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What Makes Mockplus Cloud Stand Out?

  • Precise, auto-synced specs & codes

    Mockplus creates detailed specs and CSS / OC / Swift / Android codes automatically, and helps connect designs with color and font variables for developers, saving teams hours of manual work. Designers can also note custom specs directly on the design, creating an agile design-developer handoff. All you need for deliverable handoff inside Mockplus is a single link. No more back and forth file sending around.

  • Smart assets ready for different platforms

    When you import designs from Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop and Figma, assets are automatically generated with different scales and formats, tailored for different platforms like Web, iOS and Android. You can download assets in one click at a 50% smaller size. The Android asset package can be labeled as "drawable" or "mipmap".

  • Review & comment from anywhere

    Powerful review and commenting features take collaboration to the next level. Review projects with your team simply by sending them a link. Pin comments and iterate your designs with instant feedback from your team, wherever they are. Rich commenting tools allow you to fully express your ideas visually.

  • Intelligent versioning

    In Mockplus, all revision histories are automatically generated in the background and any version can be scanned and restored as you wish. You can compare versions or pages side-by-side and locate changes quickly. Version control has never been so easy and secure.

  • Turn Static Designs into Working Prototypes

    After importing your static designs from Adobe XD, you can freely add lifelike interactions, transitions and animations to turn them into functional prototypes, so your entire team can share, test and evaluate them on real devices.

  • A comprehensive view of your project

    Organize your project with a birds-eye view. The Storyboard is where all of your pages are displayed at once, create user flows and navigation, along with giving artboards priority and status indicators. View and manage your whole project on one page.

  • Write & share your PRD in Mockplus

    Create your PRD online and share it with your team. Mockplus brings smart editing tools for you to insert everything your PRD needs from headings, to images, tables and even design pages. All revisions are automatically saved and your team can view the PRD anytime. PDF and Word documents can also be imported, viewed and shared.

  • Easy, secure team & project management

    Role-based access control is easy for everyone to manage projects and teams no matter the size. Teams and project activities are automatically tracked. For additional security, enterprises can get their own private cloud version to have full control of their data.


Generating Assets and Specs Automatically

Adobe XD Plugin

Requires Adobe XD 13 or later