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Blog > Web design > Brilliant Typography of Web Design Lies in These 4 Factors

Brilliant Typography of Web Design Lies in These 4 Factors


Some new web designers always think that the most important thing is to add some attractive content when they design website, so they only put a lot of energy in the content rather than the typography in web design. However, in my opinion, whether the quality of the content is good or bad could determine the number of the reviews of your pages. In fact, the layout of page is also a very important factor. As the saying goes, "safflowers need green leaf lining", I think there is no conflict between content and typography, and actually they are complementary. How can the safflower show its beauty without green leaves being a foil? A web designer should not only pay attention to good quality of content, but also care a clean layout of web design page in order to truly achieve a good user experience.

Typography web design vs. Typography graphic design

There are many similarities between them, but there still exist many differences. I think the typography of graphic design is the basis of web design. In most cases, such as the layout of text and picture, the principle that graphic design and web design follow is basically the same. However, the web design typography involves interactive features and dynamic effects. So, when we do our design, we should not only take static effects such as text and pictures into account, but also consider some dynamic visual effects. Since so many elements need to be presented in a fixed size of the web page, the situation we should consider is naturally much more than the typography graphic design. Today, let's talk about some elements that the designers must notice in web design typography.

1.Text in typography

Although sometimes there may be a few text in the page, but you cannot underestimate the role of the text. The choice of fonts, the size of the font, the spacing of the font and how a variety of fonts naturally match one another are all key factors in your design. In one limited web page, you are supposed to use definitely more than one font style, while you probably use three or four. This is to avoid bringing users sense of monotony. The collocation of fonts is the process of matching two or more fonts through reasonable typography web design to achieve the best results. For many beginners, they believe that it is enough for them to pick beautiful fonts, but in fact, choosing beautiful fonts is not difficult, how to make them perfectly match and complement one another is the most difficult issue. So you need the best typography trends for your insiration.


2.Pictures in typography

Picture is the core of web design, In the latest web designs, web designers always put a lot of energy on designing pictures, because many users would not stay in the same page for long , and would not spend too much time reading your content. At that time, a beautiful picture can quickly and effectively grasp the users’ eyes. We are very familiar with Apple's website in which they mostly use a direct picture of the product without too many texts, which makes the content concise and clear.

apple website

3.Interactive design

Interactive design is a very popular trend in web design, and it will involve a lot of pages, and components. Since so many elements would be arranged in the same page, web designers should take more situations into consideration. Before you do the interactive design, you must stand in the user's point of view, such as, where should the menu’s navigation be most clearly visible? What kind of way should the components be most convenient for users? How to arrange the components that will not affect the users’ visual effects? This requires web designers to have a smooth prototyping process by using some fast prototyping tools to provide an interactive design. Good prototype tools can deliver good user experience.

4.Video and Animation

If your web page only has static elements such as texts and pictures, it would not be so much lively. Nowadays, video and animation have low costs, strong network communication, and good compatibility with social media sites. In some cases, video and animation spread more effectively than the text. So, web designers would like to use them in their design. However, it should be noticed that the video and animation design in the same layout cannot appear too much, one or two would be the best, otherwise they would make users feel dazzled, and they would mislead customers and hinder them to find what they really care.

All I said above are theories of typography in web design, now I would like to share three good examples from a web design blog to help you get web typography inspiration. To get more web design tutorials, the best way for you is to find more brilliant websites and analyze them.


Webydo is a website that helps freelancers and agencies to build their websites with a built-in CMS and hosting to create websites faster and grow a business. I think their typography of web design is very interesting, because their web page directly imitate some pages of common-used design tool, which clearly reflect the theme of the site and also accurately attract target customers.



CALEO is an independent men’s publication, which successfully combines attractive content with high fashion. The typography of their website page is commonly used in web design. Fashion website like CALEO would prefer to use a lot of pictures to be focused, at the same time, they also well resolve how to put them reasonable typesetting without causing clutter of visual effects. What’s more, the spacing among pictures and the size of pictures also need to be arranged properly.


3.Foreign Policy

I personally like this page design so much, for it perfectly put hand-painted style into web design. In addition, fresh and bright colors and a clear menu’s navigation are also its highlights. Furthermore, they use dynamic effects in many subtle places so that you will get surprised when browsing their website.

Foreign Policy


The so-called best design, that is, your design is naturally arranged together without any improper combination. A successful typography web design allows clearer logic of the page to make a good user experience design, finally it would successfully guide the users to the information they need. Although the designer's main job is to make the page beautiful and create a good visual effects, they should also be concerned about the page's usability.

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