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Top 25 User Flow Tools & Templates for Smooth UX

Nov 24, 2019 1637207

User flows, which define the paths that users can take to achieve their goals, improve both UX and business values of a website/app project.

That's why more and more companies/product teams are spending a lot of time and effort in designing better user flow diagrams for smooth UX sailing.

If you are working on user flow design your current project, here are 25 of the best user flow tools and templates that will help you create perfect user flows with ease.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a user flow
  • Why do you need a user flow
  • User flow vs user journey
  • How to create perfect user flows for smooth UX
  • 15 best user flow tools you should not miss
  • 10 best user flow templates and examples

What is a user flow? 

What Is User Flow

Before diving into the details, you should first understand what a user flow really means.

A user flow, also known as UX flow is the route that users follow to achieve a meaningful goal on your website/app. To create more enjoyable UX, a website/app is designed with different user flows for the same or diverse user goals.

Let's take a food delivery app as an example. It is often created with several user flows for customers to order desired food smoothly.

User flow 1:

User flow 2:

user flow 2

User flow 3:

user flow 3

These are perhaps the simplest and most comm user flows a food delivery app should have to enable customers to place an order successfully.

However, a food delivery app generally has far more user flows designed for different purposes, such as canceling a delivery order, tracking the delivery process and getting after-sale support.

Designers always use a user flow diagram to visually present all possible user flows.

Why do you need a user flow? 

Here are the main reasons a user flow is essential when creating a practical and functional website/app:

  • Visualize user needs intuitively. At the very early stage of website/app desig, the user flow diagrams can help you and your team present user needs more intuitively for better communication and testing.
  • Make the design handoff and development process easier. User flow diagrams are critical during the design handoff stage. With detailed user flow diagrams, developers can view any user flow to have a better understanding of the user needs and implement designs quickly.
  • Simplify the design testing process. At the final testing stage, product teams can easily follow the user flows to find potential problems, and see whether these flows meet user needs.

In short, to create a good website/app and UX, the user flow design cannot be ignored.

User flow vs user journey 

A user journey, also known as “customer journey”, refers to the scenarios where the users interact with your website/app. User journey focuses on providing solutions for user needs with detailed steps, including the smooth interactions, user emotions, copy designs and other aspects.

Both of user flows and user journeys help solve the problems of customers. However, user journeys focus more on the process of user experience while user flows concentrates on providing a smoother and more comprehensive process.

If you are still confusing about these two terms, check out this: User Journey Vs User Flow – Differences & Similarities.

How to create perfect user flows for smooth UX?

Step 1. User research

User flows are designed to help users achieve their goals. So, before you start to diagram a user flow, the first step is to know the users’ real goals. Doing some user researching is a good way for you to achieve that.

During the process, you should remember two things. One, exhaust all possible options to determine real users’ needs. Two, do not forget to check out your competitors and record the common user flows, especially the mainstream user flows of these websites/apps. You can use the data gathered for reference.

Step 2. Determine the target users

It doesn’t matter whether your design purposes are the same with your competitors or not, it is necessary for you to define your targeted users in advance. If possible, divide them into several groups so that you can plan the user flows for them separately.

Step 3. Sketch out user flow outlines for different user groups

After determining real user needs, you might get a slew of great ideas to solve their problems. Sometimes, old school is still best. Outline your user flows on paper. This is a convenient way for you to edit and iterate your ideas as needed.

Step 4. Use user flow tools to iterate, share and test your flows

Having good ideas is not enough. You need to turn them into reality, and the first step is to select a handy user flow tool to draw out your user flows, iterate, share and test them easily online with your team members.

Still do not understand how to actually create a user flow? Here is a video tutorial to help you with that:

The creator of this video tutorial, a UX designer, introduces how and why user flows are important for the workflow, how she creates a user flow step by step in her job. You'll find it very useful.

15 best user flow tools you should not miss 

If you are looking for a good user flow tool to draw out, iterate and share your user flows easily and quickly, here are 15 of the best user flow tools for you:

1. FlowMap - fast online user flow tool to outline your user flows

FlowMap is a simple online user flow tool to map out your customer journey paths and plan a better UX quickly for your website/app. It provides a full set of shapes, lines, icons and images to visualize your user flows or design ideas with simple clicks.

You can also share your user flow diagram with your partners or team members with a simple link.


  • Easy and fast to build a simple architecture of your user flow charts


  • Limited icons (only 80 icons)
  • Limited free project (1 project for free)

2. Wireflow - free , online and open source user flow tool

Wireflow is a free, online and open source tool for you to create beautiful user flow prototypes. It offers over 113 flows in 10 categories. You can also invite your team members and design the user flows online together.


  • Offer over 100 easy-to-use graphic/card designs
  • Offer rich user flow templates
  • Live chat to communicate design ideas with your team members
  • No Photoshop skills required


  • As an old and buggy project created by a digital agency, it is not updated frequently and the user experience is not as good as would want.

