15 Best Places to Get You a Perfect UX Design Job

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The demand for UX specialists is experiencing a sharp increase in recent years. As per Glassdoor's yearly Best Job List, the UX designer role has secured the 24th spot, with over 7,000 job openings in the USA alone. Moreover, this upward trend is expected to continue throughout 2023.

However, despite the rising demand for UX professionals, finding the right job opportunities can still be a challenging task. Keeping an eye on a reliable list of UX job websites and boards is one of the most effective ways to increase your chances of landing a suitable job. 

To assist you in your job search, we've chosen 15 of the best job websites and boards for you to find your perfect job in user experience design. Whether you're a seasoned UX specialist or a fresh graduate, these platforms will provide you with a plethora of job openings and opportunities to explore. Let's dive in now!

15 Best places that can find a good UX design job 

Best websites for entry-level UX design jobs

1. Indeed


Check rate: Check daily or every other day
Why check:
  • Powerful search engine and filters 

  • Search and read company reviews

  • Special programs for students and entry-level UX designers

Indeed is an American-based job platform that allows you to search for millions of jobs, post resumes, and research companies for good or bad reviews to make better decisions. It provides a powerful search engine and filters like post date, location, experience levels, education, and more factors for you to quickly narrow down their needs and find the best fit as soon as possible. Most importantly, it has special programs for students and entry-level candidates to find their perfect job.

The platform also features a "Company reviews" section, which provides job seekers with valuable insights into companies that interest them. By reading reviews, job seekers can gauge the company culture, employee experiences, and other critical factors that can impact their decision to apply.

2. AngelList 


Check rate: Check weekly
Why check:
  • Find unique UX design jobs in startups 

  • Level up your job search

  • Featured jobs and lists

AngelList is now changed its name to "Wellfound", and describes its job board as the platform that "makes it easy for you to find your dream job regardless of your location”.Wellfound has gained a loyal following among UX job seekers due to its unique offerings. Focusing on offering job opportunities for startups also makes it a good option for UX designers at the entry-level or even with no experience to find the right position to quickly grow even from zero.

In addition to a vast selection of job listings, Wellfound offers several features to help job seekers level up their search and enables them to quickly find the right job by showing featured lists. To take advantage of these features and access the full range of opportunities on Wellfound, users are required to register an email account first.

Best websites for senior-level UX design jobs

3. IxDA


Check rate: Check once or twice a week
Why check:
  • Offer a large number of the total job listing

  • Search and filter results by keywords, seniority, and location 

IxDA is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the discipline of interaction design. As a member-supported organization, it provides a range of resources to its members, including access to a specialized job board on its official website. The IxDA job board is an excellent resource for UX professionals seeking new job opportunities.

The job board boasts a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to search and filter job listings by keywords, seniority, and location. While the job board features job openings from all over the world, the majority of its listings are based in the United States. As a result, it is an especially useful resource for designers who are based in the US and looking to find a top-quality UX design position.

4. UX Jobs Board

UX Jobs Board

Check rate: Check weekly
Why check:
  • UX job board newsletter

  • Create your own profile to increase opportunities

  • Most jobs are US-based

If you're a UX professional looking for your next opportunity, the UX Jobs Board is a job board you can't miss. It offers a wide range of UX design jobs from small startups to big players like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and Starbucks. But what sets UX Jobs Board apart is its human-centered approach to job seeking. For instance, you can sign up for its newsletter to receive timely UX job alerts.

Additionally, the "UX PROS" section allows you to showcase your skills by creating your own profile and resume, which increases your chances of being found by your dream companies. Overall, UX Jobs Board is a fantastic resource for designers seeking UX or UI jobs in the United States. Its user-friendly platform and personalized services make it easier than ever to find the perfect job that matches your skills and career aspirations.

5. Krop 


Check rate: Check every week
Why check:
  • Create a brilliant portfolio 

  • All jobs focus on the US

Krop is actually an online portfolio website builder that features a job board. So, whether you are seeking employment in web, product, UX, or graphic designing, Krop provides services for you to create your own unique UX design portfolio website to connect with top companies. Its job board is simple and clean, which allows you to easily search for UX design job openings based on location and relevant keywords.

With a sleek and uncluttered interface, you can easily filter through a range of job listings to find the best fit for your skillset and career goals. Moreover, Krop's job listings are primarily focused on the United States, making it an excellent option for job seekers seeking opportunities in this region. So if you're looking to elevate your career in design and snag your dream job, Krop should definitely be on your radar.

6. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs

Check rate: Check once or twice a week
Why check:
  • Super easy job searching

  • Offer full-time, part-time, remote, and freelance jobs

  • Provide related job recommendations 

Authentic Job is another good job board that you should not miss out on. It features a simple and clean UI, which makes job searching super easy for people at all levels. Authentic Job also offers a wide range of job types to fit your schedule, including full-time, part-time, remote, and freelance positions, so you can find the perfect opportunity no matter what your needs are.

Plus, when you view a job that catches your eye, you'll find related position recommendations listed at the end of the page, increasing your chances of finding the perfect fit. So why wait? Head over to Authentic Jobs today and start your journey toward landing your dream job!

Best websites for freelance UX design jobs

7. Fiverr


Check rate: Check every day
Why check:
  • Powerful job searching 

  • A large number of freelance job positions

  • Super fast to get paid 

Fiverr is a well-known freelance job website that offers an extensive range of job opportunities in over 500 categories and industries. As a job platform, Fiverr caters to the needs of a diverse range of professionals, including UX designers who travel a lot, want to find part-time jobs based on their own schedule and get paid as soon as possible.

One of the key advantages of Fiverr is its robust search system, which enables users to quickly and easily identify job listings by keywords, locations, service options, and other filters. If you're looking for a part-time job that provides a fast and reliable income stream, Fiverr is a must-visit website that offers a wealth of opportunities

8. Dribbble


Check rate: Check every week
Why check:
  • Search for both full-time and freelance jobs

  • Easy to filter the job listings

  • Job recommendations 

Dribbble is a go-to platform for designers and creative professionals looking to showcase their best work, build an impressive portfolio, and discover exciting job opportunities worldwide. The platform's job section is especially useful, offering separate tabs for full-time and freelance positions.

Plus, a full set of filters and related job recommendations helps designers narrow down their search and find the perfect fit for their skills and experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your design career, Dribbble is an invaluable website for you to land a dream job.

9. Behance 


Check rate: Check weekly
Why check:
  • Offer both full-time and freelance jobs

  • Land a job by location, creative fields, and other filters 

  • Apply for a job on Behance or other media

  • Save and favorite a job

Behance is a little bit similar to Dribbble and also offers both full-time and freelance jobs. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily locate your dream job by filtering according to your preferred locations, creative fields, and more. When you find a job that interests you, you can apply for it directly on Behance or be redirected to another site, such as Creative Medium. Additionally, you have the option to save or favorite a job for later viewing, making it easy to keep track of your prospects.

Best websites for remote UX design jobs 

10. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely

Check rate: Check weekly
Why check:
  • Advanced search and filter system 

  • Offer job openings worldwide 

We Work Remotely is a job website dedicated to helping designers secure remote positions easily. With the distinction of being the largest remote work community worldwide, it offers a unique selection of job positions that cannot be found elsewhere. The platform's advanced search and filtering system allow designers to efficiently find their ideal job and company. If you're looking for a remote job opportunity worldwide, We Work Remotely is definitely worth exploring.

11. Remotive


Check rate: Check daily
Why check:
  • Newsletter available

  • Offer job opportunities worldwide 

  • A search feature to show jobs only available in a specific location 

Remotive is a perfect job board for remote workers and people who wish to work remotely or from home. With a global reach and job opportunities available in countries and regions all over the world, including the USA, UK, Poland, Italy, and more, Remotive has everything you need to find your dream remote job. You can search by locations, and keywords, and filter your results to only show jobs that match your preferences.

And if you have a specific job location in mind, you can even limit your search to only show jobs available in that area. But that's not all. Remotive also offers a daily newsletter that will keep you up-to-date with the latest remote job opportunities.

12. Remote OK 

Remote OK

Check rate: Check daily
Why check:
  • Daily updates

  • Subscribe to receive new remote jobs daily or weekly 

  • Fill out a form to apply for a job position

Remote OK is an excellent platform to find remote job opportunities. The website is updated daily, so it's highly recommended to check it regularly for new job listings. Alternatively, you can sign up and subscribe to their services to receive new remote jobs on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your preference and schedule.
Applying for a job position on Remote OK is a straightforward process. All you need to do is fill out a simple form, and you're good to go. With its user-friendly interface and reliable updates, Remote OK is an excellent resource for anyone looking to work remotely.

13. Just Remote

Just Remote

Check rate: Check weekly
Why check:
  • Pay to get hidden remote jobs that aren't advertised

  • Worldwide remote job openings

  • Full-time and part-time jobs

Just Remote is a remote-only job website that features a carefully curated selection of exclusive, hidden remote job opportunities that aren't advertised elsewhere. You can easily sign up and pay for a subscription to gain access to these high-quality job listings. Whether you're seeking full-time or part-time remote work, Just Remote provides a wide range of job opportunities from around the world.

