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Do You Know the UI/UX Designer Responsibilities & Skills?

Apr 26, 2017

China set off a wave of unemployment in 2017. It gives many UI/UX designers who just enter this industry a head-on blow. The internet industry is not affected by this, but the market keeps a growing trend. Is the tide of unemployment true? No matter if it’s true. It has been a wake-up call for UI/UX designers all over the world. If you don’t work hard, you’ll try to find work. How to tide the period of unemployment perfectly? Instead of sitting on pins and needles, you should make clear these UI/UX designer responsibilities.

Part 1: UI Designer Responsibilities

With the development of the internet industry, occupations like UI design become popular. Many people are not clear about UI/UX designer responsibilities. For instance, many UI designers think they only needs to design a better interface and icon. What are the responsibilities of UI designer on earth? Keep reading and you’ll know.

UI designer responsibilities

1. Interface Design

Responsible for the product interface design, creative work, and production work. Grasp the overall style to design.

2. Prototyping Design

Design and layout the web page by top prototyping tools. Apply interactive elements to make the web page more vivid.

3. Interaction Design

Interaction design mainly includes the operation flow, tree structure, and operation specification of software. This part is most important both in UI/UX designer skills.

4. User Testing

Test the beauty of the interface and the feasibility of the product by users. Then record the user feedback.

5. Optimal Design

According to the user feedback to optimize the design so that the product meets the needs of users.

Part 2: UX Designer Responsibilities

What’s the difference of UI/UX designer responsibilities? As everyone knows, user experience design advocates focusing on the user. UX designers have to give users a good experience. Is UI designer job really simple? Strictly speaking, it’s the ultimate goal of their work. What’s their specific job responsibilities? Here are some responsibilities of UX designers.

UX designer responsibilities

1. Requirements Analysis

Make an analysis of competitive products from the business objectives, user needs, and brand direction. Collect the related data, interview users and then issue a requirements document.

2. Prototyping Design

Clear the thoughts of product and draw a use flow chart. Make low-fidelity prototypes and modify them. Make out the final plan of prototyping design.

3. Interaction Design

According to the prototype design to determine the initial interaction plan. Make low-fidelity prototypes. Determine the final interactive plan on the base of user testing.

4. Interface Design

Determine the interface style and layout, and design the key interface text.

5. Usability Testing

Test the feasibility of the product and find out the problem.

6. Optimal Design

According to the problems existing in the test, optimize the design and improve the usability of the product. We can find a feature from above UI/UX designer responsibilities. There are a lot of similarities between them, but their design points are different. UI designers pay more attention to the beauty of the interface. UX designers pay more attention to the availability of the product. If you want to be a good UI/UX designer, you need to know these UI/UX designer job description first.

Notes:Even if there is a serious unemployment wave, as long as you have the ability and clear your responsibilities, I believe that it will not affect you!

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