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What UI Stands for in Design

Mockplus Team 51893 Views

The aim of this article is to illustrate what UI stands for and elaborate the requirements for UI designers.

What UI Stands for in Design? When it comes to the meaning of UI, people may hold the first expression that someone who can draw icons is UI designer. Actually drawing icon is only one of the skills of UI design. Broadly speaking, the meaning of UI definitely refers to a large category. According to the traditional classification, the product consists of two parts-design and development. UI design belongs to front-end design. However, it is not easy to be an excellent UI designer. There seem to be lots of things to learn, such as product analysis, user feedback documents, flow charts, design sketches, design prototypes, etc.

Currently, users selecting an App not only consider its powerful functionality and greater comfort but also lay more emphasis on its better-looking interface. The interface could be the first thing that users see and use while using their phones. Thus the appearance of the interface is able to exert a large impact on the user experience. Your users are likely to keeping using it if they are fond of it, on the contrary, without a great interface, no matter how powerful its functions are, they aren’t interested in it.


1.What is UI design exactly?

So, what is UI? User Interface(UI), the overall design of human-computer interaction, operation logic and beautiful interface. A good UI design is to make software personalized and tasty, and easily accessible so as to adequately incarnate the orientation and feature of the software. Generally, the goal of user interface design is to produce a user interface which makes it easy (self-explanatory), efficient, and enjoyable (user-friendly) to use the software in the way which produces the desired result.

2.The three levels of UI design

a. Customer-centered experience research:

Exploring what are customers’ really demands through research and comparative analysis and make decisions according to users’ experience. User interface design, an integral part of the product, is a complex project with different disciplines, cognitive psychology, design, linguistics and so on, all of which play an important role in UI design. There are three principles of user interface design: setting the interface under the control of the user; reducing the burden on the user's memory; maintaining the consistency of the interface. Namely, to meet the needs of general users.

b. Interaction:

It means the interactive process of the whole project. Through the interactive design of the interface and the conduct of the product, interaction enables the product and users to establish an organic relationship so as to effectively achieve the user's goals. This is the purpose of interaction design.

One of the most important aspects of UI design: human-computer interaction.

In general, the goal of human-computer interaction engineering is to create a simple and convenient interface for users. That is to say, UI embodies user and the interface interactive search instead of the simple user interface. Therefore, as an UI designer, what we should do is design a beautiful interface as well as comfortable, simple interface that users may be satisfied with.

c. Study interface - Graphic Design:

Including (web design, software interface, mobile interface design)


3.The aim of UI design

After having a better understanding of what UI stands for, then we need to know the aim of UI design. The principle of “People First and Customer Supreme” is the core idea of UI design. UI design is not merely for looking good, but for excavating user’s demands and sparing no effort to cater to users' habits with your creative thinking.

4.Requirements for UI designer

An excellent UI designer who is aware of what UI stands for, should not only be capable of drawing icons and designing interface but also mastering a lot of interactive knowledge; if you want to design a better interface, you need to completely understand the structure of products and interactive logic. Only in this way can we complete a reasonable interface design. In the actual work of design, the UI designer should join the discussion in the early stage of product design, which will reduce the communication costs and misunderstanding of the interaction between product manager and the UI designer, ensuring that the software interface is in line with the project team's expectations.

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