.

Song Lau shared his thoughts on this concept:

“Actually, there are no real secrets to inspiration. In my opinion, there is no such thing as “inspiration.” I don’t think inspiration will come to you when you are lying on the couch on a sunny afternoon with a cup of coffee in your hand. Usually, during this process, I don’t like to discuss with others… I think a great idea should come from divergent, multidimensional thinking, not by the way of linear pattern. It requires you to have an accumulation of cross field knowledge. That cross field knowledge which always seems irrelevant, such as art and technology, literature and development, music and programming, are in fact highly relevant to each other.”

#3. Interview with Kai ByRoade

Post: Step into Kai ByRoade’s Creative Design Studio

URL: http://ux.walkme.com/step-kai-byroades-creative-design-studio/

Every fellow user experience designer I meet during my time in this profession never fails to astound me with their unique creativity. Kai ByRoade is no different. With over 10 years of experience as a Product UX and UI Designer, as well as a Front End Developer, Kai has a vast amount of creative wisdom to share.

Understanding and executing the key components to a user centric design takes skill and experience, and Kai has mastered this concept with flying colors. I had the pleasure of interviewing her in order to learn a little bit about what inspires her unique work, discuss the design word of today, and gain a little inspiration.

What inspires your work? What steps do you take to remain motivated?

"I get the most work done when I’m not working. The best inspiration for crafting an online experience is drawing parallels from experience in the real world. I let my motorcycle take me to new places and I draw on each micro moment as a lesson. A quick gander around your room, a walk around the park, or a peruse through a bookstore will teach you something. Pay close attention to your experiences and the factors that contribute to them. What artifacts from those moments can replicate that experience in your product? What do you see when you look at a full page catalog ad? A striking background image and attention-seeking text that draws you in to the message.

You should recognize this pattern in the web, too, in the form of Hero’s or covers. We can speculate this is why Apple incorporates varying levels of skeuomorphism into their products. Humans can successfully interact with what they already know without having to learn a new behavior, so drawing from our everyday experiences helps build the foundation for our online experiences."



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