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Top 30 Travel Website Templates for Free Download in 2020

Apr 8, 2020 3366482

Traveling is a modern lifestyle. More and more travelers tend to book online in this tech-savvy world. For travel-related business owners, having a good website has become a necessity. To help you out, we’ve listed 30 of the best travel website templates. Best of all, all of them are free to download! 

10 HTML Travel Website Templates for Free Download

1. Sealine

Sealine is a totally free responsive HTML5 theme for travel agency website templates. It is very well organized so you can easily customize it to your needs. Among all the free templates, it is probably one of the best templates available that I’ve tried. 

Free download

2. Wonder Tour

Wonder Tour is a free jQuery HTML5 template for travel agencies. It is professional, adaptive, and fully responsive. It comes with multiple pages that feature spectacular animation and beautiful bright design. Wonder Tour contains all the key features that will help you easily start your site with fully functional services.

Free download

3. Your Trip

Your Trip is a free responsive website template that is perfect for websites of vacation booking companies and other travel agencies. The whole layout is simple and clean. It also has a bold image header that can help attract potential customers. 

Free download

4. Travel Agency

Travel Agency is a very useful responsive travel website template. It is retina ready and built with HTML5 and CSS3. It features a vivid style, which is perfect for any vacation themed site. In addition, it can be easily edited to suit any industry you are working for.

Free download

5. Venue

Venue is a multifunctional, highly responsive, and 100% free HTML travel website template. It consists of a number of easy-to-see components such as drop-down menus, search form, carousel items, pricing tables, popup model contact form, etc. 

Free download

6. Journey

Journey is a totally free travel and tour HTML5 template. It features a very useful HTML form for check-in and check-out dates. It also contains a set of content tabs for different continents of the world. You can download and customize it for any travel-related website free of cost. 

Free download

7. 409 Travel

Travel is a responsive and simple HTML5 template with a green color theme. It can be used for designing all kinds of tour websites. There are 5 pages provided for different sections and columns. In addition, its homepage features a nice image and several content sliders.

Free download

8. Travel Forum

Travel Forum is a highly responsive HTML travel website template. It has no redundant coding so you can use it to create websites with high performance. It also comes with a booking feature and filters that allow your clients to find the best option fast. Besides, it supports high-quality images and allows you to present pictures and images for a wide audience.

Free download

9. Airlines

Airlines is a free HTML5 Website Template, especially for airline companies.

As a brand new freebie from TemplateMonster, Airlines is one of the best free HTML5 website templates for airline businesses. In addition, you can also download a package of the free air transportation template with all PSD source files included. All of them can easily be customized the way you want.

Free download

10. Vivamus Iacinia

Vivamus Iacinia is a free travel agency email template that is light, simple, and responsive. If you need an email template for your travel agency business, then do not miss this one. Not only is it free, but it also features a gorgeous, modern, and simple layout to ensure that you can entice email subscribers to visit your website for more information.

Free download

7 Bootstrap Travel Templates for Free Download

11. Avalon

Avalon is a free Bootstrap travel template. It has a number of unique features that make it one of the best templates for your travel website. These features are full-width layout, event listing, one-page design, high responsiveness, tables, etc. It is also based on alternative masonry blocks.

Free download

12. 475 Holiday

Holiday is a great Bootstrap v3.3.5 responsive HTML layout for travel and tour websites. The home page includes an image slider, check-in form and popular destinations. 3 other pages are included. Yellow, black, white, and light gray colors have been used in this template. You can customize this template for your sites. The homepage can be used as a landing page.

Free download

13. Travel Products

Travel products is a free travel store Prestashop template. Travelers might need bags, backpacks, trunks, and other travel stuff. Travel Products can help you to quickly create an online store website with unusual sandy yellow elements.

Free download

14. Listing

The Listing template is simple, clean, and beautiful. Its Bootstrap CSS layout is mobile friendly and looks great on any device and screen resolution. Best of all, it is 100% free to download for anyone. You can edit and use this HTML CSS layout for any commercial or non-commercial sites.

Free download

15. Luxe

Luxe is an excellent free Bootstrap template which is ideal for a hotel website. It features high responsiveness and mixed columns. This template is configured to help users to create a memorable website in a matter of minutes.

Free download

16. Travel

Travel is a beautiful free travel website template for travel agencies. It contains a fixed form for customers to book flights, hotels, and packages. It is powerful and will definitely make your website fabulous.

