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Blog > Design and Prototyping tools > Wireframe VS Mockup: Which One is Your Best Choice?

Wireframe VS Mockup: Which One is Your Best Choice?


Conceptual confusion often brings a lot of trouble to designers and some people who are related to design. For example, wireframe and mockup are called the prototype. Is the wireframe different from prototype? What’s the difference of wireframe VS mockup? Which one is your best choice?

To get a clear understanding of these issues, you have to figure out what is wireframe, and what is mockup? This article respectively introduces the wireframe and mockup from their definition and advantages. Wireframe VS Mockup, you will find which one is more suitable for your design.

What is Wireframe?

Usually, we compare the wireframe to the blueprint for a building. Why do we describe it like this?

The wireframe is able to express the outline of a design, the overall structure and the key elements. It is generally composed of simple lines and graphics. It shows the user interface in black, blue or grey. Wireframe VS mockup, wireframe pays more attention to the content rather than the form. It seems like the blueprint of a building.

what is a wireframe?

Wireframe vs mockup: What are the advantages of wireframe?

1. Easy to communicate

A wireframe is a good way to communicate. It can reduce the communication barriers between you and the customer. You can make a simple wireframe and mark where you set the interaction design. Then show customers your product through this wireframe. The conversation between you will be more relaxing and happier.

2. Fast to build

Draw a prototype with a wireframe, fast to outrageous. You don’t have to pay attention to the details when you draw a wireframe. The whole wireframe only needs to express the framework and design ideas. The color usually adopts the classic blue, gray and black. You don't have to spend a lot of time choosing a picture. It's OK to use placeholders and simple text.

3.Spend less

Pay attention to the speed of the prototype at the same time, the wireframe also spend less. The cost of the wireframe is zero because it only needs a piece of paper and a pen. Besides, it is also a good choice to use some free wireframe tools.

A Tip: Here are 5 best free wireframe tools for you to make a wireframe of mobile app.

1. Paper prototyping

2. Balsamiq

3. Mockplus


5. Justinmind

What is mockup?

If the wireframe is compared to the construction blueprint, then Mockup is a model house. A mockup can express not only the information of the product, but also the rich visual design. As a static high-fidelity graph, it shows the final results of the product more realistically.

what is mockup?

Wireframe vs mockup: What are the advantages of mockup?

1. Rich Visual Details

Mockup pays more attention to the appearance of the product, embedded in a wealth of visual elements. Due to it focus on graphics, color, and layout. It gives customers a better visual experience.

2. Easy to understand

Both developer and user can understand the mockup and know the product well.

3. Higher simulated degree

Wireframe vs mockup, the mockup is closer to the final product.

4. Review product

A mockup can be reviewed by the members of the group in a visual angle. You can optimize it based on their suggestions.

5. Easy to use

You don’t have to write code to create a mockup. You Just need make it by some design tools. If you haven't used a visual design tool, here's a list of them you can have a try.

1. Invision

2. Flinto

3. Webflow

4. Mockupr

Wireframe vs mockup: which is better for you? I think it’s not a real problem. After comparing the advantages of wireframe and mockup. You must have a choice in your heart. Actually, no matter is wireframe or mockup. Only if it can express your design well. It deserves to choose.

Note: This article mainly introduces the advanteges of wireframe and mockup. After reading you will find a truth. Wireframe VS mockup: They are different stages of prototyping.

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