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12 Best Website Mockup Templates and Mockup Tools in 2018

Mockplus Team 464099 Views

A hand picked list of 12 best free website mockup templates with high quality to help on inspirations. Bonus is the best mockup tools for website building.

The website design is the best way to reflect the professionalism of a web designer, no matter for interviews or showcase. An excellent website mockup will be a margin of job hunting and an advantage to win clients. Whether your website mockup design could be eye-catching to delight your clients, or it has great interaction design or visual effect. These factors are important for designers.

In the initial stage, the prototype/wireframe/mockup design must be a key step in web design. A proper presentation will help to explain design ideas. How to make a good website mockup, and where to obtain website mockup inspiration from?

Here, Mockplus has put together some well-designed and high-quality free website mockup for you, which may provide some ideas for your next website design.

Website Mockups for Free

In the learning phase, beginners are always looking for sites to get the free website mockup template as their first choice for reference. Here we offer a number of free web mockup templates for you, and don't miss!

1. Amcharts - Website Mockup for tools site


Reference:landing page design

Amcharts is a website as well as a company that develops and provides JavaScript Charts and maps libraries. It is also a good JavaScript/HTML charts development tool with good compatibility, which can meet most development needs.

In this template, firstly, it has very excellent floating navigation bars and footers. In terms of interactive effects, it uses Scroll Box and Popup Panel components of Mockplus, a mockup tool, to show/hide its pages and menu options.

2. Dribbble - Website Mockup for the design community


Reference: layout of multi-graphics and multi-links

Dribbble is an online design platform that offers services for creators, artists, designers and more people who make creative design works. As one of the best online design platforms, it not only showcases many useful sources and links to creative design works, and also stands outs for excellent graphics combination and neat layouts.

You can learn how to deal with multi-graphics and multi-links in this website mockup template, as well as the graphic and text integration, web page layout mode of graphic links. The pages that can be referenced are the homepage, designer page, job search page, etc.

3. BBC - Website Mockup for News site


Reference: Layout of information typesetting

BBC is the largest news broadcaster in the UK. As a news website, it mainly displays different news instead of fancy contents.

You can learn the layout of information typesetting. The pages that can be referred to are the homepage, news page, weather page, video page and so on.

4. Shopify - Website Mockup for the e-Commerce site


Reference: Layout of e-Commerce information

As a typical online e-commerce platform, Shopify not only provides professional e-Commerce website construction services but also conducts e-Commerce based on social networks. That is, sellers could sell products on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other mainstream social networking platforms through Shopify.

In this template, it mainly displays the design of landing page, homepage, sales method page, price page, blog page and so on. It is one of the unmissable templates to get the inspiration for creative and beautiful e-Commerce website design from my point of view.

Related: E-commerce UI Kit Free Download

5. edX - Website Mockup for education site


Reference: List view layout

edX is an online course website that offers students from all over the world with online college courses in various disciplines, including some free courses. You can see the components of this templates are mainly pictures, texts, and icons. The logic is clear, concise and intuitive.

The main pages of this mockup template are Homepage, Course List page, Course Details page, Program page, About page. Which is suitable for websites of educational institutions or online courses. Especially, the design of the course introduction page is particularly worth learning.

6. Pexels - Website Mockup for picture site


Reference: Waterfall flow design of pictures

Pexels is a high-solution photo download site that provides free stock photos for users all over the world and updates new photos every week.

In this template, The home page uses a floating design. The menu bar and the bottom bar are suspended in a fixed position and the content area is scrollable. Pictures in the homepage are arranged in a waterfall stream, with multiple pictures scrolling. The included pages are: Browse page, Download page, Registration page, Landing page.

Download Mockplus to get all these website mockups above!

Website PSD Perspective Mockups

The website mockup with perspective effects allows designers to display design layout from different perspectives, making the design look more like a real product than a static model.

7. Perspective Website Mockup

Prespective website mockup

Reference: Isometric angle switching

This perspective website mockup is a simple model that can show your work in a perspective presentation. This PSD mockup allows you to switch designs at an isometric angle. Whether you need one page or more, you can change the number of views in the template.

8. Perspective Website PSD Mockup

Perspective Website PSD Mockup

Reference: Smart objects support to change side appearance, background

This case demonstrates a web design template with a perfect and unique perspective. Diverse layer design and eye-catching visual experience make the design full of the sense of high-class. By automatically changing the background with smart objects, the template could show in a perspective way automatically.

9. The Screens Perspective PSD Mockups

The Screens Perspective PSD Mockups

Reference: Support for shadows, resizing

The Screens is a website mockup PSD for free used by designers on Behance and Dribbble to showcase their projects. High-resolution visual effects make it extremely contemporary. As a smart perspective PSD mockup, you can easily add your own design to smart layers for easy shadowing, resizing, screen editing, and custom backgrounds.

10. Misocial – Free Website PSD Mockup Template


Reference: Smart objects + Google fonts

MISocial is a free website PSD mockup template for music site which is well received and highly shared by Behance users. It can help many people create new websites more easily and quickly.

“We have crafted seven pages that contain the essential elements for the development of a new website. These images are free and included in smart objects. The font we use is free Google fonts.”

11. Free Isometric Website Mockup

Free isometric mock-up for website

Reference: Isometric perspective

This website template aims to present your web screenshots in an elegant, unique and attractive way. It consists of isometric Smart objects so that you can incorporate your unique design into 2 models. With a perspective view, and the files are layered by smart objects, which means that you can use the template by customizing the elements of the page yourself.

12. Perspective Presentation Web Mockup

Perspective Presentation Web Mockup

Reference: Theme customization

This template provides a close-up of a perspective on your website design with a high resolution of 3000×2000px. Besides, it can be completely layered smart objects and change backgrounds, so that you can customize different themes. It also includes a pre-designed template to help you get started quickly.

Bonus: 4 Free Website MockupTools

In this part, it will answer you how to design a good website mockup. On this issue, it depends on the selection of website mockup tools. As a preliminary work, the mockup can be designed in low and high fidelity and can be designed quickly and slowly. Here are 3 best free website mockup design tools for you.

1. Mockplus - Simple and Fast Website Mockup Design Tool

As a desktop tool, Mockplus has an outstanding performance in prototype/wireframe design. Compared to other online mockup tools, Mockplus not only excels in static mockups but also has unique and unparalleled advantages in interactive design.

Its newly released Repeater and Data Auto-fill features are very convenient for the multi-text layout examples mentioned above, such as Dribbble. With this feature, designers can quickly fill in: names, dates, text (sentences or paragraphs) and emails, text types, common avatars (realism/cartoons), office, food, and other high-definition images. It saves designers a lot of time to find materials.

repeater create

2. Moqups - Online Mockup Tool

Moqups is a great, free HTML5 application that lets you create a simple wireframe, solid model, and UI concepts. The program is very simple to use, built-in templates can be used directly (templates include radio buttons, links, image placeholders, text boxes, and sliders, etc.). The disadvantage is that it can only create static web page presentations and cannot perform dynamic operations in actual presentations.

3. Mockingbird - Online Mockup Tool

Mockingbird is another popular web-based wireframe application that contains some powerful features for linking and sharing your web page model. Mockingbird allows you to use the drag and drop editor to quickly create an interface.

4. IDoc - Online Mockup Tool

iDoc is an online mockup tool for high fidelity clickable website mockup building. It's collaboration feature allows designers to collaborate with developers and other designers by sending instant notifications. That saves a lot on communication and time cost.

website mockup tool - idoc


Just take away all the website mockup templates and the mockup tools, start your design right now!



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