3. Mockplus - free and rapid design tool to build interactive user flows and prototypes within minutes

Mockplus is a free and rapid wireframing and prototyping tool for you to create interactive user flows, UI flows, interaction flows and even real-life prototypes with simple drag-and-drop.

It offers powerful UI and icon libraries, rich interactions and animations, enabling to map out your user flows and prototypes within minutes.

You can also create a collaboration project to edit, test, share and iterate your user flows and interactive prototypes effortlessly online with your entire product team in real-time.

It is an efficient tool for you and your team to plan user flows, design UIs and create interactive prototypes together online.


  • Everything can be done with simple clicks and drag-and-drop.
  • Provide over 200 ready-made components and over 3000 icons
  • Provide many website and app templates to fasten your design process
  • Share and preview your user flows anytime and anywhere
  • One link to share your user flows and get feedback
  • Sketch integration to import high-quality Sketch images
  • All registered users get a 7-day free trial to fully test the tool


4. Overflow – a playable user flow diagramming tool for designers

Overflow is a playable user flow diagramming tool. You can easily import web/app designs from Sketch/Figma/Adobe XD, then connect and animate them to present your user flow ideas with ease.


  • Sketch/Figma/Adobe XD integration to create beautiful user flow charts
  • Offer device skins to create more real user flow diagrams
  • Offer simple interactions and animations to present user flows


  • Only available for Mac OS.

5. MockFlow - Cloud based tool to brainstorm user flow ideas quickly

MockFlow is a cloud-based tool for you to easily visualize user flow ideas quickly. It provides a large library of components, icons, stickers and other shapes to bring your ideas into life, test, share and collaborate with your team members in real-time.

It is a good tool for you and your team to visualize and iterate your ideas at the brainstorming stage.


  • Provide a 3-month free offer
  • Integrate with some common collaboration and communication tools


  • Limited free version (1 UI project for free)

6. Timblee - online UX planning tool to create user flow diagrams easily

Timblee is an online UX planning tool for you and your team to create user flow diagrams and visual sitemaps for your web/app project. While mapping out your user flow diagram, you can easily click to choose a design screen, decision point, action and link to present your design ideas.

You can also share your user flows and sitemaps with others and get feedback instantly.


  • Provide many screen options to complete your user flows quickly
  • Add simple links and actions to animate your user flows
  • Comment right on your user flows for better iteration
  • Share your user flows via emails
  • Offer a 14-day free trial


  • No way to preview the user flows

7. Visual Paradigm Online Diagrams - online user flow software for websites

Visual Paradigm Online Diagram offers a large number of diagram templates for you to quickly draw out your user flow diagrams. If necessary, it is easy to build a user flow diagram from scratch by using its built-in screens, components, interactions and usage cases.


  • Provide hundreds of built-in screens, components and interactions
  • Offer a powerful editing tool to customize your user flow diagram


  • Limited free version

8. User Flows – a useful plugin to create user flows in Sketch directly

User Flows is a useful plugin for generating user flow diagrams from artboards directly in Sketch. If you do not want to download a different user flow tool, export and import your Sketch artboards to visualize your design user flow ideas, you will find this plugin is ideal.


  • Add links and conditional logics for two relevant artboards
  • Generate user flow diagrams with simple clicks
  • Show or hide artboard connections for better editing and viewing
  • Customize and export your user flow diagram with ease


  • Only available for Sketch yet.

9. Lucidchart – popular online user flow diagramming tool with over 500 templates

Lucidchart is a powerful visual diagramming tool that allows you to plan and diagram your user flow diagrams with simple drag-and-drop. It allows designers, developers and other product team members to communicate and collaborate on user flow projects online in real-time.


  • Create user flows, mind maps and software prototypes with ease
  • Offers over 500 diagram templates
  • Integrate with Google App, Confluence, and JIRA
  • Provide a 7-day free trials


  • Free diagram is limited to 60 objects

10. Cacoo – collaborative user flow diagramming tool to customize and share your user flows with ease

Cacoo is a handy collaborative user flow diagramming tool for you and your team to edit and iterate the same user flow diagram together. It offers powerful editors and rich diagram templates to present your user flow ideas clearly.

It is quite easy to learn and navigate for a new user.


  • Offers over 100 beautiful user flow diagram templates
  • Communicate, collaborate and track any user flow diagram freely online
  • Integrate with many widely-used tools, like Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Type Talk, etc.
  • Provide a 14-day free trial

11. – free Cloud based diagram tool to create and save any type of user flow diagrams in the Cloud is a free Cloud-based diagram tool that allows you to create and save unlimited number of user flow diagrams in the Cloud. As a professional diagram tool, it offers powerful features for you to create different charts, diagrams and flows with simple drag-and-drop for free.


  • Offer different diagram templates
  • Import diagram templates with a URL
  • Offer a powerful editor to customize your user flow diagram from scratch
  • Save your user flow diagrams to different Cloud services, such as the Google Drive, One Drive and more.


  • A Google Drive account is required to log in.

