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Mockup Plus Using Tips

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* Press “/”, “+” or use “Ctrl+Q” to set focus to the Quick Add input box immediately.

* Use LabelTextInput component to finish the combination of Label component and TextInput in one step.

* Click the “+” sign on the vertical bar between workspace and UI library to create a review.

* Select “Export SlideShow” from the “File” menu to export your design to slideshow, which can be directly ran in Windows without being supported by Mockup Plus.

* Use “Recent” tab in the UI library to find recently used components.

* Press “F1” to browse all shortcuts supported by Mockup Plus.

* Select one component, press “Alt” and then drag it to clone the component.

* Move mouse in workspace, a red select box will appear when the component gets selected.

* Hold “Ctrl” while clicking the mouse to select multiple components.

* In the “Remark ” tab in the Properties Panel, you can input remarks into each component.

* Mockup Plus supports Balsamiq Mockups components, and you can open bmml files by using “Open” in “File” menu.

* When you drag an iPad, iPhone, Tablet or phone component to workspace, the component will be automatically sent to back.

* Try every component with different properties setting—there are even more practical features.



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