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B2B Website Design: 26 Best Examples, Templates & Ideas

Feb 11, 2022 233989

Effective web design is crucial to any business in this network era. Creating an effective B2B website has become the primary marketing tool for online B2B stores, companies and startups to attract, educate and persuade visitors to buy. 

If you are looking for ideas and inspirations to design or improve your B2B website, we've picked 26 of the best examples, templates and tips to help bring your design project to a whole new level. 

Table of Contents

  • What is B2B website design 

  • How to design and improve your B2B website

  • Best B2B website design examples & templates

  • B2B website design best practices

What is B2B website design?

A B2B (Business to Business) website is a place where one business is selling products, services or information to another business or website. And B2B website design is the process of designing a website to bring more traffic to your product or services and tends to generate more leads for your B2B business. 

A good B2B website design is not only ranked high on Google to direct more visitors to the web, but also includes the following features: 

  • easy-to-use navigation

  • neat layout and structure for better scanning and searching 

  • informative content that introduces all products and services accurately

  • compelling visuals that attain visitors as soon as they enter your web 

  • enticing CTA buttons to generate sales

  • immersive interactions and experiences

Zendesk b2b website designAn effective B2B website design is essential for your ecommerce business to attract, engage and convert more visitors into valuable leads over the internet.

How to design or improve your B2B website

A good B2B website helps nurture leads and increase revenues effectively. That makes most of the new B2B businesses or stores first craft an effective website design before they actually start the business online.
However, designing a workable B2B website can be difficult. To help you and your team remove all doubts, misunderstandings and disputes, you may choose the right tool to first visualize your ideas, demonstrate, test and iterate with your team together. Here, we've picked three of the most widely-used tools that you may try:

  • Sketch - a vector drawing tool that can help you visualize all your web interface details with beautiful visuals. It creates static B2B web designs and allows you to better demonstrate your ideas to other teammates and stakeholders. This tool focuses on designing only. 

  • Mockplus - a collalborative design tool that allows you to create a fully interactive B2B website prototype. It provides built-in ecommerce web design components, icons and templates to help you create your own web that looks like the real thing. A single link is all you need to share your prototype, review and leave comments on the prototype, test with your team and iterate together in one place. This tool focuses on both designing and collaborating, suitable for teams of any size. Free Business Website Template   A free B2B ecommerce web design template made by Mockplus.
  • Google Web designer- a web design tool that allows you to create web design with HTML5 content. It is a good tool for small teams or startups that don't have a developer pr development team involved to create a B2B website.

Best B2B website design examples & templates

If these design tools are not helpful, we've handpicked 25 of the best design examples and templates that feature brilliant visual designs, compelling content, innovative interactions, animations or ideas, and more. Let's see what you can learn from them to improve your B2B business web design and brand: 

Best B2B web design examples that visitors love

1.Air Ocean Cargo 

                 Air Ocean Cargo website design       

Air Ocean Cargo is a company that offers all clients tailored logistic services. Its online B2B website features an amazing brutalism design, using brilliant big hero typography, mouse sensitive menus and auto-changing images to attract visitors. 

When entering the website, visitors can easily put on the earphone and scroll down the page to view contents and, meanwhile, rock with the background music. The page content, like some gifs and images, also changes in the same beat of the music, just like rocking with the music as well. 

Furthermore, there is a simple button allowing visitors to switch between a dark and light mode freely. 

2.Love Yourself Org

                 Love Yourself Org website design       

Love Yourself Org, seriously speaking, may not be a good example of B2B websites, but has very stunning visual designs that you should not miss out. It has a bold design style and uses bright colors, different shaped graphic frames and cards, and beautiful illustrations to grab visitors' attention. 

A product showcasing and purchasing section makes it a good reference that you should check to improve your business website. 

3.Ronin Amesterdam 

                  Ronin Amesterdam website design

Ronin Amesterdam is a digital agency that offers all companies and businesses around the world campaign- and branded interface design. Its home page takes the entire screen and uses a full-screen background video to present its brand and design works, showcasing their design talent straightforward. 

A large amount of negative space on the page also makes the two CTA buttons stand out, encouraging visitors to click to read more information. 

4.Limbo Studio 

                 Limbo Studio website design       

In web design, less often means more. This Limo Studio, an online digital design studio, follows the same design principles and use brilliant minimal design to attract visitors. It uses a wide range of eye-catching gifs, creative graphics and shapes and mouse-hover animations to give visitors an immersive user experience. 

The navigation bar that always sticks on the top also helps visitors switch to other web pages wherever they are. 

5.Tech Target 

                 Tech Target website design style       

Traditional B2B websites sell tangible products like a machine, cargo and so on. And differently, this website offers intangible insight-powered solutions for clients from different countries and regions.

To ensure that people from different regions and countries can get what they need quickly, this website allows visitors to select a region and then locate to that region step by step further to offer more specific information. This kind of design is really effective to provide visitors with an immersive experience. 


