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Blog > Web design > Top 15 Amazing Web Design Blogs You Must Follow in 2017

Top 15 Amazing Web Design Blogs You Must Follow in 2017


For web designers, it is undoubted that making an outstanding website is the primary task. At the same time, they should also use some online resources like web design blogs to acquire more knowledge about latest web designs, popular design tools, the way of developing designs. However, faced with this well-developed Internet, people can easily receive millions of results after searching for what they want, resulting in massive confusion. We always say, time is money, web designers spend a lot of time, but they can hardly find what exactly they need. So, I specially collect these blogs for web design inspiration.

1. Smashing Magazine

With 5 Million monthly page views, 1 million worldwide Twitter followers, 300,000 Facebook fans, Smashing Magazine is one of the most active and largest publishers of web development blog in this web design field. It was founded in 2006, aiming to provide most useful and innovative information to web designers and developers. Their articles usually tell about web design, graphic design and user experience. I believe web designers would get much developed from it.

2. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot was founded by Vancouver, Canada-based web designer Walter Apai in 2010. WebdesignerDepot doesn’t just have its finger on the pulse of the modern web design world. It’s at the very heart of web design. When you are browsing this web design blog, you will get insights from different designers around the world.

3. Mockplus Blog

Mockplus blog has very comprehensive contents. They not only write about prototyping design, graphic design, web design, UI/UX design, but also write about latest web design trends, popular prototyping tools. If you are a web designer, you should trust me that you would benefit a lot from it.

design blog

4. Hacking UI

Hacking UI is a community for designers, developers and creative entrepreneurs with a passion. Just like its name, it mostly concentrates on interaction design. Nowadays, interaction design is used in web design more often, so this website would also help you become an excellent interaction designer.

5. Design Instruct

Design Instruct is a tutorial web magazine for designers and digital artists. They publish high quality content that web designers can use for learning new techniques and to inspire them in their own work, covering everything from graphic design to photography to illustration and web design.

6. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a web design blog that delivers a daily balance of creative tips and help you find design inspiration across web design, graphic design, 3D and more. Bringing the very best design work to web designers and offering the insight enables them to learn the latest trends and developments in global design and to create their best work.

blog to get design inspiration

7. Designmodo

Dedignmodo is a design and web development blog. They provide design, web development, premium products, quality freebies. The blog is a great resource for both beginners and advanced designers looking to expand and improve their knowledge. The site is visited by companies and is used as a reference by many design and coding schools.

8. Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall was founded in August 2007 by Toronto-based web designer and illustrator Nick La. It is a web design blog that has been recognized and featured many magazines and galleries due to its quality content and beautiful design. Most people love this site because of its illustrative design, web design trend reviews and amazing coding tutorials.

9. Design Shack

Design Shack offers a lot of inspiration for every kind of design, filtering through lots of the redesigns that occur every day across the Internet. Their articles will teach you new techniques for creating designs, and their daily community news ensures that you're up to date with the latest developments elsewhere.

blog for design learning

10. 1stWebDesigner

It was founded in 2008, it is also a web development blog, and now there are 14 people running this site, aiming to help people build a better website. They publish articles covering all aspects of web design, UX design, graphic design, social media, blogging, marketing, programming, tutorials and more.

11. Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine is also a daily inspiration source for web designers, freelance designers. They don’t have magnificent marketing approaches. All of their social media accounts have very brief introductions.

12. U Creative

U Creative is an online community of creative professionals in Singapore. It is created as a platform for exchange of ideas, networking with fellow creative professionals and discussion on issues pertaining to the creative industry in Singapore. It aims to help the young designers to chart their own career path, regardless of which creative industry they are in, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for the future.

blog for design information

13. Design You Trust

Design You Trust is an hourly-updated and one of the world's famous collective web design blogs. It is full of new design trends, news and events, beautiful design portfolios , young design bloods, design articles, photographies, fashion, creative advertisements, architectural inspirations, video design and hand-picked design stuff from all over the globe.

14. Line25

Line25 was launched in March 2009. Line25 is specifically created to provide web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs. You can get a web design inspiration boost each week about sharing the links of great web design examples and tutorials.

15. Material Design Blog

Material Design Blog is all about material design, whether it’s about apps, templates or websites. Every day, you can find new design inspiration and best practices on the blog. It is also one of the most popular web design blogs nowadays.

best web design blog

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