Free download

17. Runover Everything

Are you ready to go snowboarding on your vacation? Check out this amazing Bootstrap website template. Your customers will love to buy those beautiful snowboards.

Free download

5 Responsive CSS Website Templates for Free Download

18. Traveler

Traveler is a responsive, good-looking, and absolutely free CSS travel website template. It comes with a simple yet powerful layout, menus, and forms. Traveler is perfect for websites which deal with business, holidays, travel, or other online services.

Free download

19. Travel Consultant

Travel Consultant template is built with HTML5 and CSS3. It is fully responsive, retina-ready, and has a hidden navigation bar. It features a tropical yet professional style so you can showcase the most important aspects of your business. Although it is originally designed for a travel consultant, it can easily be edited to fit your needs. 

Free download

20. Glozzom

Glozzom is a free Multipurpose CSS website template. It is perfect for real estate, service agencies and travel websites. 

Free download

21. Outing

Outing is a totally free template for travel agencies. It features great layover effects and you can use it to create a website with a beautiful parallax effect. It is fully responsive and offers a great interface on devices with different screen sizes.

Free download

22. Travelic

Travelic is a template that is thoughtfully designed for travel websites. It has a number of amazing features that can perfectly showcase the most important aspects of your business. Travelic is cross-browser compatible and responsive - it will look great on any device.

Free download

3 Wordpress Travel Templates for Free Download

23. Travelop

Travelop is a travel photo blog WordPress theme. Do you have the travel bug? Do you wish to visit various places to write tips about travel and share astonishing photos from the places you visited? You can just download this template and create a website or blog for yourself. It is totally free. 

Free download

24. Tourizto 

Tourizto is a travel company element WordPress theme. It is one of the best free templates to showcase your business with its galleries, modern trending design, and form design.

Free download

25. Paradise

Are you planning to run an online hotel website? Paradise is probably one of the best WordPress hotel booking templates you should check out. It is a beautiful option for your hotel site with its booking form, modern trending design, and pleasant layout in warm colors.

Free download

26. Cilantro 

Cilantro is a travel agency website template. This AI website builder is the perfect solution both for local travel agencies and tour operators who want to create a website for free. It was built with advanced technology, so you can create a website within an hour by removing, adding and managing elements. There is no need to write code.

Free download

27. Winter Tour

Winter Tour is a free Joomla theme originally developed for tourist businesses. It features a great style and eye-catchy visual effects that are perfect for winter tourism and rental businesses. Moreover, it is easy to edit and you can decorate your website for holidays with additional visual elements. 

Free download

28. Around the World

This is a brand new free travel website template. It is designed by brilliant designers and coders exclusively for the fans of freebies. All the PSD source files are included in the package. 

Free download

29. Royal Villas

Royall Villas is a responsive HTML template that has a valid code and works constantly without issues. It is highly responsive and has a booking feature to provide your customers with a great number of options. It is totally free to download.

Free download

30. Travelling Train

Travelling Train is a free W3C compliance XHTML template. It has a tableless design and is compatible with major browsers. 

Free download

5 Best Inspiring Travel Website Examples

1. Telluride

Telluride is a very eye-catching travel website. It is the official tourism website of Telluride, Colorado.

2. Kayak

You can search hundreds of travel sites on Kayak. It also tracks and compares prices and gives you forecasts. That makes Kayak one of the best places to book trips.

3. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is a great all-around option. It has a forum with tons of candid user reviews and ratings. 

4. Trip

Trip has several travel deals and promotions. It has a powerful form to help customers to find what they want. 

5. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is one of the best sites where you can get in-depth destination guides. It is also good for booking sightseeing trips and tours.

FAQs about travel website design:

1. Which are the best websites to find travel website templates?

Apart from the above 30 totally free travel website templates, you can get more inspiration by visiting the following websites. But some of the templates are not free. 

2. How to design a travel website?

If you want to start from scratch, you can follow these tips:

  • Make a decision based on research and your business: Figure out what type of content and information you want to put on your website. Then draw your information architecture, much like a roadmap.

  • Wireframing and prototyping: Use a web prototyping tool to turn your ideas into a prototype and test it until it fully meets your needs.

  • Use screen design tools to work out designs: You need to customize every element.

  • Handoff to developers and development: Turn your visuals into a real website.

But if you have no idea about design, then the above 30 free travel website templates can be a great help. You can just download a template and customize it to fit your needs. 

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