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20 Best Free iOS App Templates/Kits [PSD & Sketch & XD] in 2019

Mar 25, 2019

Mockplus team has collected the top 20 best iOS app templates from Dribbble. This list of templates will allow designers and developers to make their own iOS app designs in just a few minutes. All are free and you can click on links to free download.

These templates cover multiple categories:

Registration logins, navigations, guide pages, login pages, personal centers, multimedia, prototypes, social, e-commerce, and more.

So, let's take a look.

1. Sign In Project • 50 FREE iOS App Screens

Sign In Project • 50 FREE iOS App Screens

Designer: Jardson Almeida

This design project gathered 50 iOS app screens to help inspire designers. Theme: Sign in, Sign up, Ads and Onboarding experiences.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch
  • Screen size: iPhone 6 (750 x 1334)
  • Font family: San Francisco Display

Free Download

2. Mobile UI Kit&Free iOS screens

Mobile UI Kit&Free iOS screens

Designer: Volodymyr

A small mobile kit of high-quality iOS screens meant to make your design flow simple. It is easy to use and carefully assembled for Sketch. Each template is fully customizable. By designer Volodymyr.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

3. Shop iOS App - UI & Prototype

Shop iOS App - UI & Prototype

Designer: Tobia Crivellari

This is an iOS app design for a shop, created by designer Tobia.

The package includes:

  • 10+ UI Screen done in Sketch
  • Principle prototype (iPhone 6) source file
  • Video with all interactions

Free Download

4. Workflow App Template

Workflow App Template

Designer: Anny

Workflow is an automation tool that lets you create workflows for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch by dragging and dropping to combine elements.

  • Mobile System: iOS (iPhone 6/6s, iPhone7/8)
  • File format: Mockplus(MP file)

Free Download

5. TRUKS-Free Sketch UI Kit

TRUKS-Free Sketch UI Kit

Designer: Dylan Mullins

About:TRUKS is a free iOS 11 compatible, e-commerce UI kit by designer Dylan. Born from a project that was later sunset, the TRUKS UI is now available for Sketch — 100% free.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

6. Instagram App Template 2019

Instagram App Template 2019

Designer: WONDER

This is an update to one of the most popular and complete Instagram mockups for Sketch. In 2019 Instagram had major visual updates: a right drawer screen for menus items; separate business profiles; Instagram TV and much more. Thank you to WONDER for sharing this template.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch&PSD

What's new in this resource?

  • New screens
  • Improved layers structure for more comfortable use of the template
  • Added 3 advertising screens for client integrations
  • Added new icon set
  • Improved color scheme

Free Download

7. Wallet UI Sketch Resource

Wallet UI Sketch Resource

Designer: Akshay Salekar

This is a Free Payment App UI Kit, which enables you to send and receive money to your contacts and people nearby. It can also help you to manage your expenses by creating an expense log, so you don't lose track of your spendings.

The screens include:

Welcome, Security login, Home, Send money, Receive money, searching for nearby devices, profile, contact chat, paying money, manage money and add expenses.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch&PSD

Free Download

8. Amazon Refresh Design

Amazon Refresh Design

Designer: Lorenzo Perniciaro

Amazon is getting close to becoming an old and boring UI app, so designer Lorenzo redesigned these 3 screens with the goal of refreshing it a bit. Thanks Lorenzo for sharing his creative design ideas. If you like it, you can follow him on Dribbble.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

9. Gmail iOS App

Gmail iOS App

Designer: Ishan Madushka

UI Concept design for Gmail iOS App. Designer Ishan redesigns the UI to make it as simple as possible improving its functionality.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

10. iOS Wireframe Restaurant

iOS Wireframe Restaurant

Designer:Ahmed Mohammed Eldeeb

This is a high fidelity iOS Restaurant app created by designer Ahmed. It is very simple and clean. An ordering interface and search interface are included.

  • Mobile System: iO
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

11. Favicon/iOS icon template

Favicon/iOS icon template

Designer:Marco ten Donkelaar

About: iOS app icon templates of different sizes shared by designers Marco. It can be downloaded for free.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

12. Book App Concept

Book App Concept

Designer:Anant Bhadreshwara

A simple and clean online reading application. This template includes two main pages and an AE animation. It is a very creative app template with a smooth transition between animations.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Prd + Aep + Sketch

Free Download

13. Real Estate App Concept

Real Estate App Concept

Designer: Kishore

Here is a real estate app for all your real estate requisites, including home display screens, search, settings screens, etc.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

14. iNews App Concept

iNews App Concept

Designer: Kishore

A iOS free starter UI kit for Mobile News shared by Kishore. It's a super simple, neat News app that is practical with proper typography, color contrast, and legibility.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

15. Project Management App

Project Management App

Designer: M. Tayyab

It is an iOS Project Management App. It features Onboarding Screens For IOS and Adobe XD, including login and search screens.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Adobe XD

Free Download

16. Bromo-Social Mobile App Template

Social Mobile App Template

Designer: Faiz Al-Qurni

About: Bromo is a free social ios app template. Every screen is pixel perfect with a lot of attention to detail, and is really easy to customize. It can work for any type of social app and is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t have the budget to create an app from scratch.

The screens include Splash Screen, Login, Newsfeed, Friends, and Chat.

  • Mobile System: iOS (iPhone 6)
  • File format: PSD

Free Download

17. Race A Rich App Template

Race A Rich App Template

Designer: Saad

About: This is an Arabic-language app for rich people.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Adobe XD
  • Font used: Cairo

Free Download

18. App Icon Template

App Icon Template

Designer: Rahul Bhadauria

This is a free App icon template for personal and commercial use. It can be used to showcase your app to your clients.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

19. Bizwatcher Business App

Bizwatcher Business App

Designer: Crevatif

Here is a free UI kit for a business app design. It's designed by Crevatif for iOS devices using Sketch.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

Free Download

20. iPhone App Store Assets

iPhone App Store Assets

Designer: Alex

About: Since preparing iPhone screenshots for apps is very time-consuming, designer Alex made these iPhone App Store Assets to help you save your design time. You can click on the link for the free download.

  • Mobile System: iOS
  • File format: Sketch

It includes:

  • All iPhone sizes (3.5", 4", 4,7", 5.5")
  • White and black iPhones
  • Shared styles for backgrounds (color or image)
  • Instructions on how to apply your designs

Free Download

If you enjoyed these free iOS App Templates, please don’t hesitate to share them with your social networks. If you have a suggestion for the next edition of our free iOS App Templates collection, reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook.

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