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40 Best Colorful Website Design Examples & Templates in 2020

Feb 20, 2020 408273

Great use of color not only helps a website grab visitors' attention, but it can also offer them a more pleasant experience, while promoting the brand effectively.

In this article, Mockplus has gathered 40 of the best looking, colorful website design examples, templates and color schemes in 2020 for you to get inspiration. We hope they will inspire you to create your own visually striking and beautiful website. 

Table of Contents

  • Best Stunning, Colorful Website Examples for Everyone
  • Best Colorful Website Templates to Get Started Quickly
  • Best Color Schemes You Will Need in 2020
  • Best Design Tools to Help You Create Most Beautiful, Colorful Websites

Best Stunning, Colorful Website Examples for Everyone

1. Panic Studio 

Panic Studio

Panic Studio is a stunning, colorful website created for a digital design and animation studio. It uses bright colors, cute animations, colorful background videos and unique fonts to capture viewers' attention quickly as well as to showcase their design works effectively.  

This is a good example of how a digital design studio can use bright color schemes to build an irresistible, colorful website. 

2. Kelsey Dake 

Kelsey Dake

Kelsey Dake is a beautiful illustration portfolio website with trendy, asymmetric grids. Kelsey Dake, a talented illustrator, has created it and uses rich, colorful illustrations to attract users. Its homepage sets a really striking, colorful tone that extends throughout the entire website. 

If you are designing a portfolio website online, this website could be a great example to learn from. 

3. Gisele Jaquenod 

Gisele Jaquenod

Gisele Jaquenod is a free and custom blog design website. It has a teal background decorated with colorful labels, buttons and illustrations, all of which create a very interesting, enjoyable user experience. It also features a one-page design

If you are looking for a beautiful blog website design example, this is perfect. 

4. Line Quality

Line Quality

Line Quality is a colorful, minimalist portfolio website created by Paul Riehlean, an Art Director and Designer from Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a good example of how you can use a bright-colored big image carousel to make your website stand out. 

It also features a cool zooming-in-and-out effect and user-friendly scroll design. 

5. Miki Mottes

Miki Mottes

Miki Mottes is an amazing game-like, interactive portfolio website created by Miki Mottes, a creative illustrator, animator and designer. This website features colorful, playful illustrations and animations. The clean and neat grid designs also show off the design work in the best light.  

It is a good example of how you can create a colorful, illustration-style website for your business. 

6. Shiner Beer 

Shiner Beer

Shiner Beer is a retro eCommerce website for selling Shiner Beer online. It features a yellow and black color scheme which creates an old, historical, even mysterious feel. The elegant and catchy title designs also help create a high-end feel. 

This is a good example for anyone looking to create a website for a drink, wine, or food brand, especially one that has a long history.

 7. Green Man 2020

Green Man 2020

Green Man 2020 is a fresh, creative website that uses orange and black to advertise and sell tickets for the forthcoming 2020 Green Man Festival. It stands out from other websites with its impressive festival-style illustrations and animations. The rich liquid and hovering effects are a great way to attract users. 

This is a good example of how to create an animated website that makes effective use of color for a festival or special cultural theme. 

8. Mikable Website

Mikable Website

Mikable Website is an interactive website designed for a creative agency that delivers fresh content every day. It has a wonderful blue and white color scheme, which immediately catches the eye. The rich hover and cool 3D effects, together with the easy-to-follow scroll function all make this site stand out from the crowd. 

If you are looking for inspiration to help you create a cool blue and white website, checking out this site is a must before you get started. 

9. Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is a gorgeous e-commerce website selling flavored iced teas. Its homepage has a clean, orange-themed background decorated with fruits and bottles of tea in different colors. It all highlights the product range of different teas very effectively. Moreover, the orange color scheme can also be changed to match different flavors that you choose - a very interesting feature that is worth a look.

This is a good example for anyone developing a beverage or food website. 

10. Mosster Studio 

Mosster Stuio

Mosster Studio is a brightly colored portfolio website for artists and designers. It uses many colors, illustrations and animations that can be used in a variety of ways, all providing effective ways to appeal to users. 

This is a good example of how to use bright colors to attract users.

11. Serial Cut

 Serial Cut

Serial Cut is a minimalist online website for a Madrid based studio. With a white background, this website is mainly structured and decorated with colorful big photos, creating a simple, yet beautiful look.  The special layout also helps create a more interesting user experience. 

It is a good example of how to wow users with colorful photos. 

12. Mut Agency Website

Mut Agency Website

Mut Agency Website is another cool agency site using bright colors. Like Line Quality, it features a colored image carousel. But, the difference here is that this website uses an animated image carousel to attract users. More specifically, each image on the carousel is designed with a different color as its background. This, combined with animations and dynamic effects, creates a very modern, immersive design.

