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Free Design Materials - 20 Spooky Halloween Design Materials for Your Inspiration

Oct 29, 2019


Today’s freebie is a set of 20 read-made Halloween designs for the spooky season arrived. Hope these little cure and spooky Halloween elements could bring you some inspiration for your website & mobile design.

The designs are separated in icons, mobile design, and website design.

We hope they can help you.

Enjoy it!


Halloween icons

1.Halloween icon

2. Halloween Icon Set

3. Cute Clipart: Halloween Attributes

4. Halloween icons set

5. Hand Drawn icons: Pumpkins

Halloween Mobile Designs

6. Halloween

7. Universal Studio - App Concept

8. Ready for Trick-or-Treating?

9. Halloween Dark Theme

10. TRIKR - Trick or Treating App

Halloween Website Design

11. Halloween 2018

12. Halloween Party [web]

13. Mocktober 2019 - Slipknot

14.Halloween landing page


16.Magique Home

17.Nisa Halloween

18.Trick or treat

19.Pindahouse Landing Page - Halloween Edition

20.Puppy Costumes Landing Page


20 Spooky Halloween Design Materials for Your

Size: 8.1M


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