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The Four Fundamentals of UX Design

Mockplus Team 16262 Views

How to become an outstanding UX designer? There are four fundamentals of UX design in this article to help you improve your skills of UX design

With the development of mobile internet services, the increasing importance of user experience design has emerged. UX design also decides whether a product is successful or not. But how many UX design requirements? So, today let’s talk about the four fundamentals of UX design need to be noticed for UX designers.

1.Don’t rush to start

When a UX designer starts a new design project, he always can’t wait to design what they’ve thought. However,direct design without any plan is not a wise step. Before your design,you have to do correct positioning of the product that your company is going to launch, and you’re also supposed to do many researches on your target users by asking some questions highly related to your product and focusing on what problems your design needs to resolve. That is one of the most important fundamentals of UX design. In other words, it is inevitable for you to collect a large number of data of your target users, finally you can start your design on the basis of these data you’ve received. Such necessary researches above always manage to lead you a right direction of your UX design.


2.Say no to disorder and muddle

Few years ago, designers used to prefer words and pictures with generous colors and bold style, but in recent years, users tend to simpler and easier-to-recognize design, because those complex design would result in visual encumbrance. To avoid that, UX designers should try to simplify their compositions and contents to make sure users read the text clearly and find the interface elements easily. It is an important skill of UX design. At the same time, deleting some unnecessary things would contribute to lead the users to find what they really care about.


3.Make your interactive design smooth

When we use some excellent Apps in our daily life, we can easily find these Apps usually contain a lot of smooth interactive design to connect different pages and components. Interactive design may be ignored in most cases, but in fact, they must exist in order to achieve transition,interactive guidance and effective notification. No matter the push service of text message or notification of receiving ”like”, both of them must use interactive design to realize. In a word, interaction design is a basis of UX design and it plays an important role in whether this design could satisfy the target users or not. So, bad interaction design will result in terrible user expeience. Therefore, it's also one of the most necessary fundamentals of UX design.


4.Put users in the first place

UX design is short for User Experience design, which literally means this kind of design takes the experience and feelings of users as the most important issue.When a UX designer is doing his project, he should always remind himself what the target users really need. If the product he works out provides no value for their target users, no one would like to pay for it, even though UX designers invest a lot of time and energy in it to make it looks exquisite. On the other hand, we should realize that making mistakes is hard to avoid, any design has its limitation. Although I have mentioned these four important fundamentals of UX design, what really matters is to correct and strengthen our design constantly by analyzing feedback of target users.

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