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Top 30 Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Templates in 2020

Mar 31, 2020

The significance of dashboards has been sharply increasing in recent years. It is one of the best ways for business or website owners to view information, manage their business, access data, and get analyses. Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework that can give web developers or designers a basic structure. So to help you create a dashboard efficiently, Mockplus has carefully picked 30 of the best free Bootstrap admin templates and Bootstrap dashboard templates for your inspiration. 

1. Material Dashboard Pro  

Material Dashboard PRO is a Premium Material Bootstrap 4 Admin template based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework. It comes with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design and is packed with multiple third-party plugins. It features components that are built to fit perfectly with each other and its general layout resembles sheets of paper. 

Download free

2. Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Bootstrap Dashboard Template is an excellent template coded by Andy. It is the perfect tool for a social development environment. It comes with a great number of weights, UI elements, Bootstrap forms and sample pages. It is fully responsive and you can easily customize it to add a look and feel that fits your needs.

Download free

3. Argon Dashboard React

Argon Dashboard React is a Dashboard created using Bootstrap 4, React and Reactstrap. It has been made with create-react-app. It is open source so you can use it in your next project free of cost. It features a number of fully coded components whose color can be varied and be easily modified using SASS files.

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4. Dashboard

Dashboard is a very good-looking Bootstrap dashboard coded by Benjamin. It is based on CSS grid and Flexbox with Highcharts and SparklineJS. It is very simple to use and features a highly responsive, flexible structure and layout.

Download free

5. Argon Dashboard PRO

Argon Dashboard PRO is a premium dashboard created using Bootstrap 4. It is intuitive, adaptive, and easy to customize because it is built on the newest re-built from scratch framework structure. All its cool features will help you create projects at a whole new level.

Download free

6. Creative Dashboard

Creative Dashboard is a responsive dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4. It is probably one of the most beautiful, clean, and creative dashboards which you shouldn’t miss. It comes with a number of options like icons, table lists, typography, and maps.

Download free

7. Vue Black Dashboard Pro

Vue Black Dashboard Pro is a beautiful Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard. It is actually the extended version of Black Dashboard PRO, which we will introduce next. It has 2 versions: Dark and Light Mode. Both of them combine colors that are easy on the eye. It also features spacious cards, beautiful typography, graphics, multiple components and plugins, and numerous examples of how it can be used.

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8. Bootstrap Dashboard Example

Bootstrap Dashboard Example is designed and coded by Elena Wiener. It is a typical Bootstrap dashboard that includes almost all the features you might need without the unnecessary elements that may increase the difficulty of customization.  

Download free

9. Black Dashboard

This is a free bootstrap 4 admin template that comes with 16 handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins and 7 example pages. You can easily modify the color of all components using SASS files. It is a great tool to manage and visualize data about your business.

Download free

10. Argon Dashboard

This is a lightweight, fast and scalable Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard built using ASP.NET Core framework. It features a huge number of fully coded components that can help you create amazing websites. It also has complex documentation that describes each element in detail.  

Download free

11. Bootstrap Dashboard

Bootstrap Dashboard is coded by Derek Fletes. It is a simple yet powerful dashboard template that features a number of UI elements, widgets, and forms. It comes with flat design characteristics that can help you create beautiful user interfaces. It is fully responsive and easy to customize.

Download free 

12. Bootstrap Dashboard for Spotify

Bootstrap Dashboard for Spotify is coded by Phillipi Alves. It is a Bootstrap Dashboard specially designed for Spotify users. It has many amazing and useful features such as Tracklist, Search option, Comments area, and Console. It is fully responsive and easy to use.

Download free

13. Ghc-client-bootstrap-dashboard

Ghc-client-bootstrap-dashboard is coded by Simon Bönisch. It is a dashboard for monitoring weather. There are dials and line charts for displaying temperature, humidity, and soil moisture.

Download free 

14. Vue Paper Dashboard

Vue Paper Dashboard is a beautiful resource built using Bootstrap and Vue. It is a Vue ported version of the Original Paper Dashboard coded by Cristi Jora. It combines Vue.js components, plugins, and a set of example pages. In addition, it is built using the same design language as Paper Kit.

Download free

15. Now UI Dashboard

Now UI Dashboard is a beautiful, easy-to-use, light, responsive Bootstrap 4 kit. It features nice colors, spacious cards, beautiful typography, and graphics. It has the same design characteristics as Now UI Kit, and you can also use them together. It is also the perfect tool for creating awesome prototypes with prototyping tools.

