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Blog > UX design > Five Major Points of Agile UX Design Process You Should Know

Five Major Points of Agile UX Design Process You Should Know


The speed of internet product development is faster than ever, requirements of the products are constantly upgrading, which has directly led to the increasing importance of user experience design. Meanwhile, lengthy design and development model have been unable to meet the needs of fast iteration. Agile Manifesto gives designers and developers more requirements and guidelines, but many designers unsure about what the agile UX design process is? This article will explain the five major points in the agile user experience design.

Step 1. Flat team

To analyze the agile UX design process, you must start with their team first. Agile UX design team is basically flat management team, the reason is very simple.

First, the command is communicated directly. Compared to layers of convection, direct orders can be more accurate and more effective, because transmission will somehow change the original meaning. The meaning of design is to convey the idea of expressing the designer with the people. If the design team members do not understand each other, then how do you let your users understand?

Second, the scope of control expanded. The flattened team saves a lot of middle steps, which make the leader easier to control the designers. The design team's cooperation process is not just a statement of ideas, it also needs to test. The flat team can make the problem more directly exposed to everyone's vision, the main designer or the leader could make the adjustments and corrections.

flat management

Step 2. Clear design plan

In the early stages of the design process, Agile design team needs to come up with a relatively complete design plan. This program needs to take a lot of aspects into consideration, it must ensure that design will not be easily delayed, or stagnated. In the design process, team need to strictly follow the plan, as in the prototype design needs to comply with certain principles. There are at least two points that we need to be concerned about of the design plan: One is a clear project tree, a good project tree can play a master of the overall effect. Second, the firm design principles, only to follow certain principles, to be able to determine the choice.

Step 3. Qualified Tools

For agile UX design process, simple and effective design tools are too important. In the agile design with high agility and mobility, if the choice of tools is not appropriate, it is easy to cause low efficiency.

In the image editing tools, Sketch stands out among many Mac applications with its lightweight work.

For the wireframing and prototyping tools, Balsamiq and Mockplus have more advantages. If the purpose is only the wireframe, Then the two tools will let you experience the fun of quick wireframing. If the design involves the interactions, Mockplus saves designers more time and gives them freedom with its smaller size and simpler visual work.

ux design tools

Step 4. More attention on iteration and creation

Agile UX design should pay more attention to iteration, not being perfect. The agile design itself is a speed-based design pattern, presenting product availability and value with producing the minimum valid product. To some extent, the agile UX design allows some adventurous attempts. Even if it fails, it still could fix the shortcomings in the shortest possible time because of its rapid design pattern. Only on the condition of following the the steps of agile user exp design and creation, there will be more possibilities for this product.

Step 5. More test

Testing is an essential step of agile UX design process. As agile design, it has cut a lot functions off, if the design lacks of testing, it will have a huge chance to be out of the reality. For the agile UX design testing, it mainly has two parts: minimum valid product testing and prototype testing. It seems that this is already the last step in the agile UX design process. But in fact, the test is another start of the UX design. Only though constantly breaking through, testing, and improving, can the agile UX design play a better role in product design and developing.

design testing

These are the main five points of agile UX design process. Agile design and developing are the trends of product development. Hopefully, it could help you to upgrade your design and developing level.

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