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Blog > Product design > What Are Product Manager Responsibilities & Duties?

What Are Product Manager Responsibilities & Duties?


No matter you have been or just planning to become a product manager now, you may be asked or wondering what product manager responsibilities are. As its name implies, the job is composed of two parts – “product” and “manager”, which means it’s required to master the professional skills to output the valuable and user-oriented product by a comprehensive workflow.

As is mentioned in a book, a successful product manager can not only help direct the path of the product, but an also direct the path of the company. So, what exactly are the responsibilities of product managers? Here, I will walk you through them all with product manager job description included.

What Is a Product Manager?

The product manager, also known as brand manager, was firstly put forward by the sales department in P&G company. At present, it has been followed and applied in a growing number of leading companies and makes the product meet the user demands. What’s a product manager on earth? Obviously, different people will have a different understanding, and the definition of this job will vary even in the same field.

The product manager, different from the project manager, is hard to give a universal definition which can be used in all scenarios. In fact, it’s the manager of a product line and sub-product, and his duties are defined by the overall strategy of company, including the coordination of resources and the achievement of the goal.

What Is a Product Manager?

What Are Product Manager Responsibilities and Duties?

Though product manager needs to know about the user interaction, design, operation and even coding, but this doesn’t mean that’s what a product manager needs to do. It’s better to know about the related knowledge involved in the process, and following are the key product manager responsibilities list that you can refer to:

1. Market research, discovering the potential opportunities for improvement by analyzing the market, competitors, user behaviors and demands.

2. Product definition and design, making the product requirements document and taking responsibility for the product UI and UX. This can be the most valuable part of product manager job.

3. Project management, referring to lead the team where there are UI designers, engineers, QA, sales & customer service representatives, etc. Plus, outputting the products in the given budget.

4. Product promotion, including the internal discussion with colleagues and the cooperation from third-party organizations. This can be said to be another valuable part of project manager job.

5. Product market, referring to the production of data sheets, flash presentations, media topics and exhibition presentations, etc. This is considered to be the same thing as “product management” in some companies.

6. Product life-circle management, which refers to all of the product management activities, including the product conceptualization, product release, product maturity and the market exit, etc.

As for the last responsibility, here are more to include: product positioning, product pricing and promotion. There is no wonder that the product positioning will decide whether the product can succeed or not at an early stage, and that’s why the product prototyping has become so important. Here, I’d recommend Mockplus for you to streamline and optimize your design process. It will do good to describe the product features and improve user experience. You also miss out the new & useful features included in the 3.2 release:

A. The Mind Map can make you intuitively complete all of the page structure of project and switch freely between the “standard design mode” and “mind map design mode”. Meanwhile, it supports to export to documentations (namely the “project tree”), including the tree, mind map, text, XML, HTML and other more file formats. It’s much convenient to make product requirements document.

Mind map design mode

B. The UI Flow allows you to see the content of each page and the functional process, with the page annotations and page connections included. It’s possible to export all of the page flow at one time.

UI flow

C. The Team Collaboration enables multiple users to edit the same project and make online review with ease. This can greatly reduce the cost of communication and improve the productivity of the development team.

3 Stages of Product Management

Besides the product has a life cycle, the product manager itself also has a stage. The product managers with different abilities and working experience will have different understanding towards the responsibilities mentioned above.

Novice product manager – they are mostly called the product specialists or product planner. Their focus is to promote the achievement of the product targets and help the tutors to write documentations. They also need to communicate with the developers and designers to collect the data and user feedback.

Veteran product manager – this usually refers to the product manager who has the decision-making right and is concerned more about the product needs and analysis. It’s required to have logical thinking with the ability to convince and communicate with others. Most people are at this stage indeed.

Director product manager – the title would be senior product manager, product director or CEO who are concerned about the product strategy and every aspect of product. The first and foremost thing they need to do is making sure the product is in the right direction.

Now, you may have a comprehensive understanding of the product manager responsibilities, and those professionals usually don’t mind too much details. No matter what stage that you’re now, do not forget your incentives and take the responsibility for both of your users and product. Go farther the road with knowledge accumulated and tools well used.

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