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7 Practical Skills of UX Designer You Need to Know

Mockplus Team 22756 Views

Write these 7 skills of UX designer on your resume will ace your next interview. Read this article on how to improve UX skills in an efficient way.

Come as the Internet era, UX design has become one of the fast-growing and hot occupations in recent years. Meanwhile skills of UX designer have got ever-increasing attention. The traditional design covers many fields and responsibilities, from industrial design (cars, furniture) to print design (magazine and other publications), and then to the industry of science and Technology (the web, mobile phone applications). We can see many kinds of designers with different responsibilities.

With the continuous influx of science and technology, many types of designers have come into being in the field of human-computer interaction, such as UI designers, UX designers, visual designers, interaction designers, GUI designers, etc. There is no doubt that excellent UX/UI designers will become the new darling of the IT market in the future. This UX designer skills resume will help you find a suitable job with a decent salary.


UX designers are mainly concerned with the user experience of the product, to ensure that the process of products can run normally, or even be designed wonderful so as to make the users satisfied with the products. In light of the different needs and requirements of users, UX designers are supposed to conduct in-depth research, using some user research methods and design methods as a teaching aid to meet the demands of the majority of users and observe users’ behavior, discovering the problems of the product through on-site observation, usability testing, and user interviews.

Nowadays, companies and users’ requirements for the design are getting higher and higher, and more and more diverse. What skills do you need to be a good UX designer? Here are seven practical skills of UX designers you need to know.

1. Lifelong learning and constant progress

An excellent designer is a lifelong learner. UX design industry updates very quickly and users’ needs are ceaselessly changing as well. So UX designers must be keenly aware of these changes, and never stop learning and exploring. Only through continuous learning can you absorb the latest technology nutrients, which enable us to maintain our competitiveness in this field.

2. Design inspiration and rich imagination

Rich imagination will bring endless creative inspiration to designers and help designers to put forward more and more practical solutions. Imagination comes from the cognition of life, which is based on reason and fact instead of just random thoughts. UX designers need to be close to the life, and find out the needs and wants of customers in a more detailed way.


3. More than perfect

The purpose of the design is continuous innovation. To be the best of all you must never be satisfied. Don't let some labels kidnap you. Only if you break through the fixed constraints can you improve your design level.


4. User-Centered design

The original intention of UX design is to improve the users’ experience. UX designers are supposed to figure out who I am for? What does the user need to achieve? What is the users' demands? How can I help him? Those questions will provide designers with a clear idea about how to design products that users are likely to be content with. At the same time, to be a good UX designer, you must also be able to analyze the user behavior patterns, and apply it to the product design according to users’ feedbacks.

5. Logical thinking ability

A good designer is good at expressing his inner thoughts. To improve logic thinking needs UX designers develop a good habit of reading, writing and thinking and express their own ideas accurately and methodically through the observation, comparison, analysis, synthesis, abstraction, generalization, judgment, reasoning and so on in order to practice the skills of UX designer.

6. Good interpersonal relationship

For some cooperative work like UX, a relationship is far more important than skills. If you have a talent for research and design, you are capable of learning these skills sooner or later. But the relationship can affect your career to a large extent. In designers’ network, you can find experienced predecessors and like-minded companions. The former can teach you how to improve UX skills in a better way while the latter can result in the collision of ideas. Thus, to be a good UX designer, you should know how to communicate with other designers who are as passionate about the user experience as you are, and ask them for advice.

7. Perseverance

Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day. The ability of an excellent UX designer is not inborn as well. UX designers’ skills are acquired over time and with lots of practice. Perseverance means maintaining the long-term passion and concentration of the goal. The design is a practical art rather than just simple sketches. Therefore, designers are required to stay focused anytime.

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