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UX/UI Designer Requirements - 5 Ways to Make A Difference

Mockplus Team 22949 Views

5 practical requirements to make you a better UX/UI Designer. Not just about design tools or resources, they make you more qualified to your designer job requirements.

While I was starting this article, I contemplated the board, trying to find a more appropriate entry to begin--should I make a list of UI UX designer requirements. Such as, “which books about design you should read?” or “which design blogs you must follow”. Or I can simply focus on the details instead of form a border perspective to talking about. Since there are already plenty excellent essays discussing about UI UX Designer Requirements from a big picture, I would like to suggest some practical tips and principles which may make a UI UX designer more qualified.

Obviously, mastering an efficient prototyping tool is a must

rapid prototyping feature

I am not going to tell you which prototyping tools you should choose, whether Mockplus or Axure. But you need to find the most suitable one for you. Time and practice r will take until you find the faster, simpler and smarter one. Meanwhile, your good design competence and rich specialized knowledge are required and advanced during your search.

A serious note for you, trying every prototyping tools before you made your decision. Just give them all a shot then you won’t miss, then stick to your favorite one and master it. So the UI UX designer requirements here is to practice more prototyping tools even though you already has one, it may surprises you beyond your imaginations.

Designer's Toolkit: The Best Mockup & Wireframing Design Tools & Apps for UI/UX Designers

Supposing you were a real user rather than just a UI / UX designer is a big help

Visual Inspiration

By “supposing” i mean shifting your mind into a real user. This kind of role reversal may build a shortcut to improve your design. Every UI / UX designer should stick with the principle that design with knowing its intention. Product derives from demand, this golden rule still works. If possible, trying to build a lasting and friendly connection with your user. It is very considerate for there are might plenty questions they will encounter during the application period.

Moreover, your user would even appreciate it more if you have always been kind and skillful when communicate with them. And in turn, they will stick to your product and give you timely and valuable feedback. You are the winner finally. Do remember the Do's and Don'ts of User-Centered Design. So the UI UX Designer requirements here is being nice to your user and being as one.

Changing a little bit of your way of learning may works like a charm

First, a question-what is the book you recently read? If your answer is a book about design or just a design magazine. I would like to offer a book list you might be interested.

And there they are:

Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Interaction of Color by Josef Albers

The Good Creative by Paul Jarvis

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

Drawing Ideas by Mark Baskinger and William Bardel

Yes, they are more about arts and philosophies rather than teh design itself. My recommendation there does not mean you should just drop your design books such as Designing Design or Interaction Design. The fact is that design requires aesthetics, not only from the visual aspect but also from the connotation side. You just need to learn more. So the UI UX Designer requirements here is going to a library and buy some books. Then sit quietly and start reading.

Designer's Books: The 10 Mind-blowing Best User Experience Books in 2017

Stop hanging out only with your designer friends will spark your inspiration

inspiration true writers

The term “confirmation bias” exists not only in psychology & cognitive science field. It actually is overwhelming in our daily life. We all tend to agree with people who agree with us. We prefer hang out with people share similar worldview. However, your view narrows as you limit your field. Meeting people with different perspectives draws a more completed and balanced picture.

Openness is an endless inspiration source which serves an important trait of a great designer. For example, when you design a food app, just get together with your best foodie friend. He or she will definitely provides you valuable advice which in result, will boost you work. So the UI UX Designer requirements here is hanging out with non-designers or with anyone who holds different beliefs, challenges you and brings new perspectives.

Learning from the best will make a difference

inspiration by enzocavalli

Human being is social animals, then just be as one. Do not against your nature to be a lone wolf, trying to do things “ in a pack ”. You must have been through this period, no matter you are a famous UI UX designer already or a new comer of this field, you must have learned from the best, and you are going to do with that. It is like climbing a mountain, you look at the peak and keep climbing, and finally you became the “ peak ” of some others. Learning from the best is a good a way helps you to absorb the wisdom and turn it into yours. So the UI UX Designer requirements here is to being modest and learning to learn.

I hope you enjoyed the read and even your light benefit from my article will courage me to keep writing. We all may found ourselves feeling insecure sometimes. However, i am not going to give up easily. I am not obligated to win , but i am obligated to keep trying. This requirement is for you and me both.

A note: The link of the books. Please check the following if you are interested:

Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Interaction of Color by Josef Albers

The Good Creative by Paul Jarvis

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

Drawing Ideas by Mark Baskinger and William Bardel



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