12. Omnigraffle – good user flow diagramming tool for Apple users

Omnigraffle is a diagramming tool for Apple users to create precise and beautiful diagrams and designs, including user flow diagrams, step by step. In comparison with common diagramming tools that allow you to connect shapes and screens to present your connection logics, this tool allows you to visualize your design ideas with the smallest design layers.

  • Registered users get a 14-day free trial.
  • Only available for Mac and iOS users.

13. Microsoft Visio – best user flow diagramming tool for Windows users

Microsoft Visio is a great diagramming tool created by well-known software giant, Microsoft. It is a good tool for you to visualize your user flow diagrams quickly by using its professional diagram templates sand shapes. Since its interfaces are very similar to Microsoft Office, it is also easy for you to explore and learn its features.

  • You can sign up and get a 30-day free trial before any purchase.
  • Only available for Windows users.

14. Smart Draw - smart online flowchart maker to create your user flows

Smart Draw is another web-based flowchart and diagram tool. It has two editions, desktop and online, for you create your desired user flow diagrams on any device anytime.

  • There are over 60 professional quick-start diagram templates for you to present your design ideas instantly.
  • Once registered, users get a 7-day free trial. So, never forget to fully try out all possible pro features before you decide to subscribe.

15. Gliffy – online diagramming software

Gliffy is another powerful online diagramming software that allows you to create user flow diagrams and other types of design diagrams and charts with simple drag-and-drop.

  • You can easily drag and drop shapes, templates and themes to complete your user flow diagram, collaborate and share with anyone.
  • It integrates with many other apps, including WordPress, Jira, Lucidchart, Confluence, Nuclino, etc.
  • And you can also enjoy a 14-day free trial after registration.

In short, we hope these tools will help visualize user flows as fast as you come up with ideas and help you test, share and collaborate with your teams effortlessly.

10 best user flow templates and examples 

If these user flow tools are not what you're looking for, here are 10 of the best and latest user flow templates and examples which just might be what you need to ignite that spark of inspiration:

1. BBS Sounds User Flow Diagram Example

BBS Sounds User Flow Diagram is a user flow concept that the designer builds for the famous BBC Sounds app. It is clean, simple and user-friendly.

If you are working on a music or radio app, this user flow diagram can be a good example for you.

2. User Flow Example of a Fintech Product

User Flow Example of a Fintech Product showcases a simple user flow diagram created for a Fintech Product.

If you are working on a Fintech product, don't forget to check out the the designer's Behance account to read more about the project details, including the colors, illustrations, typography and branding, etc.

3. Sitemap Example for Student Guide

Student Guide sitemap showcases the student guide flow of a website and is another good example for you to design a smooth user flow for a student or educational page of your next project.

4. Greyhound UX Flowchart Free Sample

Greyhound UX flowchart offers 108 flowcharts and many other design components, such as the commonly-used arrows and actions.

5. Free Flowchart Kit for Sketch

This freebie contains many essential elements for you to create simple user flows easier and faster. All of these elements are customizable. You can freely change the heights, widths and colors, and even rotate or animate them to suit your design.

6. Free User Flow Diagram Template

This free user flow diagram template is made for Sketch and about 128 KB. You can directly download and use all blocks and arrows to create your desired user flow diagrams as quickly as possible.

7. Sketch Sitemapping User Flow Template

This template provides 65 desktop layouts and page templates, a full set of pre-made arrows and symbols, and other essential elements for you to create your own user flow diagrams and sitemaps with ease. You can also change text styles and colors in one place, and apply the changes throughout the files in one click.

8. Website Flowcharts for Illustrator

This flowchart package includes 63 minimal wireframes and other flowchart elements in both AI and EPS formats. You can easily get all the pages, lines and labels to create your own user flow diagrams quickly with drag-and-drop.

9. Mobile Flowchart for Illustrator

If you are looking for a mobile user flow template, Mobile Flowchart for Illustrator is a good one. It contains 66 fully customizable minimal wireframes and flowcharts in both AI and EPS formats. With this template, it takes only minutes for you to visualize your user flows, UI flows and layouts of a mobile app.

10. Page Flows Website

This website lists a full set of tutorial videos for you to learn and design a better user flow design from existing products in all categories. It is a good place for you to get inspiration if you get stuck.


1. What is UI flow?

UI flow helps visualize the ways users interact with web/app interfaces. Unlike user flows which focus on creating a smooth path to help users achieve a goal, including the relevant interfaces, interactions and the logical relations, etc, UI flow emphasizes motion designs that users follow to achieve a goal.

2. What is a user journey map?

A user journey refers to the scenarios that users may find themselves in as they interact with your website/app. And a user journey map helps present all the user journeys of a website/app. To showcase how a customer can go through your website step by step, as well as interact with your interface under different scenarios, at least one diagram is used.

3. How do I create a user journey map?

After doing enough user research, there are various customer journey mapping tools that can help you create a user journey easily and quickly, such as Canvanizer, UXPressia, Snaply, etc.

Want to know more detailed steps? Watch this video tutorial:

This video tutorial introduces the concept of a customer journey map and illustrates how to create one step by step.

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