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What Is The Visual Design And How to Learn It From Scratch

Mockplus Team 27475 Views

“What is the visual design” is a common question for beginners. The following parts will explain it and introduce how to learn it from scratch.

In the industry of Internet, after an APP comes out, it should attract or retain the attention of users otherwise the product is a failure. You have to know about users if you want to succeed, and understand what kind of function can meet user's needs, and how can these functions be transmitted to users through the visual correctly and efficiently. Visual design plays such an important role in this process.

Visual design definition

"What is the visual design?" This is a common question for many design beginners.Simply said, the visual design is all about conveying a better visual effect to user's eyes. In fact, it is about whether the design is nice-looking or not, which is not as simple to do. The design is to convey the holistic concept of the product. Good design can not only accord with the core functionality of the product but also catch user's eyes quickly.

People get 80% of the information by eyes, so it is clear that the visual design effect can directly affect user experience. If eyes are the window to the soul, then the visual design is a window, through which users can see the soul of the product. The design is to provide a better user experience.

Like interaction design and front-end technology, visual design is a part of interface design too. Great visual design can accomplish the unity of visual communication and product goal. But why some designers are called artisans rather than visual designers? It is because designers rely too much on the visual effect brought by tools while ignoring ideas that the product wants to convey. So people who can draw are only called art designers, while those who can think are visual designers.


Visual design learning

After a rough introduction to the concept "what is the visual design", I will introduce on how to learn the visual design from a zero basis.

1. Be familiar with design tools.

There are some popular design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Coreldraw, Swift3D. You don't have to master all of them, and the proficient use of at least one or two can enable you to make a big difference in the field of visual design.

2. Related websites.

On the websites of Dribbble and Behance, there are many excellent visual design pictures and designers. You can find inspirations and learn from them.

3. Read books and articles.

You can not remember all the books you have read, but what you don't forget is what you are now.

4. Pen and paper training.

In 2016, Adobe made a questionnaire called "Designer's favorite tools" with some well-known design firms. It covered nearly 4000 effective questionnaires from more than 200 countries. The results showed about 64% of designers' favorite tools were paper and pen. You can't help asking why they prefer paper and pen while there are so many powerful design tools? Because only by cutting off the network, and turning off the screen, can we focus on the visual problem itself. When the external interference is away from you, you will devote all your heart into a steady and deep thinking.

5. Do large amounts of exercises.

Just as an old saying goes "Practice makes perfect". Don't be eager to get something, you have to practice every day and summarize your problems timely.


Hopefully you can make better work in visual design down the road.



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