                 MOO homepage website design       

Moo offers online business printing and design services for customers. Its online website features a powerful navigation menu that even incorporates sliders to showcase high-rating products. The tree-like structure makes it easy for visitors to quickly find their desired items and products. 

The card format designs are all over the web page, showing the information of a single product in a clean and neat layout, and don't affect each other to cause any confusion. 

This website would be a good example telling you how to design a B2B website with a large amount of content. 


                 Mailchimp homepage design       

Mailchimp is a well-known mailing service brand. Its online website makes itself stand out for beautiful visuals and distinctive illustrations. The way to introduce all services with images also makes it easy for visitors to understand. The white and light-yellow background draws visitors' focus on the page content. 


                 Packlane homepage design

Packlane provides all customers with custom boxes and packaging services. Its website uses a flat design style that often loads faster and directly uses a video to show you how to create a custom package for your brand or product step by step. 

Its mouse-sensitive effects and beautiful colors help create an immersive visual feast. The FAQ section at the bottom of the web page remove visitors' doubles, encouraging them to place an order there quickly. 


                 Tungco website design       

Tungco is a company that specializes in tungsten carbide scrap from different industries. Its online B2B website has a stunning modern industrial wind. The dark images, colors, backgrounds make white and red text content stand out, delivering the product information clearly. 

Its navigation menu has been simplified into a ruler-like sidebar and will show all text items instantly when you hover over it. A great navigation idea that you can use in your next project. 


                 Buffer business website design       

Buffer offers perfect solutions to manage your social media for a better marketing outcome. 

Its home page uses a minimal design to deliver the page messages. Visitors can easily trigger its brief introduction video with a simple click and watch it in an independent mode. Unless visitors manually close the video popup, it will not be closed. 

A good way that you can also use to encourage users to complete the task you want your web visitor to do. 

The parallax scrolling design also make visitors focus on the page content without distractions. 

11.Reputation Squad 


Alt: Reputation Squad 

Reputation Squad is a digital agency that helps craft solutions for companies to win conversations. Its online website uses a horizontal scroll to point out the importance of conversations and has compelling 3D figures to entice visitors. The VR-like effects also make it stands out from others easily. 

12.The Digital Panda

                 The Digital Panda website design       

The Digital Panda is a modern creative agency aiming to help companies turn dreams into realities as well as create amazing products. Its web design is like coming from dreams and uses cool an image gallery to show off all its design cases. A variety of mouse-hover effects, animations and transitions also enrich user experience. 

The dark theme also makes it more mysterious and fancy for visitors to explore. 

13.Dore Partnership 

                 Dore Partnership       

Dore Partnership is a global executive search & advisory firm offering search services to help global companies and busineses succeed. Its website uses cohesive animations to guide visitors to scroll down to the bottom of the web page. The 3D images and number facts also make the entire page more persuasive. 

14.Pulse 220

 Pulse 220 website design                     

Pulse 220 helps nationwide companies build events, meetings and live marketing programs. Its home page uses sidebar navigation with a unique shape to guide users through the website. The video background also shows the scenes of the events they've planed, giving visitors actual proves to gain their trust quickly. 

15.Yap Stone

 Yap Stone                       

Yap Stone provides online and mobile payment solutions for different companies and businesses. Its online website crafts unique illustrations to introduce its services and has clear CTA buttons to persuade visitors to take an action. The modern animations and designs create an immersive experience.  

Best B2B web design templates that help designers save time

16.Angro Ecommerce B2B Website Template 

 Angro Ecommerce B2B Website Template                       

Price: $59

Angro is a fully-packed website template suitable for all wholesale, B2B, B2C stores and marketplaces. It is fully responsive and has pre-built theme demos and product page types and four marketplace plugins to help you get started quickly. 

Read more

17.HTML5 B2B Website Template

  HTML5 B2B Website Template                     

Price: $14

This HTML 5 website template is a multipurpose template. It modern and professional look makes it a perfect tool to help you create business, finiance, consulting, B2B and B2C websites. It is extremely easy to customize and can be used on different mobile devices. With this template, you can use four homepage variations, including a video slider, smooth transition effects, and other unique effects and functionality to present your design ideas with ease. 

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18.Susie Web Template 

 Susie Web Template b2b website design                     

Price: $49

Susie is a colorful and stylish children Shopify theme template that costs $55. Get it now and you can save another $6 immediately. 

As a website template designed for children's products, this template has bright colors, eye-catching images and product carousels, and clean and neat grid layouts. 5 different styles of Mega menus make it easy for you to navigate visitors around your B2B website. 

There are also modal popups that can help you collect visitors' emails and signups to generate more leads.

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19.GeoBin Digital Marketing Agency Web Template

   GeoBin Digital Marketing Agency Web Template                     

Price: $31

GeoBin is a flat WordPress theme for SEO, business, corporate and B2B websites. It brings 10 unique homepages, 8 header styles and 30 addons. If you need a one-page website template, GeoBin also offers one-page variations to meet your needs. The one-click installation, drag-and-drop page builder and fully compatible and responsive designs make it super easy to create your own B2B website.