Download free 

16. Bootstrap Dashboard

This is a responsive Bootstrap dashboard wireframing template coded by John Doe. Even though its UI is in the wireframing stage, its features are very powerful. It comes with a navigation bar, dropdown menus, search option and many other features that can help you in getting started quickly.

Download free

17. Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard is a responsive, beautiful, and easy-to-use Bootstrap Dashboard. It is coded by  Leandre Grasset, who has been sharing his amazing work on Codepen regularly. Material Dashboard features the strong look and feel of Google’s Material Design style.

Download free

18. AdminLTE

AdminLTE is a free admin dashboard template. Based on the Bootstrap 4 framework, it is fully responsive, highly customizable and easy to use. It perfectly fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. It has been carefully coded with clear comments in all of its JS, SCSS and HTML files.

Download free

19. Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template. It is light, beautiful, simple, and fully responsive as it is built on top of Bootstrap 4. It contains a big collection of elements that you can use to create admin panels, project management systems, web applications backend, CMS, or CRM.

Download free

20. Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO is a beautiful resource built using Bootstrap 4 and Vue.js. It is the official Vue.js version of the Original Light Bootstrap Dashboard. Using it requires a basic knowledge of Javascript, Vue and Vue-Router.

Download free

21. SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is a free Bootstrap 4 admin theme built with HTML/CSS. It features a very nice user interface with subtle shadows inspired by material design and a card-based layout. It also comes with a modern development workflow environment. It can be used for building dashboards or web applications.

Download free

22. Getbootstrap Dashboard

Dashboard from is a perfectly designed Bootstrap dashboard template for sites focused on analytics, data-heavy application, or admin tools. It comes with a number of charts, graphs, sortable tables, and other components.

Download free

23. Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is a very powerful admin dashboard template. It is built on top of Light Bootstrap Dashboard and React JS, which makes sure it is fully responsive which makes it  perfect for any web development project you are working on. It also comes with a big suite of front-end developer tools that can help you jump start your project.

Download free

24. Color Admin

Color Admin is a very powerful Bootstrap dashboard with 6 admin templates and 4 frontends. It is a premium template which is fully responsive.It is based on flat design and built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework. It is also bundled with a lot of third party plugins and usable elements such as buttons, thumbnails, media objects, etc.

Download free

25. Paper Dashboard React

Paper Dashboard React is the perfect Bootstrap 4 admin template for react developers, react website owners or anyone who needs to work with a dashboard for a beautiful website. It combines soft colours with beautiful typography and spacious cards and graphics. It is also very simple to use.

Download free

26. Spark

Spark is a fully responsive admin and dashboard template built with the most popular UI framework: Bootstrap 4. It uses the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and NPM. It includes over 45 pages, a great number of components, admin dashboards, file management systems, project management systems, leaderboards, and much more.

Download free

27. Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap 4 Admin designed based on Google's material design concepts. It uses a framework built by Federico who did an amazing job of creating the backbone for the material effects, animations, ripples, and transitions. It comes with a beautiful set of components and a couple of third-party plugins.

Download free

28. Maisonnette

Maisonnette is a responsive admin template theme based on the famous Bootstrap framework. It features a beautiful corporate design, tons of configurable variables, tab navigation, mega menu, optimized CSS animations, and built-in workflow. It also has customized plugins to help you start your project.

Download free

29. Flat Responsive Dashboard Design

Flat Responsive Dashboard Design is a light Bootstrap 3.3.0 Snippet by js.krishna. The template is quite simple and clean. It comes with just enough options you need to launch a project which are Home, Workflow, Statistics, Calendar, Users, and Settings.

Download free

30. Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React is a beautiful Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard. It contains a huge number of components built to fit together and look amazing. It also features all the plugins that you might need inside a project and documentation on how you can get started.

Download free

How do you customize a Bootstrap template?

It may require some basic knowledge of software such as Javascript, Vue, and Vue-Router to customize a Bootstrap template. But it is quite simple to use them for customizing a Bootstrap dashboard template. Here is a tutorial that could help you.

More places you can get Bootstrap Dashboards:

We have listed the top 30 Bootstrap admin templates and Bootstrap dashboard templates of 2020. We hope that these templates will help you to create a gorgeous dashboard design quickly and easily. 

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