14. Linkedin 


Check rate: Check every day
Why check:
  • Create your own profile and network 

  • Follow the potential companies and applicants 

  • Frequently updates 

As one of the largest social networking websites for people to find jobs, Linkedin has become another must-go website for UX professionals around the world to find their dream job. With professional networking features, Linkedin allows you to easily create your professional profile, upload portfolios and best work, and quickly create your own networking with potential companies and applicants by following them.

Whether you are seeking remote or local job opportunities, the platform's frequently updated job listings make it simple for you to find relevant positions quickly. Overall, LinkedIn offers a comprehensive range of tools and resources to help UX professionals succeed in their careers. By leveraging the platform's professional networking capabilities, you can connect with potential employers, discover new job opportunities, and showcase your skills and expertise to the wider professional community.

15. Uxcel


Check rate: Check every day
Why check:
  • Create your own profile

  • Powerful searching and filtering system 

  • Take online courses or skill tests to enhance your skills

Uxcel's job board is your go-to resource for finding a remote job in UX design. It offers an extensive range of opportunities, catering to all levels and types of remote UX design jobs worldwide. With a user-friendly search system, you can easily search for job listings by keywords, locations, seniority levels, job types, salary types, and other relevant filters.

In addition to providing a comprehensive job search experience, Uxcel's job board also allows you to create your own profile, highlighting your skills and experience to potential employers. But that's not all – Uxcel's job board goes above and beyond to support your career growth. Take advantage of our online courses and skill tests to enhance your skills and improve your chances of landing your dream job. With all of these features in one convenient location, Uxcel's job board is the ultimate destination for remote UX designers looking to take their careers to the next level.


While keeping an eye on the list of UX design job boards and websites is important, there are several other ways to find the perfect UX design job. One of the most crucial steps is to prepare a strong resume and practice answering common job interview questions. Additionally, investing time in improving your UX design skills through courses, workshops, or self-learning can increase your chances of landing your dream job.

In short, whether you've tried any of these methods or not, you can benefit from this list of the 15 best places for UX design jobs. These job boards and websites are known for their reliable UX design job listings and can help you find the right job that matches your skills and experience.


What are the common job opportunities in UX design that you can apply for?

  • UX designers - responsible for creating user-centered web or app designs and tend to deliver a much better user experience. Companies often require UX designers at different levels, ranging from junior to senior, to ensure that their products are user-friendly and competitive in the market.

  • UX interaction designers - responsible for designing the interactions between users and your digital products, ensuring usability and accessibility. 

  • UX writers - responsible for creating clear and easy-to-understand interface copies and texts to guide users through your web or mobile app smoothly.

  • UX Strategist - responsible for crafting strategies to optimize the user experience of your web or app product. 

  • UX Researcher - responsible for doing user research to develop a deep understanding of the target users, such as knowing needs, behaviors, preferences, and even pain points. The insights gathered through your research will enable designers and design teams to create more effective and user-friendly designs that align with the needs and expectations of the target audience. 

  • Usability Analyst - responsible for analyzing user feedback and testing results to identify possible usability issues and propose solutions. 

How can I find UX design jobs near me?

  • Follow job search websites - you can just follow some job search websites like Linkedin, Indeed, and more websites mentioned above to stay up-to-date with the newest job postings and industry news.

  • Follow company websites - If you have specific companies in mind that you're eager to join, it's a good idea to follow their official websites and keep an eye out for any job openings. By monitoring these companies' career pages and social media channels, you can stay informed about their hiring needs and be among the first to apply for any relevant positions that become available.

  • Join UX professional networks, such as UX designer forums and communities - some professional network websites, such as UX designer forums and communities, also share the latest job news and opportunities. By actively participating in these networks and staying engaged with the community, you can gain access to valuable resources and potentially learn about job openings that aren't advertised elsewhere. 

  • Join offline recruitment activities nearby To find job opportunities nearby, you can also consider attending offline recruitment activities that are taking place nearby. This could include job fairs, networking events, or conferences related to UX design. By participating in these activities, you can connect with local recruiters and companies, learn about job openings in your area, and potentially secure new opportunities that may not be advertised online. 

Why do UX design jobs pay so much?

Here are several reasons that can make this clear to you:
  • UX design requires a high level of skills and expertise 

  • A good user experience helps to create a better web or app product, making it essential to the success of the web or app. 

  • The demand for UX designers is still on the rise

What do I need for entry-level UX design jobs?

The answer can vary from company to company. But, there are several fundamental things that you should prepare before applying for a UX design job:
  • Your education docs, such as your Bachelor's degree 

  • Your UX design skill certificates

  • Your portfolio showcases your design skills and best design works

  • The resume that introduces yourself and lists your job experience

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