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20.Mogh Creative Agency HTML Template

 Mogh Creative Agency HTML Template                       

Price: $14

Mogh is a fully responsive HTML template for digital agency, design studio, B2C and B2B websites. It offers 3 beautiful homepages, a brilliant parallax scroll and an eye-catching flat design style. It works perfectly on different mobile devices, such as iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone X, iPad and Samsung S9. Once you've purchased, you can enjoy a free support lifetime. 

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21.Brave HTML Website Template 

 Brave HTML Website Template                       

Price: Start with $ 59

Brave is a multipurpose website with hundreds of ready-made blocks and elements. With up to 100-premade pages, 10 unique navigation and footer styles and parallax scrolling designs, this template is super easy for anyone, even a design starter can get started to create his/her own B2B website with drag-and-drop or clicks. Its SEO-friendly coding makes it easy to attract more traffic to your website. 

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22.Aprova Responsive HTML 5 Website Template

  Aprova Responsive HTML 5 Website Template                     

Price: $19

Aprova is a clean and modern website template for different businesses, startups and B2B themes. It brings over 30 live demos and 100 inner pages for you to show your products and shine your brand with ease. 

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23.Bank Finance Bootstrap 4 Website Template 

       Bank Finance Bootstrap 4 Website Template                 

Price: $59

This Bootstrap website template is fully responsive and offers everything you need to create a fantastic financial website quickly. Its full-screen slider helps explain the key services and has noticeable CTA buttons to encourage visitors to take an action. The powerful navigation system makes it easy for new visitors to get what they need quickly. 

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24.Lege Grocery Store Website Template 

  Lege Grocery Store Website Template                     

Price: $70

Lege is a modern and lightweight grocery store web template with 41 premade pages. They all are fully customizable and allows you to make your own business website with ease. The powerful sidebar navigation helps visitors save lots of time in finding the right item quickly. 

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25.SuperIt HTML Website Template


Price: $29

SuperIt is a website template for IT solutions, software, technology and other company themes. Two home page demos, 18 inner pages and hundreds of blocks and elements are offered to visualize your design ideas. It is fully responsive on all devices, and has clear grid layouts, bulleted lists and eye-catching CTA buttons to help you generate leads. 

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26.Th Shop mania

Th Shop mania

Th Shop mania is a site builder based eCommerce WordPress theme. It has a modern and minimalist design which will help you in creating any type of shopping website. It has a stylish Homepage design for listing premium products and high-end experiences. This beautiful theme will provide all the necessary functionality, all wrapped up in a fully modern and stylish design.  Theme is integrated with WooCommerce & Th Variation Swatches plugin and lead form builder plugin which will help you in designing a perfect Online Store.

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B2B web design best practices

To design a B2B website that drives conversations, you may also follow the best practices: 

1.Research your target audience

Every customer is different. Their needs also vary. To ensure every detail of your web design right meets the needs of your customers, you and your team should first research your target audience and know what they want to get from your B2B website. 

2.Make your website responsive 

79% of people around the world makes a purchase online using their mobile phones. And the number keeps growing as more and more people are browsing and shopping through mobile devices. To reach far more potential customers, you may make your website fully responsive. So, no matter which devices your customers use to access your website, they can quickly get what they want as soon as possible. Keep user experience in your mind anywhere. 

And some responsive web design tools can help you save time and efforts. 

    Make Your Web Design Responsive                   

3.Brand your website 

Inconsisitent elements make it difficult for visitors to remember and recognize your brand, and sometimes, may put a nagative impact on your business growth. So, using consistent brand elements, like colors, components, logos, images and so on, is one of the keys to build a solid brand image among visitors. 

To ensure that your entire team and company uses and shares the same brand elements, creating a consistent design system together is crucial before you start to do any web design

4.Use storytelling 

Every brand has a story to tell. To make visitors quickly remember who you are and what products or services you are trying to bring, use the storytelling techiniques to differentiate your brand from others. 

                 Use a Mascot to Tell the Story of Your Brand       

HostGator web hosting providers uses a cartoon alligator mascot to introduce the service information, and convey trustworthy, honesty and loyalty brand image.

For instance, you may humanize your product or brand as a cute mascot to more intuitively deliver your brand message and introduce your products or serivces. Or you may check these web storytelling examples and templates to get inspiration. They will surely give you some vision about how to create amazing storytelling website. 

5. Use reviews and testimonials

To gain the trust of visitors as soon as they enter your B2B website, you may spare a special section to offer some social proof, like some reviews and testimonials from renowned real users. Also use clear card layout, avatars and even sliders to better showcase all revews and testimonials. 

However, designing a workable B2B website can be difficult. Here is a more complete B2B best practices guide to help you and your team remove all doubts, misunderstandings and disputes.

Wrap Up 

An engaging and high-converting B2B ecommerce website offers a platform for visitors to read more product and service information, and also works a great tool to attract and persuade visitors to buy a product as soon as possible. 

If you are working on a B2B website design project, we hope this collection of the best exampels, templates, and tips would give you inspiration to create a better design for your B2B business. 

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