New in Nov
Released:  Nov 22, 2022
What's new
With this release, you can try the following updates:
- New menus components like Navigation Menu, Vertical Menu, and Horizontal Menu, App Navbar and Image Carousel
- New animations for popups like Slide-in, Flip-in, and more
- Add interactions to your Table components, down to a single cell
- Reassign part of the shortcut keys
  • Improved the lagging issue caused by layer grouping.
  • Added support for flipping all basic components and shapes vertically or horizontally.
  • Added support for entering a negative number when editing chart components.
  • Added support for settings the Panel or Content Panel to be scrolled vertically or horizontally.
  • Support auto-playing your uploaded videos when using the Video component.
  • Support adjusting the size of the Multi-select Droplist component.
  • Projects and pages
  • Supporting showing the branches of your deleted project in Recycle Bin.
  • Fix: Shortcuts to switch between pages on the Project Tree may not work.
  • Fix: Your project may be changed into the landscape orientation when changing the project type from Web to Mobile.
  • Support copying and pasting data between browsers.
  • Support copying artboards with all guides, layouts and grids together.
  • Support batch selecting and unlocking the layers that are locked.
  • Support moving the guides using arrow buttons.
  • Support editing the properties of the inner layers when selecting layer groups.
  • Added a new prompt to confirm whether to save changes when users quit editing component assets.
  • Added a "Fit" button in the right Properties panel to help you set the artboard to auto resize to fit the inner content in just one click.
  • Fix: When converting components to Panels, the layer order may be changed.
  • Fix: When editing your texts, the bold style may get lost.
Interaction & preview
  • Support quickly grouping pages on the Page Tree.
  • Improved the default view ratio when previewing a mobile project.
  • Fix: Fixed some issues that occur when setting interactions and choosing "Always on top".
  • Fix: Fixed some issues that are related to browsers.
  • Added more buttons on the top toolbar, like Enter full screen, hide and show left/right panel.
  • Added support for inviting new members to a batch of projects and project folders they can join.
  • Improved the saving of the free templates. You can now save a template to the desired team and location.
  • Improved the toast prompts.
  • Fixed other problems.
New in Aug
Released:  Aug 17, 2022
What's new
With this release, you can now try the following new updates:
- Four new mobile gestures: Slide up/down/left and right.
- A new Multi-select Droplist component.
- Change the canvas color by clicking "Menus > Preferences".
- Added a new option to make the Single-select or Multi-select Droplist components searchable.
- Copy and paste external data into the table of the chart components.
- Fixed the issue that the cursor and placeholder of the Input Box may be overlapped.
Interaction & preview
  • Added new shortcuts to quickly delete, copy or paste your interactions.
  • Added a new tooltip to tell users when to use the "On load" trigger.
  • Fix: The content of your sub-artboard may be covered by the layer that is set to be fixed when scrolling.
  • Fix: When previewing an instance with some new changes, you may not first view the changed status since the original status may show up first.
  • Fix: You may not undo the operations you've done to the Note box.
  • Fix: When dragging lines to create flowcharts, the line may not auto snap to the elements nearby.
  • Fix: The view focus may move to the left-side page panel when editing your designs on the workspace.
User interface
  • Improved the performance of the scrollbar on the user interface.
  • Adjusted the default display height of the two sections on the left panel for better performance.
  • Fix: Even when enabling the "Super Admins can view all projects" feature, Super Admins still cannot view all projects.
  • Fix: When editing a design page in the Edit mode, the corresponding page node may not be correctly highlighted on the left-side page panel.
New in Jul
Released:  Jul 15, 2022
What's new
With this release, we've upgraded the Preview mode, offering a more immersive experience for everyone. You can manually adjust the position of note markers, batch select artboards with a frame selection, and also try more new features.
Feature updates
  • Support sharing a project by clicking "More" on the project cover.
  • Support adding an external link for a compound component.
  • Support making interactions by dragging components' link point to the Layer panel.
  • Added shortcuts to quickly show/hide the right and left panels.
  • Fix: Fixed some problems that occur when inviting members.
  • Fix: Child page folders may be unexpectedly expanded when trying to expand parental page folders on the left Project Tree of the Preview mode.
  • Fix: Your browser may get stuck when setting the layouts through Preference menus and adding too many columns.
  • Fix: The triangle icon of the Droplist component may change into a rectangle icon when being previewed.
  • Fix: When typing something into a cell of the Table component, clicking "Enter" may add your content into two cells.
  • Fix: When moving layers with arrow keys on your keyboard, the move operations may not be conducted as many times as you click on the keys.
New in Jun
Released:  Jun 16, 2022
What's new
This update enables you to export only part of your prototype pages as an MRP or HTML demo. The option to show the left/right panel or enter the full screen is also adjusted to the main menu.
  • Support choosing a page range to export only part of your prototype pages as an MRP or HTML demo.
  • Support copying and pasting cell content between the tables of RP and other programs like Excel.
  • Support setting a default checkbox status for your Tree component.
  • Improved the Droplist component. It can now scale correspondingly when you zoom in or out in Preview mode.
  • Fix: You cannot type in any content when directly clicking a cell instead of selecting the table component.
  • Fix: Your text may be unexpectedly unbolded when trying to re-edit bold texts.
  • Support unselecting layers with shortcut "Shift + Frame select".
