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When Does UX Design Become So Easy?

Mockplus Team 7974 Views

Having recently graduated from the university yourself, you may search for hot jobs and suddenly find that UX designers get high salary and their work is interesting. You even think you can change the world if you are a UX designer.Suddenly you noticed an advertisement. It tells you that you can become a UX designer after you study their course for 2-3months.Besides, they can provide you with all the resources that you need. That sounds amazing,right?And you go check and pay for it in a hurry.But,is that possible?

Actually,if you calm down and think about it realistically, you will find it is a lie.We have the experience of studying or working for several years. So we need to know that studying is a process. The process of becoming a UX designer is same with becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Nobody can know all the things about a job. Design is like other skills,you have to study it constantly, you can not be a excellent designer just by studying some courses.

What's more,can we find a job after studying all the courses?

To tell the truth, anyone who says that you can find a designer job after studying his course is exaggerating. Because there are only some extremely fortunate people who can do that, while most people can not.Although you studied the course, you are similar to other people who are hunting for jobs. Besides, you have to know,the competition for designer job is fierce. Not only do you have to compete with people whose major is design, but also you have to compete with people who come from other fields.

If the design is so easy, then everyone can be a designer.

We all want to master the UX design skills in a short time,but only people who are so talented can make it. This is like studying coding,it needs hard work,strong willingness and outstanding understanding.

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