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10 Best UX Designer Portfolio Examples for Your Inspiration

Mockplus Team 377518 Views

Looking for solid UX design portfolio templates/examples for your inspiration? A list of best UX designer portfolio websites for you to create an incredible portfolio site.

Nowadays, except resumes, a beautiful and distinctive portfolio site also plays a key role for UX designers/freelancers in applying for good UX design jobs or attracting far more potential clients. However, as a designer with no professional experiences or a newbie in UX design, creating a perfect UX designer portfolio website is really not an easy task, right? In order to help you solve such problems easily, here are 10 best inspiring UX design portfolio examples for you:

1. Bret Victor

1). Designer: Bret Victor

2). Why to choose this portfolio:

*This is a really beautiful portfolio site with an old movie style.

Being decorated with many film elements, like the brown movie background with subtle scratches and picture frames with movie styles, it gives people a feeling of watching an old movie while browsing its Bio, CV, Showcase, Recent Output and more sections there. And that could be a really good way to give the portfolio personalities and also brings site visitors much more pleasant experiences.

*Every section offers rich information.

And then, the designer also offers rich information in every section of this portfolio site. And that can not only fully show his UX design skills and capabilities, but also provide an opportunity for visitors to know more about the personalities of himself.

*Add a very interesting section called “ART/FUN/WHATEVER”.

Moreover, unlike standard portfolio templates which will regularly list all UX design cases one by one, Bret Victor add a very interesting section named “ART/FUN/WHATEVER” which is trying to make readers smile. This is really sweet.

3). What you can learn:

*Choose a right theme for your portfolio site.

Therefore, when designing your personal portfolio, you can also choose and add a right theme to impress interviewers or clients.

*Add extra information.

You can also add some extra information, like hobbies, goals, interesting jokes and more, to let site visitors know more about you.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Bret Victor

2. Gregor Kalfas

1). Designer: Gregor Kalfas (UX Designer)

2). Why to choose this portfolio:

*This is a really mature portfolio site with a hand-drawn style.

This portfolio site is designed with many hand-drawn elements, such as the background with hand-drawn sketches, hand-drawn titles, fonts, icons and photos, etc. And all of these elements are really familiar to interviewers/designers/clients who have often participated or engaged in UX design. So, it could be a really effective way to quickly attract their attention and impress them.

*This portfolio combines the characters of UX design.

As we all know, UX designers or product managers often sketch design drafts on paper and also build web/mobile app prototypes with some good prototyping tools, (like the easy and fast Mockplus) so that they can iterate their design ideas quickly and also present a much better design project. And the designer of this portfolio considers such a need of UX/UI designer and combine it in the portfolio design wisely, such as the hand-drawn elements mentioned above and some prototype effects. This idea is really creative.

*Also add a FAQ section to enrich portfolio contents.

In order to enrich the contents of this portfolio, the designer also adds a Q&A part in a "My Story" section to answer questions about the designers. That can make the readers know well about designers.

3). What you can learn:

*Combine the characters of UX design in your portfolio design.

Also combine the characters of UX design into your portfolio design, such as adding some sketch images or adopting a prototype theme, etc. That could be a really nice way to improve your portfolio sites.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Gregor Kalfas

3. Christina Richardson

1). Designer: Christina Richardson (UX Researcher and Designer)

2). Why to choose this portfolio:

*This portfolio is a simple, clean and neat portfolio.

Every section of this portfolio site, such as its designer bio, UX design work showcase and article sections, are set to be as simple and clean as possible. And that could make this portfolio site more readable and clearer.

*Also add a unique and clear linear map to present designer information.

The designer also adds a unique linear map to demonstrate his UX design stories clearly. It is really intuitive and innovative. And This is also a good way for readers or visitors to focus on the listed information.

3). What you can learn:

*Also adopt a liner map or tree structure to illustrate your information.

*Simple and neat style also works in portfolio design.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Christina Richardson

4. John Ellison

1). Designer: John Ellison (Digital Product Manager)

2). Why to choose this portfolio:

*This portfolio offers a short video to introduce personal information.

The designer of this portfolio site adds a three-minute video to introduce personal information on its Home page. And that is really a nice shot to arouse the interests of site visitors and encourage them to go on reading.

*Design works in different categories can also enhance the readability of this site.

The designer also adds many excellent design cases and present them all in different categories there. And that can not make the entire site neater, but also make the site contents more readable.

3). What you can learn:

*Add different videos to make your portfolio sites more interesting and attractive.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site John Ellison

5. Eva Lotta Lamn

1). Designer: Eva Lotta Lamn (UX Designer)

2). Why to choose this portfolio:

*This portfolio is simple, but, not plain.