  • Fix: You may exit the editing mode of the Panel component when clicking outside any component group.
  • Support clicking notes in the right panel to quickly locate relevant components when previewing.
  • Support selecting multiple notes with the shortcut "Ctrl/Shift + Click"
  • Adjusted the way to show the left/right panel or enter the full screen. You can now find the relevant setting options by going to Main menu > Views.
  • Fix: When you're editing the text of some components like Table, part of your operations cannot be undone.
  • Fix: You can continue editing even when you've lost the editing permission.
  • Fixed other problems.
New in May
Released:  May 12, 2022
What's new
This release introduces many new features to improve your prototyping. You can just right click any image or icon to export it as an image, reuse component styles with copy-and-paste, and import icons from other libraries to your prototype by copying and pasting their SVG codes. A new Audio component is added to add sound to your prototype.
  • Support exporting any icons and images as an image file through their right-click menus under the editing mode.
  • Support reusing component styles with copy-and-paste.
  • Support importing icons from other libraries to your prototype by copying their SVG codes.
  • Introduced a new Audio component to import any .mp3 files.
  • Improved the font display of the Droplist component. The font of the dropdown list will always be the same as the one of the components.
  • Improved the Breadcumbe component. The last delimiter icon was removed.
  • Added a new feature to show note markers in the editing mode. You can enable this feature by clicking Menus > Views.
  • Added a "Recently published' button to quickly go to the relevant Mockplus Cloud project.
  • Improved the project publishing. The target project and prototype you've selected will be remembered so you don't need to select them again next time.
Moving projects
  • Support moving projects across teams, only Super Admins get permissions to do this.
  • Added a "Back" button in the editing mode. Through this button, you can quickly switch to the recently edited projects or directly go back to the relevant Mockplus Cloud projects.
  • Added a "Recently edited" category to gather all recently edited projects together for a better view and management.
  • Fixed other problems.
New in Apr
Released:  Apr 22, 2022
What's new
This time, Mockplus RP stands alone, allowing you to easily create, edit and manage your prototypes in an independent place. You can just easily publish your RP prototype to Mockplus Cloud for further sharing, commenting, collaborating and handoff. Your prototype pages can also be copied and pasted across different projects.
  • Support copying and pasting pages across different prototypes.
  • Support a standalone place to create, edit and manage your RP prototypes.
  • Added a new feature to publish your prototype to Mockplus Cloud, so you can just share it with your teammates, view specs, leave comments and handoff all deliverables just as before.
  • Support a new shortcut to quickly switch between different pages in the edit mode.
  • Support a new icon button to clear note content at once.
  • Improved the “Auto width” and "Auto height" features of text components.
  • Support moving the viewable area with the shortcut "Spacebar + Drag".
  • Fix: Your selected components may be unselected when trying to select and move multiple components by pressing "Shift".
  • Support dragging the link point of a component asset to create an interaction for it.
  • Improved the performance. You can now use many component assets at the same time without encountering any lag issues.
  • Added more mobile frames, like Huawei P40, Samsung and Xiaomi frames.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue that your note popup is partially displayed when it stretches out of the viewable area in Preview mode.
  • Fix: Fixed some editing issues of text components.
  • Fix: The Project Tree may incorrectly expand and collapse page nodes in Preview mode.
  • Fix: The note may be cut
  • Fix: The component may cover the content beneath when you enable the "Fix position when scrolling".
  • Fix: You may not unbold some text content.
  • Fix other problems.
New in Feb
Released:  Feb 18, 2022
What's new
This time, we've introduced 6 types of chart components, like Line, Radar and Bar charts, and new medical icons to simplify your prototyping.
  • Support finding and replacing text in your design.
  • Improved the line spacing setting. When you remove the number value, auto line space will be applied immediately.
Components and icons
  • Added 6 types of chart components, such as Line, Radar and Bar charts.
  • Added medical icons to simplify your prototyping.
  • Support continuously looping the content of your Content Panel, much easier to make carousels.
Connect mode
  • Improve the flowchart diagraming. You can now directly select a shape when dragging a connector, without having to select one from the left component panel as you did before.
  • Fix: Fixed the HTML prototype package too large issue. You can now download the package much faster.
  • Fix: You cannot zoom in or out of your page when you enabled the "Always on top" option of your interaction.
  • Fix: Your note popup may not be completely shown when it stretches outside the screen.
New in Jan
Released:  Jan 5, 2022
What's new
With this release, you can create a project in landscape orientation and use new chart components to create interactive data visualizations. The left design panel is also reorganized to help you check design pages, select components, icons, and assets without switching tabs again.
  • Added new chart components - Column chart and Pie Chart- to better visualize your data.
  • Improved the component and page notes. You can now easily add, view, and share notes of your component and page.
User interface
  • Reorganized the left panel. The components, icons, assets and design pages are listed in one panel. No need to switch tabs as before.
  • Support creating a mobile project in landscape orientation.
  • Support for a new reminder to guide users to link to a sub-artboard for creating interactions.
  • Provided more shape options on the property panel when you are using a shape component.
  • Improved the positioning strategy of the new sub-artboard. The newly-created sub-artboard is now not placed too far from your view area.
  • Fix: The interaction of your saved interactive component asset may not work when being reused.
  • Fix: The page interaction may not work in the Preview mode.
  • Fix other problems.