This site is a good example for designers looking for ideas to create an artistic, photography or portfolio website. 

13. Not a Single Origin Chocolate Website

Not a Single Origin Chocolate Website

Not a Single Origin Chocolate Website is a stylish online chocolate website. It has a classic color scheme with yellow, red, and white which gives it a very high-end and welcoming atmosphere. This is a good example for anyone looking to build a site dealing with chocolate, snacks, food, or other luxury items. 

14. Hey Tempo

Hey Tempo

Hey Tempo is a bold, eye-catching job-hunting website from the UK. It features a creative, colorful cartoon-style design and includes lots of colorful fonts, buttons, images, and illustrations. Its rich hovering effects and animations grab and retain the users' attention. Anyone looking to use cartoons on their website could learn a lot from this one. 

15. Yan Lin Ma Portfolio Website

Yan Lin Ma Portfolio Website

Yan Lin Ma Portfolio Website is a beautiful flat UI website with rich colors. It is also a portfolio website showcasing different element designs, including buttons, checkboxes, sliders, radios, carousels, etc. Its hovering effects and animations are also worth checking and learning. 

If you want to design a flat portfolio website with rich colors, this example is perfect. 

16. FFP Website

FFP Website

FFP Website is a colorful website for a shopper marketing agency. It features a very cool, immersive VR view, allowing users to view the agency information by scrolling down or up easily. The effect is a site that looks just like a supermarket, filled with different colored products.  

It is a good example for anyone looking to create a colorful shopping or marketing website using VR or 3D effects.

17. Malai Website 

Malai Website

Malai Website is a stunning website which is predominantly pink. It was designed for an ice cream company. Apart from the beautiful pink and white color scheme, it also features a twisting scroll effect. When you scroll down, the left and right column contents will scroll in different directions, creating a unique and very impressive user experience. 

This is another good example for anyone thinking about creating a website selling food, snacks, jewelry or other items for women.  

18. Christmas Theme Website

 Christmas Theme Website

As its name suggests, the Christmas Theme Website is an interactive website selling Christmas gifts. Its interfaces are filled with colorful cards, gifts, and various Christmas decorations. The horizontal scrolling design is also worth a look. If Christmas is your focus, then this site could provide plenty of inspiration. 

19. Hongo Furniture  

Hongo Furniture

Hongo Furniture is a modern furniture ecommerce website with bright gradient colors. Its gradient image carousel on the landing page uses eye-catching bright colors, and also adds different textures to create a more immersive feel. 

It is a good example for you to create a trendy gradient ecommerce website

20. The Art Center Website

 The Art Center Website

The Art Center Website is a colorful website that offers art classes and camps for kids. Its interfaces are decorated with geometric blocks of color, producing a very modern and stylish website.

If you are looking to create a modern, fashionable website, why not think about using color blocks as they do here.  Adding special effects, such as the trendy liquid or scroll effects, can really bring the color blocks to life.  

21. Meat Agency

Meat Agency

Meat Agency is a bright-colored design agency website. It not only uses rich vibrant colors to create a changing background, but also uses colorful card designs to display design cases with a neat layout. 

22. Roze Bunker 

Roze Bunker

Roze Bunker is a beverage website created by Roze Bunker, an eco-friendly Dutch syrup company. It features a handmade style design and is decorated with dropping fruits, beverage products and more, creating a very interesting, distinctive experience for users. 

23. Toke Shoe Website 

Toke Shoe Website

Toke Shoe Website is an attractive e-commerce site selling children's shoes that is predominantly pink. Apart from the pink background that highlights its shoes, the website also uses bright color blocks to display different shoe categories, creating an appealing and playful website. 

This is a good example of how you can create a colorful website to sell shoes, watches, jewelry or similar products. 

24. Hey Noodles

Hey Noodles

Hey Noodles is a bold, colorful website selling noodles. It uses colorful photos of its tasty noodles and other foods to whet its users’ appetites. The classic red, yellow, and white color scheme also creates a very special, traditional Chinese feel.

If you want to create a Chinese style website for Chinese snacks, restaurants, or other goods you could learn a lot from this site.

25. Girella Website

Girella Website

Girella Website is a fancy, colorful website selling snacks such as chocolates and cookies. It uses high-quality product images, bright red, pink, and dark colors, and an interesting storytelling design style, creating a very compelling website that is bound to tickle your taste buds! 

Creative Colorful Website Design Examples

26. Colorful Website UI 

Colorful Website UI

Colorful Website UI is a stunning website design from Dribbble and features purple, pink and blue gradients. In combination with an "S" letter and a minimalist design style, the entire website is modern, striking and easy to follow. 

