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Can I use the desktop app with Mockplus Cloud? If not, what should I do then?

Jakey2 · 6395 · 0 · 3:05 AM    Jan 5, 2021

Hey all, I just bought the desktop application Mockplus Classic Annual plans yesterday, but my friend told me there's also a Cloud version available so that I can work with my team together, even developers can be invited in. 

Can I just use the desktop app with Mockplus Cloud? If not, how can I convert the license from Mockplus Classic to Mockplus Cloud? 

If there is a price mismatch, then I would like to go with the Pro license. 

Thank you! 

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Mockplus Team

Hello, looks like you are a bit confused with Mockplus Classic and Mockplus Cloud. 

  • Mockplus Classic is a desktop prototyping tool that can help you and your team to translate ideas into live website or mobile prototypes in minutes. It focuses on the prototyping process only. 
  • Mockplus Cloud is a one-stop online product design platform that connects your entire design workflow from prototyping to design handoff. It helps you bring all designers, developers, product managers, clients and other related design participants to the same project. 

So, they are different. 

By the way, you cannot use the desktop app with Mockplus Cloud yet. but, it is easy to import the projects of the desktop app into Mockplus Cloud under the "Prototype" mode. 

If you really think Mockplus Cloud is helpful and want to convert the license from Classic to Cloud, please contact with your order number, purchase invoice and email account offered. 

We'll do the conversion for you as soon as possible. 


Mockplus team

2:25 AM    Feb 26, 2021



I'm keen to know this too.  I just signedup to cloud the otherday and made a few mistakes and found it easier to use the classic app.  However, I realised the app is a trial only.  

I did sync the project from classic to cloud - but for some reason, I cant then edit the upload online???

I'm happy to stick to the free cloud but cant see the edit function from a uploaded file.

4:40 PM    Jan 12, 2021



Were you ever able to resolve this issue? I'm in a similar situation where I made a lot of progress on a Classic file, but would like to migrate to the cloud and work from there instead (easier for collab). However, after syncing the files, I can't edit on the cloud.

8:38 PM    May 24, 2021

Mockplus Team

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by.

You cannot edit the Classic file in Mockplus Cloud Yet. 

But, we do have plans to do that and our development team are still working on it. 

Please wait patiently.

Thank for your supporting.


8:48 AM    Jun 18, 2021


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