When you click and enter this portfolio site, you can only see a couple of sentences about designers there. But, that does not mean it is not able to offer necessary information. Actually, you can easily check his web and interface design works, sketchnotes set on flicker and even the books of designer merely by clicking red words with hyperlinks in that simple description.

*This portfolio features for a beautiful illustration style.

The designer of this portfolio adopts a beautiful illustration style and adds many black and white cartoon animal illustrations. Moreover, every time when you click and enter this website, it will also present different cartoon animals, such as a cat playing in the rain, falling spiders, naughty octopuses and so on. This is really cute and interesting.

*Make full use of a sidebar to expand its contents.

In order to enrich site contents, the designer also adds a sidebar with link phrases, including “Web & Interface” “Illustration & Sketches” and “Game & Animation”, etc. Merely Click them to check more details.

3). What you can learn:

*Also add cute, beautiful or colorful illustrations to decorate your portfolio sites.

*Also make full use of sidebars to expend site contents, if necessary.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Eva Lotta Lamn

6. Andrew Doherty

1). Designer: Andrew Doherty (Product Designer)

2). Why to choose this:

*This is a really simple and intuitive portfolio.

Unlike general personal portfolio sites filled with colorful photos, multiple design case sections and options, this portfolio is more like a personal bio with only one photo and several line description. It is really simple and intuitive.

*It also includes all necessary elements a common portfolio should have.

Even though it is really simple, it also includes all necessary elements a common portfolio site should have, like designer bio, design work/article presentations, contact information and more. But, how does it achieve that? Just add links to some key words and sentences. Linked words and sentences always help a lot in expanding functions and contents of a website.

3). What you can learn:

*Add proper hyperlinks to keywords for extending site contents.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Andrew Doherty

7. Kristian Tumangan

1). Designer: Kristian Tumangan (UX Designer)

2). Why to choose this:

*This portfolio shows excellent mobile phone app UX design cases.

The designer of this site has listed several mobile app UX design cases and some of them are really good.

*Also shows some great visual design works.

As a multidisciplinary designer specializing in UX and Visual design, Kristian also has uploaded some great visual design works. That also could be a sparking point to attract interviewers and clients.

3). What you can learn:

*Add excellent design works only.

Even as a newbie or college graduates with no any mature design works, also try to choose and upload a much better UX design work. The better your uploaded design works are, the higher chance you will have to get a good UX design job.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Kristian Tumangan

8. Nan Wang

1). Designer: Nan Wang (UX/Product Designer)

2). Why to choose this:

*This portfolio is designed with a Chinese Ink Painting style.

Its icons, fonts and images with Chinese Ink painting style are really unique and impressive.

*It is designed with GIF images.

In comparison with static images, dynamic images or videos are often much easier to attract the attention of people. So, its GIF images are also effective to attract the attention of interviewers or clients.

What you can learn:

*Also design a unified style for your own portfolio.

*Also add dynamic images or videos to make it more attractive.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Nan Wang

9. Office of Choy

1). Designer: UX design office

2). Why to choose this:

*This portfolio highlights a variety of UX design works.

With no special section to offer office designer information on its Home page, this portfolio highlights a series of excellent UX design works. This could be really attractive to some interviewers or potential clients who pay much more attention to actual design cases of portfolio designers.

Moreover, since it emphasizes on UX design works, it offers many details for every design work, like participating designers, user research sprint, design idea iterations and design consequences, etc.

3). What you can learn:

*Emphasize a certain part or aspect in your portfolio design, if necessary.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Office of Choy

10. Edmund Yu

1). Designer: Edmund Yu ( UX Designer)

2). Why to choose this:

*This portfolio relies on scrolling images to show designer’s skills and capabilities directly.

With over 12 years of UX design experiences, Edmund Yu only relies on scrolling images of his excellent design works to prove his skills and capabilities more clearly in UX Designs instead of presenting all designed cases one by one.

*Its Mention section offers excellent proofs to show his UX design skills.

This portfolio also includes a special Mention section which lists testimonials and press snippets about his work. And that could be a really effective way to show his UX design skills indirectly.

3). What you can learn from this:

*Image galleries are also good ways to showcase your works more intuitively.

*Offer some proofs to prove your design skills and capabilities.

Best UX Designer Portfolio Site Edmund Yu

Wrap Up

Above examples are our collection of 10 inspiring UX designer portfolio sites. They may be not perfect in all aspects, but, some of the design ideas are really innovative and worth trying in your portfolio site design. And hope they can inspire you to create a much better portfolio site.

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