27. Online Pie Delivery Website

Online Pie Delivery Website

Online Pie Delivery Website is a concept pie delivery website design example from Dribbble. Its yellow and red color scheme fits its pie theme very much. 

If you are also working on a website and are struggling to create a suitable color scheme, thinking about the colors of the products you are selling is a good way to go.  

28. Learnbite Website

Learnbite Website

Learnbite Website is an online learning website that provides educational services to young people. The site uses bold, gradient colors in different shapes to make the entire interface a beautiful showcase that really engages users. 

It is another good example of how to use geometric color blocks to improve your website. 

29. Coffee Maker Website 

Coffee Maker Website

Coffee Maker Website is an online e-commerce website selling coffee makers. The designer uses colorful illustrations to demonstrate how people can use its product to make coffee. The overall feeling is warm and welcoming. 

30. Disha Website

Disha Website

Disha Website is another portfolio website design from Dribbble. 

Unlike the portfolio websites described above which use rich color blocks, this website has a classic, minimalist black-and-white color scheme. But, even though it is not quite as colorful as the others, the designer still deploys dashes of bright colors with buttons, illustrations, and images to liven up the website and engage its visitors. 

This is a great demonstration of how a minimalist site can still use some bright colors to engage visitors.  

Best Colorful Website Templates to Get Started Quickly

We've also gathered a small collection of the latest and best colorful website templates that could help you get the ball rolling: 

31. Leta Sobierajski

 Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a bright colored designer portfolio website with geometric color blocks. In combination with rich selection effects, interactions, animations and colorful image grids, this template is a good example of how to create a portfolio website for a designer, artist, or photographer.

32. Noiz HTML5 Website 

Noiz HTML5 Website

Noiz HTML5 Website is a colorful game-like website that encourages kids' creativity by letting them explore and experiment with sound. It is a good template for anyone looking to create a learning or game website for kids.

33. Free Sim Sim Falafel 

Free Sim Sim Falafel

Free Sim Sim Falafel is a free colorful restaurant website with special layouts, cursor-sensitive interactions and user-friendly one-page design.  It might be the right way to go for someone looking to create a cool, eye-catching fruit, food, or restaurant website. 

34. Edie Parker Flower

Edie Parker Flower

Edie Parker Flower is a modern fashion website with neat and colorful grid designs. Its homepage (as the above image shows) sets a really striking, colorful tone that extends throughout the entire website. It could be a good resource for anyone looking to create a beautiful, striking website focused on fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, or similar items. 

35. Cann Social Tonics 

Cann Social Tonics

Cann Social Tonics is a creative, colorful drink website with catchy bold, font designs and interesting bubble effects. While scrolling down the website, the product title, description, product images and background colors will change correspondingly, creating a very cool, immersive experience. 

It is a good template for you to create a distinctive drink, food or snack website. 

So, those are our top pick of the websites that make the best use of color in their design and templates. We are confident you will find plenty of inspiration on this list.  

Best Color Schemes You Will Need in 2020

To get the color scheme on your website just right, one of the biggest challenges is to customize the scheme so that it is both eye-catching and effective. To help you with this, Mockplus has also gathered five of the most popular color schemes that are proving popular in 2020: 

36. Red Tone Color Scheme Color Scheme

Website Example

This color scheme consists of three colors and is very suitable for a retro-style website. 

37. Bright Pink Color Scheme 

Color Scheme

Website Example

Pink color schemes have been very popular in recent years. This pink tone color scheme is bright, attractive, and ideal for fashion, decoration, clothing, cosmetics, or other sites of particular interest to women. 

38. Bright Burger Color Scheme

Birght Burger Color Scheme

Among all the websites listed above, you will notice the popularity of bright red, blue, and yellow color schemes. These are very popular these days. So, we've found this color scheme used on a burger site that could be what you need if you are looking to create a fashionable site selling burgers, food, or similar products. 

39. Minimalist Website Color Scheme 

Minimalist Website Color Scheme

This color scheme is from a modern, minimalist website focusing on tea. It could be the perfect solution if you want to create a modern, personalized site selling beverages, foods, or similar items.

40. Illustrated Website Color Scheme

Illustrated Website Color Scheme

Illustrations are also very popular in website design. This color scheme could be just what you need to create a bright, colorful, illustrated website. 

Wrap Up

A bright, beautiful color scheme makes a website stand out, attract users, and ultimately achieve high conversion rates. So, as a UI/UX designer, you should always be looking to create stunning color schemes for your sites. More color can make a site more compelling.

We hope this collection of colorful website design examples, templates and color schemes will help you simplify your design process smoothly.

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Use Mockplus to design and test your colorful website with ease
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Use Mockplus to design and test your colorful website with ease
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